Artsy Vacation Spots for an Inspired Escape

artsy vacation spots for an inspired escape tulum

Photo: Zocha Group -Artsy Vacation Spots for an Inspired Escape


Experience an Artsy Vacation Spot

For lovers of all things artistic, travelling can be the perfect way to spark your inspiration as you indulge in the life of another culture. While more popular vacation destinations can be fun, sometimes taking the road less traveled will lead you to enlightening adventures in artistic expression. Take a unique trip to an art-centric locale to gain some inspiration on your next getaway at these artsy vacation spots.

Sedona, Arizona

While many tourists head to the Grand Canyon, only those in the know will travel south to stop by Sedona for a retreat into a rich history of indigenous American artistry paired with a breathtaking landscape of natural red sandstone rock formations.

Berlin, Germany

This city’s mix of old world masterpieces and contemporary creations makes it the perfect place to take in the urban landscape of street art, murals, museums, and a signature alternative music scene.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A rugged city perfect for a winter escape, Jackson Hole is worth visiting for its ski resorts, art and performance venues, and a National Museum of Wildlife Art home to pieces by Andy Warhol and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Havana, Cuba

Havana’s rich culture has been left untouched for decades and is now a hot spot for those looking to learn about Cuba’s colorful history through museums, architecture, and murals found throughout the city.

Portland, Oregon

A hub for all things ‘weird,’ Portland boasts an eccentric identity tied to its population of creatives that have cultivated a lively art, music, and theater scene in addition to a growing craft beer and coffee industry.

Tulum, Mexico

The bohemian vibe of Tulum draws in visitors who aim to experience the serene landscapes and chic social scene. The hippie-inspired boutiques, creative restaurants and nearby ancient Mayan ruins will have you living in paradise in this cultural getaway.

Sumba Island, Indonesia

While many jet setters flock to Bali for an escape, the up-and-coming sister destination of Sumba Island offers beautiful landscapes and picturesque beaches alongside villagers who create a range of crafts such as handwoven ikat clothing.

Lund, Sweden

The university town of Lund is vibrant with culture as its rustic, cobblestone streets lead to kitschy cafes, open-air museums and contemporary art galleries along with a burgeoning performing arts scene.

Marfa, Texas

This unassuming town with less than 2,000 residents may not seem like much, but with world-renowned art installations, multiple galleries and an annual Marfa Myths Music Festival, there’s plenty to see and do in this Texas desert destination.

Seville, Spain

You’ll have a rich cultural experience as you walk the streets of Seville with its classical baroque and Gothic architecture mixing with a vibrant nightlife scene that highlights the city’s history of flamenco music.

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    The Finest Coastal Cities in Italy

    Italy Coastal Cities

    Photo: Zocha Group – Finest Coastal Cities in Italy


    Coastal Cities in Italy

    When traveling to Italy, many people feel Milan, Venice, or Pompeii are some of the best options. Not everyone considers the abundance of picture-perfect coastal towns and cities that Italy has to offer. The colorful and unique architecture, unrivaled views of the ocean, and the cliff-covered landscape that surrounds the towns are enough to spark romance inside of your heart. Whether you’re looking to do some shopping, A-list dining, or outdoor activities, you can find it all and more within some of the finest coastal cities in Italy.

    italy coastline cliff view of ocean

    Photo: Zocha Group – The Finest Coastal Cities in Italy


    Located at the mouth of a deep ravine and the foot of Monte Cerreto, Amalfi is a small but world-renowned city known for sun-filled piazzas, historic architecture, and luxury vacations. If you’re thinking about booking a trip to Amalfi, consider staying at the Santa Caterina Hotel, set in a hilltop villa on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The upscale hotel presents beautiful views of the water as well as two delicious restaurants and no shortage of amenities for guests.


    As a part of the Cinque Terre National Park, Manarola is known for being the ‘most colorful’ city in the world. The buildings resemble an artist’s palette, tightly placed together along a cliff overlooking the ocean. Manarola is one of five towns that make up the Cinque Terre National Park, and every year visitors flock to the park to hike and take in everything Manarola has to offer. On your next trip to Manarola, consider staying at La Torretta Lodge, a unique luxury hotel that boasts a modernized medieval tower and contemporary art-filled rooms that offer breathtaking views over the water.


    You will never find a shortage of photo opportunities when visiting Italy’s most picturesque city with quaint homes, rustic hotels, and the most luxurious resorts on the Amalfi coast including the Il San Pietro di Positano. Positano’s location gives visitors the opportunity to travel by boat to Capri, Ischia and the Grotta dello Smeraldo. Enjoy laying out on the beach, hiking the foothills that lie behind the coastal paradise, or feasting on authentic Mediterranean cuisine at restaurants like Ristorante Il Capitano that provide gorgeous views of the sea.


