rio de janeiro mountain view at sunset

A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation

Brazil is a wonderful place to travel offering up culture, nature history and sunny skies. At the heart of it all lies Rio de Janeiro–the largest city of the fifth largest country in the world. Internationally-known beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema, the sky-high Christ the Redeemer monument and Carnaval are just a few of the celebrated attractions you can find in Rio. If you’re thinking about taking a trip anytime soon, consider a Rio de Janeiro vacation in style.


rio de janeiro mountain view at sunset

Photo: Zocha Group – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation



Emiliano Rio

This vintage-chic luxury hotel sits right on the Copacabana sand and provides views of the sparkling ocean from their sunlight-bathed rooms. The Emiliano Rio offers guests a wide variety of accommodations such as a full spa and a champagne bar. If you’re in the market for a relaxing beachfront getaway, you simply can’t go wrong with the Emiliano Rio.

Hotel Emiliano Rio de Janeiro pool view of ocean

Photo: Hotel Emiliano Rio de Janeiro – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation

Hotel Emiliano Rio de Janeiro ocean view

Photo: Hotel Emiliano Rio de Janeiro – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation

Vila Santa Teresa

Vila Santa Teresa is a hidden gem that can be found at the heart of Rio’s bohemian Santa Teresa district. Surrounded by lush greenery and Sugarloaf Mountain, Vila Santa Teresa combines luxury and history in their private, historic villas that also overlook glistening Guanabara Bay. This spot will be a great destination for anyone looking to reconnect with nature.



Bonito is a city with a world-famous system of caves and waterways that give crystal clear looks at indigenous fish and other cave-dwelling critters. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a dip into one of the many underwater canals or rappel from the entrance all the way down to the lake inside, called Abismo Anhumas.

abismo anhumas cave

Photo: Abismo Anhumas – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation – Wikipedia

abismo anhumas cave blue water

Photo: Bonito

Historic Center of Olinda

Olinda, located on Brazil’s northwestern coast, is a well-preserved colonial city with culture and history abound. The city is filled with delicious food, art studios and galleries, and a beautiful historic downtown with endless red-roofed buildings and charm.


Rio Carnival

Carnival celebrations are held all over South America, but only one is the world’s largest in attracting an estimated two million people per day. Rio’s clubs, bars, and nightlife venues become a giant street fair for locals and travelers alike to celebrate the festive occasion. The highlight of Carnival in Rio is the lively and colorful Samba Parades, held in the Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucaí parade venue.


rio carnival parade float

Photo: Carnival / REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

beautiful girl in costume rio carnival

Photo: Rio Carnival / Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation


Miam Miam

After a long day of hiking or diving in the caves of Bonito, you’ll want to end your day by getting a taste of Brazil’s local cuisine. Miam Miam is a contemporary restaurant located in a renovated mansion where chef Roberta Ciasca cooks up some truly wonderful dishes. If you feel like hanging out in their dimly lit, romantic atmosphere after your meal, take a seat in their cushy lounge and grab a couple of drinks to enjoy the ambiance.


Miam Miam food on plate

Photo: Miam Miam

Photo: Miam Miam

Churrascaria Palace

Founded in 1951, Churrascaria Palace is a staple in the fine dining circuit in Rio de Janeiro, offering delicious steak, fresh seafood, and appetizing sushi. Along with their expertly-prepared menu, they have a wide selection of wines and cocktails that will pair perfectly with your meal and get you fully into the vacation mood.


Photo: Churrascaria Palace

Photo: Churrascaria Palace

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