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Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

If you’re in search of the perfect place for an photo-filled vacation, there are a number of locales around the world that will bring eye-catching scenery to your timeline. From lush, tropical beaches to lively, cultural landmarks, a getaway filled with unique snapshots will create unforgettable memories you can recall for years to come. Pack your lenses and tripod to visit these beautiful destinations for Instagrammable travel experiences.

Photo: Zocha Group – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations


Patagonia – Chile

Some of the world’s most enlightening natural landscapes reside in Patagonia, like the photo-worthy Marble Caves made up of swirling, blue formations. The glasslike waters along the Route of the Seven Lakes are sure to provide impressive pictures, or visit Explora Patagonia Hotel Salto Chico for an unparalleled, mountainous backdrop to your stay.


Photo: Patagonia, Chile – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Photo: Patagonia Hotel Salto Chico

Costa Rica

The diverse, ecological landscape of Costa Rica makes for a never-ending supply of paradise-like scenery. Pack a waterproof phone case to swim in Santa Teresa beach and take in the lush scenery or hike the Rio Celeste waterfall for a photogenic adventure. The Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa offers a volcanic backdrop to your getaway while you enjoy their relaxing hot springs.


Photo: Rio Celeste Waterfall Costa Rica – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Photo: Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa


Santorini’s signature blue dome Oia churches and vast caldera are just some of the many reasons to snap a photo in Greece. Visit the Cavo Tagoo hotel in Mykonos and book a stay in its Instagrammable cave pool suite, or explore the ancient ruins of Athens.


Photo: Santorini, Greece – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Photo: Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos

Arizona – USA

Get in touch Arizona’s nature with Sedona offering the dazzling Red Rock State Park, or visit the northern region to hike to The Wave–a rare rock formation that will leave you awestruck. Stay in Phoenix’s luxe Royal Palms Resort to be surrounded by a garden oasis that will create the perfect backdrop to your stay.


Photo: The Wave Arizona – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Photo: Royal Palms Resort


This mystical region offers one of the best views of the Northern Lights during winter months. From waterfalls to glaciers to volcanoes, Iceland has a rich, natural landscape including the Strokkur geyser near Reykjavík that provides a dramatic show. Stay at the ION Adventure Hotel to watch Iceland’s colorful, starry skies from a luxurious property.


Photo: Iceland – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Photo: ION Adventure Hotel Iceland

Havana – Cuba

Cuba is known for its cultural heritage which includes an abundance of vibrant buildings, classic cars and a lively music scene. Walk the streets of San Miguel de Allende to see beautiful, Instagrammable houses in Old Havana or traverse the stunning El Bosque de La Habana covered with natural foliage. Book a reservation at La Guardia restaurant to snap a photo on their storied rustic staircase.


Photo: Havana, Cuba – Zocha Group

Photo: El Bosque de La Habana – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Paris – France

Paris isn’t just filled with the Eiffel Tower’s romance, but also a variety of eye-catching locations perfect for adding a touch of glamor to your scrapbook. Roam the green, Tuileries Garden or waltz down the Rue Cremieux, known for its pastel-colored homes. If you stay at the Ritz Paris you’ll also experience a historical building with extravagant architecture and Instagrammable furnishings.


Photo: Rue Cremieux – Paris

Photo: Hotel Ritz Paris


With big cities and personable villages, Thailand is a dynamic country filled with photo-worthy destinations to explore. Head to James Bond Island in Phuket, named after being featured in one of the iconic films, for a beautiful ocean backdrop. See the opulent architecture of the Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, or enjoy the Jungle Club Hotel in Koh Samui for a breathtaking view from their restaurant’s unique vantage point.


Photo: James Bond Island – Thailand – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Photo: Wat Arun Temple – Thailand

Tokyo – Japan

Fans of bright, neon lights will love taking photographs in Tokyo, where places like Akihabara shopping center create vivacious shots. During the daytime, admire the blooming cherry blossoms in Inokashira Park or lounge in the Instagrammable rooftop Sky Spa at the trendy Candeo Hotels Tokyo Roppongi for a stunning setting.


Photo: Inokashira Park – Tokyo – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

Photo: Akihabara, Tokyo – Japan

Marrakech – Morocco

The Sahara Desert is an unforgettable background in Marrakech, known for its mystifying scenery and architecture. Barter with vendors at vibrant local souk markets like the popular Jemaa el-Fnaa. The plunge pool at the Riad Yasmine hotel is a known Instagram hot spot if you decide to book your stay at this lavish destination.


Photo: Zocha Group

Photo: Marrakech Riad Yasmine – Instagrammable Travel Experiences: Our Top 10 Destinations

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