    Positano, Italy

    Photo: Positano, Italy

    Le Sirenuse Positano

    Photo: Le Sirenuse Positano


    Portofino has become popular with US travelers in recent decades due to its opulence and picturesque scenery. The distinctive half-moon harbor now houses superyachts year-round, and new resorts like Belmond Hotel Splendido and Splendid Mare have sprung up ensuring that guests receive the best treatment possible. The Belmond is all about elegance and refinement, not overtaking the natural charm of the Riviera, but adding to it.


    Where the mountains meet the sea and where deep valleys transition into beautiful citrus plantations is where you’ll find the enchanting Italian city of Sorrento. Located in the province of Naples, Sorrento is set on a truly unbelievable landscape. Enjoy sipping fine wines in the Piazza Tasso square, or check out the rolling countryside that leads into the Amalfi coast. After a day of exploring, retire to your room at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, a 19th-century grand dame located on a cliff right above the port.

    Polignano a Mare

    The historic old town of Polignano a Mare is thought to be one of the most charming as well as the most important towns in the south of Italy. The city is perched upon limestone cliffs overlooking the rich blue Adriatic Sea, creating a perfect location for cliff diving. Consider staying at the Borgobianco Resort & Spa Mgallery by Sofitel, renowned for its friendly service and ultra relaxing atmosphere.


    Atrani has long been the escape for the most powerful families of Amalfi. The city still maintains a small fishing village feel even after incorporating a variety of high-end conveniences and places to stay. The town has traditionally designed homes climbing up cliffsides to offer stunning views over the water, and there is a maze of tightly packed alleys and colorful gardens that run throughout. Here, the Belmond Hotel Caruso serves as the height of extravagance and sophistication. Set on a cliff overlooking the coast, this 11th-century palace is in a central location for all the activities you could ask for when vacationing on the coast.


    Riomaggiore is the largest and most easterly city located within the Cinque Terre National Park. The city is placed upon the unspoiled blue waters of the Gulf of Genoa and is known for their Sciacchetra sweet wine which is fermented from Bosco, Fermentino, and Albarola grapes. The colorful homes create a backsplash of elegance against the natural, beautifully rough landscape. While roaming Riomaggiore and the rest of the Cinque Terre Park, consider resting your head at the Restaurant Hotel Porto Roca, the welcoming and down to earth hillside slice of paradise.

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      The Best Routes on The Yacht Week

      Yacht Week Regatta

      Photo: The Yacht Week / James Patrick


      Experience The Yacht Week

      Adventure-seekers are sure to live it up by booking a trip with The Yacht Week. This sailing expedition takes travelers on an exciting journey filled with sun, nightlife, and unforgettable memories. There are a number of routes to choose from, each with their own perks. Take a look to see which of the routes on The Yacht Week is the best for your ocean vacation.

      Photo: The Yacht Week / Michael Vanarey – Best Routes on The Yacht Week

      How to Choose Between the Best Routes on The Yacht Week

      One of the best aspects of booking a trip with The Yacht Week is having the option to choose from a number of unique routes, each catering to different types of vacation experiences. When deciding which route is the best for you or your group, consider your ideal pacing, activities and destinations. Do you prefer to spend more time on the water or exploring on land? Do day and nightlife venues excite you, or do you prefer a leisurely retreat? Each of routes on The Yacht Week offers an itinerary filled with experiences unique to that particular route. Choose the best route that matches your vision of the perfect getaway to ensure your Yacht Week experience is unforgettable.

      Yacht Week Greece overview

      Photo: Yacht Week Greece

      Croatia – Original Route

      The Original Croatian route, where The Yacht Week began, is packed with ways for you to make the most out of your getaway. The charming towns along with sparkling blue water will transport you to a dream getaway. For those that can appreciate a good party, Croatia is the best for nightlife lovers who want to spend their time dancing and partying until dawn on Hvar Island.

      Photo: The Yacht Week Croatia / Louis Agace – Best Routes on The Yacht Week

      Caribbean – BVI Route

      Emerge yourself into the tropical oasis of the British Virgin Islands. Become a part of the culture filled with lazy days on the white sandy beaches and floating in the blue ocean waters surrounded by plenty of palm trees and sunshine. Reggae fans will love the laid back nightlife while the locals will keep you entertained in their delicious restaurants and bars.


      Photo: The Yacht Week BVI / Gustav Hammarskiöld – Best Routes on The Yacht Week

      Greece – Athens Route

      You’ll get a little bit of everything when you take the Greece route. From shore side day parties and bottle service at nightlife events, you’ll get to live life to the fullest during this lavish route. Visit inexpensive restaurants on land for authentic Greek eats and explore the islands for an adventure with a view.


      Photo: The Yacht Week Greece Adam Bertalan – Best Routes on The Yacht Week

      Montenegro – Adriatic Route

      It’ll be a feast for the eyes if you choose the Montenegro route, with beautiful landscapes that involve towering mountainsides and plenty of hidden caves to explore. Hike to the Sveti Ivan Fortress to see the ocean from amazing heights or attend a seaside yoga session to get in touch with your inner self. You’ll party surrounded by breathtaking views of the coastline and end your nights dancing under the stars.


