Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, the travel industry thrives in part because of the demand for mobility from businesses all over the world. Corporate travel is an important aspect of many companies as they aim to expand their scope to work with domestic and foreign partners. Having the perfect environment to conduct business is an essential part of creating a professional portrayal of your company when you’re away from the office.

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Hotel Accommodations

The hotel you choose during a business trip can be the difference between having a productive work experience or a stressful stay. Some hotels are fit for families and have amenities targeted at parents and children. Others work well for vacationers looking to party. These types of environments can often become distracting when your prime focus is to conduct business. Choosing a hotel that isn’t in the center of tourist areas or near popular attractions can sometimes be the best way to ensure the atmosphere is right for your trip. Quiet areas like lounge spaces and business centers are also an essential in contributing to your productivity. Seeking out these types of amenities beforehand can help you make the right choice in narrowing down the best place to stay.


Photo: Zocha Gtoup – Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience

Meeting Spaces

When leaving your city for business, you won’t have a private office space to be able to meet with clients or partners. Where you choose to conduct meetings can make all the difference in properly representing your company. Business meals can work well in certain situations—a casual lunch or corner dinner table at a restaurant can be great for smaller meetings that do not require privacy. However for larger groups or for discussing confidential matters, a hotel conference room can function as a great space to congregate. Technology like projection screens and wi-fi are readily available, and hotel staff members are there to help with making arrangements. Professionalism is key in creating an environment where your meeting can run without external factors to disrupt the workflow.


Photo: Zocha Group – Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience


Whether you’re traveling with your own team, or meeting with executives, clients or partners, there are many situations where you may need to provide entertainment for your group. It can be difficult to choose the proper place to bring your guests in a city where you’re unfamiliar with the best options. Sports games can often be an impressive choice and private suites can provide a space for conducting casual business. Private rooms at restaurants can also be viable options to enjoy a meal while mingling with your team. Impressing your guest can involve a great deal of planning, but when the right accommodations are made, the end result can lead to developing a valuable business relationship that ultimately helps your company.


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