The 10 Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

Shopping is an entertaining way to spend your free time, and New York City is known as the US mecca for fashion. With lavish high fashion boutiques and independently-owned vintage shops all throughout the city, it can be an undertaking to find places that capture your style. If you’re on the hunt to enhance your wardrobe in NYC, head to these shopping destinations for the best areas for shopping in New York City to find your new favorite outfit.

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SoHo, or south of Houston St., has blown up recently into an uber-popular destination for style icons and hometown fashion heroes alike. Whether you’re looking for Alexander Wang or Céline, or a small independent vintage shop, SoHo has all the threads you could ever want.


Photo: SoHo / iFly Magazine – Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

Photo: Celine SoHo


A quick walk north of Little Italy in the Lower East Side will land you in the neighborhood of Nolita, a quaint Manhattan community whose streets are dotted with cute, independently-owned shops. If you’re looking to get away from the mainstream style scene and shop somewhere unique, Nolita is the place to check out.


Photo: Nolita – Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

Photo: Nolita

St. Marks Place

Great finds of trendy vintage clothes and handmade jewelry is exactly what you can expect to find in St. Marks Place in the East Village. Right along with small vendors and shops, you can also explore luxury stores to indulge in the neighborhood’s offerings.


Photo: St Marks Place – Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

Photo: St. Marks Place

Lafayette Street

If antiques and classic items are your forte then you’ll have to take a walk along Lafayette Street in SoHo and NoHo. It has become extremely popular with collectors and enthusiasts because of its great selection of shops with rare finds. You’re sure to find one-of-a-kind items when you head to this neighborhood favorite.


Photo: Lafayette – Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

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Bleecker Street

Home of the biggest influx of shoppers in recent years, Bleecker Street is quickly becoming a ‘must’ for shopping in New York. Whether you’re a foodie, a vintage nut, or a high fashion connoisseur, this Greenwich Village go-to has something for everyone.


Photo: Bleeker Street – Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

Photo: Bleecker Street

Union Square

If you’re in the mood to spend your day shopping with some friends or a loved one, you should check out Union Square in Manhattan. With long stretches of big name stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus in one area, and old record stores and antique jewelry in another, you could spend hours shopping until you drop for a variety of items. If you need a break, check out the famous Union Square Park or any number of artisan eateries in the area.


Photo: Union Square – Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

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5th Avenue

Spend a leisurely day at one of NYC’s iconic destinations for retail therapy. Whether you’re aiming for a day at Tiffany’s or indulging in Prada’s purse collection, you’ll always find a variety of luxury goods that are sure to be the cherry on top of your New York experience.


Photo: Tiffany & Co. / Fifth Avenue – Best Areas for Shopping in New York City

Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

Park Slope

Brooklyn’s Park Slope has become immortalized for its incredible shopping selection and variety, making this area any serial shopper’s dream. Unique, handmade wares are always offered, along with great vintage clothing, antiques, furniture, and much more.


Photo: Park Slope / Loving New York

Photo: Park Slope

Canal Street

If Asian goods are what you’re after, head over to Canal Street in Chinatown. Along with all the herbal and exotic animal shops found along the street, you can also find the Canal Street Market, which opened in 2017. The Market is a 50/50 split between food vendors and New York-based artists and artisans showing off and selling their creations.


Photo: Canal Street

Photo: Canal Street

South Street Seaport

Chic malls and hip shops are commonplace in the South Street Seaport area, with places like Pier 17 and Corso Como making a huge name for it. If you’re in the mood for some retail therapy and appreciate a unique look, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the hotspots in this area.


Photo: South Street Seaport /

Photo: South Street Seaport Pier 17

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