      Photo: The Yacht Week Montenegro – Mike Verstraten – Best Routes on The Yacht Week


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        Photo: The Yacht Week

        Photo: The Yacht Week

        Photo: The Yacht Week – Mike Verstraten

        Photo: The Yacht Week

        Photo: The Yacht Week Croatia / Louis Agace


        The 8 Best Mediterranean Restaurants in the Middle East and Europe

        best mediterranean restaurants in the middle east europe

        Photo: Zocha Group – The 8 Best Mediterranean Restaurants in the Middle East and Europe


        Best Mediterranean Restaurants

        It’s no secret that Mediterranean food is delicious, and eating your favorite food in the country where it originated makes for an authentic dining experience to remember. During your next vacation to a destination near the Mediterranean Sea, you’re sure to be impressed by the delicious plates served up at fine dining restaurants throughout the region. Take a look at some of our choices for the best mediterranean restaurants throughout the Middle East and Europe.

        Teoric Taverna Gastronomica – Barcelona, Spain

        This classic Spanish restaurant serves some of the best Mediterranean food you’ll ever taste. With great service, amazing food and a friendly atmosphere, Teoric Taverna Gastronomica is a must-visit for the next time you find yourself in Barcelona.

        la Montgolfiere Henri Geraci – Monaco Ville, Monaco

        This restaurant is a true Monaco staple, serving excellent French, Mediterranean, and Western-European menu options. Everything they create at the world-class La Montgolfiere Henri Geraci is made with care and precision, giving an end result that is sure to satisfy.

        La Vague d Or – St Tropez, France

        St. Tropez only has two Michelin-starred restaurants, and La Vague d’Or is one of them. Meaning ‘the golden wave’ in English, this three-Michelin star restaurant is at the top of its class. With a menu rooted in Mediterranean origins, this destination on the French Riviera is sure to provide a feast for your palate.

        Le Petit Nice – Marseilles, France

        This restaurant is revered for their food, but loved in part because of its breathtaking views of the sea. Situated right on the Corniche Kennedy, running along Marseilles’ coast, every table is in the perfect seat for a beautiful seaside meal, especially at sunset. Being so close to the coast also brings forth their history of creating outstanding Mediterranean cuisine.

        Konoba Stari Grad – Budva, Montenegro

        The city of Budva has gained popularity surrounding their food, and of all the eateries in Budva, Konoba Stari Grad truly stands out. With a specialty in seafood stemming from their location right by the coast, they create exquisite menu options for foodies visiting from around the world.

        Ricks Cafe – Casablanca, Morocco

        Rick’s Café is a complete recreation of the bar made famous by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman so many years ago in the movie Casablanca. Large staircases, classic Moroccan architecture and a grand piano on display add to the incredible food served at Rick’s.

        Varoulko – Athens, Greece

        This restaurant by the sea has some of the best views of the water in the whole city. Lefteris Lazarou, a Michelin-starred chef, takes fine Mediterranean dining to the next level. With a full view of the fishing boats that bring in the day’s catch every morning, you can enjoy some of the best Mediterranean cuisine that Athens has to offer.

        Fayruz Lebanese Restaurant – Cairo, Egypt

        Egypt may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of Mediterranean food, Fayruz has created a name for themselves offering a menu consisting of Lebanese and Mediterranean classics. If you’re in need of an intimate dinner, you can request a private room or a table on their outdoor terrace. If you find yourself in a more “Arabian Nights” sort of mood, you can also be entertained with a live belly dancing show during your meal.

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          Vacation in Monaco for a Mediterranean Escape

          vacation in monaco for a mediterranean escape

          Photo: Zocha Group – Vacation in Monaco for a Mediterranean Escape


          Experience Monaco

          Your travel craving will be satisfied when you plan your next luxury vacation in Monaco, a small city-state off the Mediterranean French coastline. World-renowned for its picturesque architecture and spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll achieve relaxation alongside enjoying the vibrant social scene. Get the full French Riviera experience by visiting this lavish, seaside destination.

          Photo: Zocha Group – Vacation in Monaco for a Mediterranean Escape


          There are plenty of places to book your stay where you’ll be able to take in the sun and seas. You’ll get the full Monaco experience by booking a room at the beautiful Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. Located in the heart of Monte-Carlo on the world-famous Place du Casino, the Hôtel de Paris has been serving guests the very definition of luxury for over a century and a half. The grand lobby exudes extravagance with crystal chandeliers, marble colonnades, and opulent low-relief sculptures. Moving into the guest rooms, visitors are welcomed with an immaculate and elevated interior that is fit for royalty. When dinner time rolls around, head down to Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse, a temple of modern gastronomy that holds a three-Michelin star rating, then head to the Monte Carlo Beach Club for a variety of fun activities like water skiing or beach volleyball.

          Charm and refined elegance are just a few of the many words that have been used to describe Hermitage. This Belle Epoque historical site is just a brief walk from the Casino de Monte-Carlo and is connected to the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. As one of the most exquisite palaces in the world, the Hermitage holds 280 rooms total, with 20 of those being suites–15 junior suites and eight Monte-Carlo Diamond Suites that offer breathtaking views of Monaco’s Port Hercules and the Prince’s Palace.

          You can also visit the boutique Hôtel Port Palace for a view of the harbor and a modern style of luxury. The Monaco shoreline is enhanced by the Fairmont Monte Carlo, which features a range of amenities and a heated swimming pool with uninterrupted views of dazzling, seaside sunsets.


          People are drawn from around the world to experience Monaco’s unparalleled fine dining. Located in the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, Blue Bay serves as one of the top fine dining experiences in all of Monaco. The Michelin star-holding head Chef Marcel Ravin offers a bold repertoire of Caribbean and Mediterranean cuisines. The panoramic outdoor terrace gives guests a stunning view of the coastline and looking inward the open air concept allows for views of the kitchen and staff. The gourmet smells that surround the restaurant are practically enough to lift you up and carry you inside.

          Set in the exquisite Hôtel Métropole, Joël Robuchon Monte-Carlo focuses on expertly crafting dishes that reflect the tastes of the sun-drenched Mediterranean that surrounds. As with all of the late Joël Robuchon’s restaurants, the design radiates luxury in the most tasteful ways. Executive Chef Christophe Cussac’s culinary creations will have you booking a flight back to Monaco in no time.

          The well-respected three Michelin-star Le Louis XV also serves fresh seafood dishes with authentic Mediterranean flavors, or for a dash of something different, Yoshi brings Japanese cuisine to the Riviera with a chic, artistic environment for you to enjoy an elegant dining experience.


          Monaco has a reputation for embracing lavish nightlife with a host of nightclubs and bars to keep you partying all night long. It won’t be a trip to Monaco without visiting Jimmyz, the legendary hot spot with a Japanese garden ambiance and exclusive door. For a sophisticated outing, The Living Room is open late for drinks and bites with a decadent environment and beautiful crowd. You also won’t regret stopping by the intimate Le Bar Américain for a speakeasy-inspired night filled with live jazz sounds and a stylish, 1920s vibe.


          Guests flood to Monaco each year for their variety of one-of-a-kind attractions and events. The most prevalent among them is the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, a prestigious and historical racing event that has brought celebrities and luxury travelers to the area since its start in 1950. The Monaco Grand Prix is known to be the most difficult Formula 1 racing event out of all the World Championship races. It is also the most prestigious motor race in the world, making it the perfect reason to buy a ticket to Monaco. Held annually at the end of May, the race lands right in the sweet spot for vacationers looking to escape to this Western European paradise. If you’re looking to experience the race in comfort and sophistication, you can reserve a private terrace with full food and drink services to view the race from above the crowds.

          Head down to Monaco’s Fontvieille Harbour and climb aboard your private yacht for an unparalleled sailing tour up the French Riviera. On the way, you’ll pass some of the most charming towns in Western Europe, sun-soaked beaches, and beautiful little islands. You’ll be able to see Menton, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Cap’d’Ail and Beaulieu from the boat as you sip champagne and work on your tan. If you’re looking for something a little more romantic, you might consider a sunset cruise to take in views of the water.

          The region is also known for its iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo, an elegant destination for gambling and entertainment, prominently featured in the James Bond franchise. The Princier de Monaco is also a notable sight to see as it acts as the royal residence of the current Prince of Monaco.

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            The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

            the yacht week greece

            Photo:  Zocha Group – The Yacht Week Greece


            The Yacht Week Greece

            Anyone who has heard of The Yacht Week knows to expect wild parties, beautiful views of the sea and an exciting group of international travelers looking to have the time of their lives. The Greece Route is a favorite among Yacht Week attendees due to its perfect mix of partying and sunbathing, along with a dash of culture from the selection of Greek islands included in the visit. For anyone considering hopping aboard for the classic, Mediterranean voyage, learn more about what to expect when you set sail on The Yacht Week Greece route with our ultimate guide to The Yacht Week Greece.

            The Yacht Week Greece people jumping off boat

            Photo: The Yacht Week – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

            Greece Route Details

            This mid-paced route will be an unforgettable experience as you spend seven days on the Aegean Sea visiting Greece’s most beautiful locales including the islands of Poros, Spetses and Dokos. With between 20-30 yachts joining your voyage, you’re sure to make plenty of new friends in Europe’s sunniest country. The Greece Route runs from June through September, with July and August being the most coveted months due to the region’s enticing 80-degree weather. The Greece Route is known as the Croatia Route’s “little sister,” in that the fair amount of organized parties will keep you dancing all day and all night, but with long sailing days to give you a bit of rest and relaxation.

            Yacht Week Greece overview

            Photo: The Yacht Week Greece – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

            Assembling a Crew

            On each yacht is a crew of 6-12 people living in 3-5 cabins, all ready to spend their week partying on the water. If you don’t have a full boat, the process of filling your crew is made easy by TYW’s crew finder tool. The mandatory equal gender balance also ensures that there’s a variety of travelers to mix and mingle with. Additionally, you have the ability to hire a skipper if your group isn’t sailing savvy, or a host to take on the task of making freshly prepared meals each day. These two upgrades are considered necessities for most Yacht Week attendees who want to treat their adventure like a true vacation.

            the yacht week greece girls on boat

            Photo: The Yacht Week Greece – Oliver Sjostrom / Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

            Booking a Yacht

            With the Greek sunshine beaming down on you for the week, you’ll want to make sure you choose a boat that will be comfortable for you and your friends to enjoy. With Standard, Premium and Premium Plus yacht options, you can decide on your preferred boat with Premium Plus offering up the best amenities like spacious cabins, quality bathrooms, air conditioning, and a first-class experience. The Greece Route has minimal port fees compared to other routes, but you will find higher fuel costs due to the long days of sailing between locations.

            the Yacht Week greece hydra marina

            Photo: The Yacht Week Greece – Adam Bertalan

            What to Pack

            Prepare for the trip of a lifetime by bringing necessities that will enhance your trip in ways you wouldn’t expect. Things like swimsuits, sunscreen and lightweight clothing may be a given, but to have the most fun during TYW, you’ll want to add a few more items to your shopping list. Inflatable floaties are great for lounging on during the line and circle rafts where you’ll splash around in the sea. Also bring your country’s flag to represent home along with fun costumes and toys to enhance your crew’s look during the regatta. More practical items like battery-powered fans, an auxiliary cord or portable speaker, and a water-proof camera will also come in handy to make your trip more pleasant. Don’t forget to include an all-white outfit for the Riviera Chic party, which is often one of the best celebrations of the week.


            The Yacht Week pizza Floaties

            Photo: The Yacht Week / Michael Vanarey – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route


            The itinerary for each route will vary slightly, as there are two options of a starting marina and activities are scheduled around weather. You’ll find out your exact schedule a few weeks before you depart for your adventure, but here’s an example of what your trip might look like.


            the yacht week food spread

            Photo: The Yacht Week – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

            Alimos or Lavrio Marina

            You’ll begin the week in Athens when you check in at your assigned marina. You’ll meet up with the rest of the Yacht Week crews at a restaurant where you’ll get your first taste of Greek cuisine. An after party usually follows and you’ll crash on your docked boat to prepare for tomorrow’s departure.


            You’ll set sail to this small island and get a chance to explore the great shopping and amazing restaurants. The midday Tropical Retro Party at Love Bay will have you dressed in Hawaiian shirts while sipping pineapple drinks and playing a game of beach volleyball as the sun sets. After a delicious dinner, you might also enjoy partying at the nearby club Malibu Bar to finish off your day.


            the Yacht Week Greece Love Bay

            Photo: The Yacht Week Greece Love Bay – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

            Porto Heli

            One of the most fun days of the Greece route is when you visit Nikki Beach for a lively day party. Attendees often book a room at the Nikki Beach Hotel for a place to freshen up and get ready for the festivities. Bottle service is a must with luxurious daybeds helping you soak up the sun as you celebrate. There also may be an after party at the Nikki Beach Pearl Rooftop for you to keep the party going after dinner.


            Nikki Beach Porto Heli view

            Photo: Nikki Beach Porto Heli – The Blonde Abroad

            Natural Bay & Dokos

            The peak of every Yacht Week trip is regatta day—a boat race with each crew dressed up in themed costumes. Awards are given to crews who have the best outfits, sailing skills and enthusiasm, so make sure your group is ready to bring a good time. After the regatta at Natural Bay, you’ll end near the island of Dokos for a line raft. All the boats are tied together for yacht party hopping and lounging on floaties. You can also explore the secluded island with a hike or spend the rest of the day enjoying the views of the sea.


            the Yacht Week Greece Dokos

            Photo: The Yacht Week Greece Dokos


            One of the most memorable days of the week, you’ll attend the freshly themed Riviera Chic party where all white attire is required. Bottle service will give an added touch to make the most of the festivities. Dinner is a necessity after the event with a few late night restaurants open that your skipper or host will be happy to recommend to you.


            the yacht week greece white party

            Photo: The Yacht Week Greece White Party – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route


            You’ll get to spend your day exploring the beautiful island of Hydra and spend some time shopping the local boutiques. Ride a donkey along the cobblestone streets and taste authentic Greek cuisine at one of the island’s many delicious restaurants. The warm weather will likely coax you into booking a hotel room where you can freshen up before dinner at the Sunset Restaurant. Breathtaking views of the sunset will be your backdrop as you wine and dine with all the crews. The after party at the nearby Omilos is an easy walk and is a great place for bottle service.


            hydra greece aerial view the yacht week

            Photo: The Yacht Week – Pablo OriolValls

            Final Day

            You’ll wake up on your last day of fun to sailing back to the port where you arrived in Athens. If you’d like to check out of the boat early, you can book a hotel for some R&R before the final party of the week. You’ll head to Yabanaki Beach to celebrate at the popular Varkiza Resort for your last hurrah and to say your goodbyes to your new friends.

            Helpful Tips

            Keep in mind some of these helpful tips to ensure your Greece Yacht Week vacation reaches its full potential:

            • With such a beautiful city right at your fingertips, flying out a day before or after your Yacht Week excursion is a great way to maximize your time and explore Athens.
            • You’ll want to buy all your groceries for the week on Day 1 while you’re docked at the marina, and will accompany your host for shopping if you have one. Stock up on jugs of water along with snacks for munching and booze for boat partying. You should also get things like shampoo, trash bags and toilet paper that will be essentials throughout the week.
            • If your boat doesn’t have a shower, keep in mind that the only places to shower are the Nikki Beach Hotel in Porto Heli, hotels in Hydra, or a secret spot inside a restaurant in Ermioni—ask your skipper for the inside scoop.
            • Don’t forget to tip your skipper and host for all their hard work during your week of revelry.
            • Get cash out while you’re still in Athens on Day 1 as many of the Greek restaurants are cash only, or will only accept a limited number of credit cards for the table.
            • Decide on a regatta day theme beforehand and include your host and skipper in the festivities by bringing costumes for them too.

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              Your Guide to the Perfect Yacht Week

              the yacht week catamarans in bay

              Photo: The Yacht Week – Fabian Webster


              Our Guide to The Yacht Week

              Adventure is just around the corner for those planning to take an excursion through the seas with The Yacht Week. Whether you’re booked for Italy, Montenegro, Greece, or any of their other enticing route options, there’s plenty to prepare for as you embark on the week-long yacht party. Know what to expect with some helpful tips with our Yacht Week guide for making your adventure the experience of a lifetime.


              guy diving off boat at the yacht week

              Photo: The Yacht Week – Fabian Webster – Your Guide to the Perfect Yacht Week

              Our Recommendations

              As you plan your journey, there’s a lot to keep in mind in preparation for a week of excitement. Gather a crew of friends who are fun, responsible, and ready to live like a family for a week in close quarters on your boat. Don’t forget to also book a skipper so that you’ll have an expert navigator for those long days of boozy fun.

              Keep the trip silly by bringing costumes, floaties, face paint, and plenty of props to make your photo stream memorable. Pack only necessary items to save space on your yacht—a waterproof phone case, non-slip shoes, and an AUX cord are just a few essentials to make your excursion perfect. Each of The Yacht Week’s routes have their own unique experience to offer, with a few standing out as favorites among attendees.

              boats tied together at the yacht week

              Photo: The Yacht Week – Your Guide to the Perfect Yacht Week


              For those with an affinity for a wild party, Croatia may be the destination for you. One of the most popular of all the routes, the Croatia experience will have you partying at beautiful Fort George or dancing it out to EDM mixes at Club Vanilla. The Croatian coast is one-of-a-kind and you’ll get to join as many as 50 other boats of travelers ready to thrill seek alongside you.

              Put some money aside for port fees and bottle service to ensure you’re all set for expenses throughout the week. Shorter sailing days on this route leave plenty of time to focus on letting loose as you make lifelong friends on the Croatian waters.

              raft parties at the yacht week croatia

              Photo: The Yacht Week Croatia – Adam Bertalan – Your Guide to the Perfect Yacht Week


              There’s something for everyone when you take in a week of Greek culture during this stunning route. Treat yourself to bottle service at one of their many nightlife and day party events throughout the week—Ermioni Island’s White Party is a classic that will have you decked out in your brightest whites to sip drinks on the ocean.

              With plenty of activities to do on land, explore each island and experience both tourist and local culture for an added bonus to your sea excursion. Port fees are a breeze on the Greek route, so use the extra cash for fuel during the long sailing days.

              friends jumping off boat at the yacht week greece

              Photo: The Yacht Week Greece – Your Guide to the Perfect Yacht Week

              British Virgin Islands

              Sail through the tropics during the Caribbean BVI route, fit for a relaxing escape into the sparkling blue waters. Become one with the ocean by snorkeling, exploring the natural baths or getting lost in the numerous underwater caves. Locals will have you loving life with their deliciously made rum drinks and fresh seafood right at your fingertips.

              With more availability for a catamaran on this route, splurge on the upgrade to take advantage of the extra space and make the most of your trip. You’ll also want to set aside a hefty shopping fund for this destination, but beautiful ocean views will make up for the island prices. Day parties will be the peak of your journey as you dance in the sand under the clear, blue Caribbean sky.

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                group of girls sailing at the yacht week

                Photo: The Yacht Week

                people jumping off sailboat on the yacht week

                Photo: The Yacht Week

                girls with a guy floating at the yacht week

                Photo: The Yacht Week


                Sip Spirits at Some of the Best Cocktail Bars in London

                london bridge at night best cocktail bars in london

                Photo: Zocha Group – Best Cocktail Bars in London


                Best Cocktail Bars in London

                London boasts the world’s most progressive culture of cocktail makers and drinkers. Other than shopping and sightseeing, exploring the nightlife and cocktail bar scene can be one of the most fun parts about being in London. From secluded and plush drinking dens to high-end hotel bars, you can find a great cocktail just about anywhere in the city. Whether you’d like to sip a handcrafted negroni in sumptuous surroundings or grab yourself a brand new creation from the bartender at the little bar down the alley, these are the best cocktail bars in London that have something for everyone.

                best cocktail bars in london

                Photo: Zocha Group

                Artesian Bar at the Langham

                The Langham London is one of London’s most famous hotels, and the bar that sits below it is one of London’s most iconic nightlife hot spots. The Artesian Bar at the Langham offers visitors an extensive rum selection, champagne list, and an ever-evolving cocktail menu. The sophisticated bar takes influence from traditional Chinese architecture and design which creates an intimate yet community-oriented space.


                McQueen in Shoreditch is the quintessential James Bond bar, with antique aviation decorations, dim lighting, and three distinct rooms that all house a different personality. McQueen has often been referred to as ‘London’s Best Club’ for their sophistication and attention to detail. Comfortable booths and a full bar menu create the perfect night-out atmosphere, and you don’t even need to be 007 to enjoy it.

                69 Colebrooke Row

                69 Colebrooke Row, often referred to as “The Bar With No Name”, sits along a quite Islington backstreet with a seemingly innocent exterior and no flashy gimmicks. This bar is for those who can really appreciate a great drink. The unpretentious and dimly lantern lit interior contains an antique wooden bar, behind which masters of alcohol craft the best cocktails you will ever have, hands down. Gentle jazz music and an Italian cafe-based design will ensure total relaxation.


                Mahiki is looking to change the age-old stereotype that London remains in a constant state of rain and clouds. You will find nothing but sunshine and good times in this downtown Polynesian cocktail bar. Mahiki offers an area for dancing as well, leaving you plenty of room to party the night away at this celebrity hot spot.

                The Connaught Bar

                The Connaught Bar in Mayfair is an essential stop for anybody interested in history. A decor that brings the ‘20s back to life and a bold cocktail menu that perfectly combines old and new is exactly why The Connaught Bar has been awarded so much praise. If you like what you taste, they distill their own gin in-house so you can take a bottle home with you.

                Ronnie Scotts

                If you’re in the market for dinner and a show, Ronnie Scott’s jazz club is an essential stop. Exceptional drinks and a full food menu to match is why Ronnie Scott’s continues to draw in such big crowds after 60 years, and why many of the jazz world’s biggest names have played here more than once. Since their renovation, the club serves modern sophistication through their decor and the soul of jazz music through their drinks.

                The Zetter Townhouse Cocktail Bar

                Designed by Russell Sage, this cocktail bar’s interior feels more like an eclectic friend’s home rather than a bar and lounge. Plush seating, dim lighting, bookcases filled to the brim with stories and crackling fires are what make the Zetter Townhouse Cocktail Bar the perfect place for a relaxing evening out on the town. The drinks are created from taking inspiration from local distilling and drink-making history, and the Townhouse often hosts parties that are reflective of that history.

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                  Set Sail at the Best Yachting Destinations in the World

                  Photo: Zocha Group – The Best Yachting Destinations in the World


                  Best Yachting Destinations

                  There are few modes of travel that can measure up to the leisure and luxury of a yacht with the ocean breeze giving an added touch to your journey. The freedom you’ll experience out on the open water is unparalleled, and the designs and features that many yachts incorporate are second to none. Unlike cruise lines that set destinations for you, a private vessel gives you free rein when it comes to choosing where to drop anchor. If you’re itching to feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea on your face this summer, consider taking your journey to some of the world’s best yachting destinations.

                  St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

                  The steady winds, naturally deep Charlotte Amalie Harbour, and calm winds make St. Thomas the perfect place to visit on your next yachting trip. The island’s topography becomes immediately apparent when you arrive, and visitors can expect to find fine dining and lavish shopping. The island paradise also serves as a haven for those seeking world-class snorkeling, kitesurfing and other enjoyable water activities.


                  Monaco, which is synonymous with luxury and fine dining, creates a flawless environment to dock your yacht the next time you’re sailing the seven seas. World-class nightlife and the Monaco Grand Prix, which happens in May, add to the overall experience of extravagance that guests can expect when visiting the small, independent French city-state.

                  French Riviera

                  As one of the most glamorous destinations in all of Europe, the French Riviera has it all. Consider a yachting vacation visiting the white sand beaches of Nice, the indescribable nightlife of Monte-Carlo, or the peaceful island of Porquerolles off the western coastline of Saint-Tropez. There are special events hosted year-round in the French Riviera, such as the Cannes Film Festival, that make it the perfect area to stop in and rest up before your next adventure.

                  Sardinia, Italy

                  Located off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia serves as an isolated getaway for those in search of peace and quiet. Amazing hiking trails and nuraghi stones make the island a wondrous place to explore, and the beautiful beaches are a great spot for catching a tan.

                  St. Georges Parish, Bermuda

                  Local culture and leisure lifestyle abound at St. George’s Parish, a town on the Bermudian island of St. George. Every year, between the months of March and November, the world’s most elite sailing teams congregate at St. George’s Parish to compete in regattas that are hosted by Bermuda’s multitude of sailing clubs. Along with the races, the local culture and luxurious dining and shopping options make for the perfect area for relaxing on your private yacht.


                  In an area that’s surrounded by multiple seas that are dotted with thousands of islands, Greece has served as a haven for luxury mariners for centuries. The natural beauty that flows from the whole country, as well as the cosmopolitan nightlife and globally-renowned dining and shopping, make Greece one of the most interesting places to visit in Europe. Visit Crete, Greece’s largest island, Athens, a city that overflows with history and culture, or Mykonos, an area known around the world for marvelous nightlife and leisure.

                  Nantucket, Massachusetts

                  Thirty miles off the coast of Cape Cod sits the Massachusetts island of Nantucket. The picture-perfect New England colony is best known for its windswept beaches, quaint but luxurious cottages, and protected inlets. Nantucket originally made its fortune from the whaling trade, as made popular by the novel Moby Dick. Today, whaling ships have been replaced by luxurious superyachts as the world’s elite come together to experience the ultimate vacation destination.

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                    The Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway

                    cherry blossoms on tree beautiful spring destinations

                    Photo: Zocha Group – Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway


                    A Spring Getaway

                    Spring is a wonderful time to travel the world, as temperatures in many countries begin to rise and the summer crowds haven’t yet settled in. You’ll be able to embrace the inviting atmosphere and kickstart travel season with a pleasant getaway. If you’re interested in getting out into the world this spring, venture to any of these best spring destinations for the perfect springtime escape.

                    boat on water with cherry blossom in kyoto japan

                    Photo: Kyoto, Japan – The Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway

                    The U.S. Virgin Islands

                    Spring is the end of peak tourism season in the Virgin Islands, which means it’s the perfect time to visit. The weather is nice, the crowds are minimal, and the Carnival celebrations help to kickoff the season. Grab a tropical drink and relax in the sand at the dozens of islands in this breathtaking region.


                    Marrakech temperatures are off the charts during the Moroccan desert summer months, but spring provides cooler temperatures that are perfect for taking in all the culture and activities that this wonderful city has to offer. Visit the Atlas Mountains, take a ride on the back of a camel, or visit Pepe Nero or Azar restaurants for a delicious fine dining experience.


                    June is known as the busy season for the small island of Malta, so arriving in spring ensures that you’ll beat the crowds and have the pristine beaches all to yourself. Cliff diving, scuba diving or taking a day cruise are all options when visiting the world-famous vacation hotspot.


                    Iceland’s visitors have the chance to bathe in naturally-steaming mud baths, check out the Northern Lights, dive between two continents and even hike a few volcanoes. Winter makes it almost impossible to truly enjoy the country because of near constant darkness, but spring offers longer days with more time to go explore.

                    The Netherlands

                    April is prime time for tulip season in the Netherlands which makes for a vibrant backdrop to your Dutch getaway. Visit Keukenhof in Lisse, which allows visitors to come gaze upon their seven million colorful flowers. If flowers aren’t your interest, don’t worry. The Netherlands has centuries of culture and traditions for you to experience, along with beautiful hotels to make your stay worthwhile.


                    The paradise islands of Fiji are known for rugged tropical landscapes, coral reefs in crystal clear lagoons, and white sandy beaches lined with palm trees. In Fiji, you can scuba dive with manta rays, explore large tropical forests and gardens, or even just visit a museum and relax on the beach. Getting a tan will be the least of your worries on these sunbathed strips of land.


                    Head to Monaco before the Grand Prix starts in May to take advantage of the minimal crowds for a private escape. Take in everything this small city has to offer by booking a yacht ride along the coast, experiencing one of the multiple world-renowned restaurants or trying your luck in the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo.


                    People flock from all over the world to see Kyoto’s delicate shrines and temples and to experience the immense history and culture of the island country. Come spring, visitors become surrounded by beautiful pink cherry blossoms adding colorful scenery to their Japanese adventure. All these attractions combined make Kyoto the romantic getaway of your dreams.

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