The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

the yacht week greece

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The Yacht Week Greece

Anyone who has heard of The Yacht Week knows to expect wild parties, beautiful views of the sea and an exciting group of international travelers looking to have the time of their lives. The Greece Route is a favorite among Yacht Week attendees due to its perfect mix of partying and sunbathing, along with a dash of culture from the selection of Greek islands included in the visit. For anyone considering hopping aboard for the classic, Mediterranean voyage, learn more about what to expect when you set sail on The Yacht Week Greece route with our ultimate guide to The Yacht Week Greece.

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Photo: The Yacht Week – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

Greece Route Details

This mid-paced route will be an unforgettable experience as you spend seven days on the Aegean Sea visiting Greece’s most beautiful locales including the islands of Poros, Spetses and Dokos. With between 20-30 yachts joining your voyage, you’re sure to make plenty of new friends in Europe’s sunniest country. The Greece Route runs from June through September, with July and August being the most coveted months due to the region’s enticing 80-degree weather. The Greece Route is known as the Croatia Route’s “little sister,” in that the fair amount of organized parties will keep you dancing all day and all night, but with long sailing days to give you a bit of rest and relaxation.

Yacht Week Greece overview

Photo: The Yacht Week Greece – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

Assembling a Crew

On each yacht is a crew of 6-12 people living in 3-5 cabins, all ready to spend their week partying on the water. If you don’t have a full boat, the process of filling your crew is made easy by TYW’s crew finder tool. The mandatory equal gender balance also ensures that there’s a variety of travelers to mix and mingle with. Additionally, you have the ability to hire a skipper if your group isn’t sailing savvy, or a host to take on the task of making freshly prepared meals each day. These two upgrades are considered necessities for most Yacht Week attendees who want to treat their adventure like a true vacation.

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Photo: The Yacht Week Greece – Oliver Sjostrom / Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

Booking a Yacht

With the Greek sunshine beaming down on you for the week, you’ll want to make sure you choose a boat that will be comfortable for you and your friends to enjoy. With Standard, Premium and Premium Plus yacht options, you can decide on your preferred boat with Premium Plus offering up the best amenities like spacious cabins, quality bathrooms, air conditioning, and a first-class experience. The Greece Route has minimal port fees compared to other routes, but you will find higher fuel costs due to the long days of sailing between locations.

the Yacht Week greece hydra marina

Photo: The Yacht Week Greece – Adam Bertalan

What to Pack

Prepare for the trip of a lifetime by bringing necessities that will enhance your trip in ways you wouldn’t expect. Things like swimsuits, sunscreen and lightweight clothing may be a given, but to have the most fun during TYW, you’ll want to add a few more items to your shopping list. Inflatable floaties are great for lounging on during the line and circle rafts where you’ll splash around in the sea. Also bring your country’s flag to represent home along with fun costumes and toys to enhance your crew’s look during the regatta. More practical items like battery-powered fans, an auxiliary cord or portable speaker, and a water-proof camera will also come in handy to make your trip more pleasant. Don’t forget to include an all-white outfit for the Riviera Chic party, which is often one of the best celebrations of the week.


The Yacht Week pizza Floaties

Photo: The Yacht Week / Michael Vanarey – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route


The itinerary for each route will vary slightly, as there are two options of a starting marina and activities are scheduled around weather. You’ll find out your exact schedule a few weeks before you depart for your adventure, but here’s an example of what your trip might look like.


the yacht week food spread

Photo: The Yacht Week – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

Alimos or Lavrio Marina

You’ll begin the week in Athens when you check in at your assigned marina. You’ll meet up with the rest of the Yacht Week crews at a restaurant where you’ll get your first taste of Greek cuisine. An after party usually follows and you’ll crash on your docked boat to prepare for tomorrow’s departure.


You’ll set sail to this small island and get a chance to explore the great shopping and amazing restaurants. The midday Tropical Retro Party at Love Bay will have you dressed in Hawaiian shirts while sipping pineapple drinks and playing a game of beach volleyball as the sun sets. After a delicious dinner, you might also enjoy partying at the nearby club Malibu Bar to finish off your day.


the Yacht Week Greece Love Bay

Photo: The Yacht Week Greece Love Bay – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route

Porto Heli

One of the most fun days of the Greece route is when you visit Nikki Beach for a lively day party. Attendees often book a room at the Nikki Beach Hotel for a place to freshen up and get ready for the festivities. Bottle service is a must with luxurious daybeds helping you soak up the sun as you celebrate. There also may be an after party at the Nikki Beach Pearl Rooftop for you to keep the party going after dinner.


Nikki Beach Porto Heli view

Photo: Nikki Beach Porto Heli – The Blonde Abroad

Natural Bay & Dokos

The peak of every Yacht Week trip is regatta day—a boat race with each crew dressed up in themed costumes. Awards are given to crews who have the best outfits, sailing skills and enthusiasm, so make sure your group is ready to bring a good time. After the regatta at Natural Bay, you’ll end near the island of Dokos for a line raft. All the boats are tied together for yacht party hopping and lounging on floaties. You can also explore the secluded island with a hike or spend the rest of the day enjoying the views of the sea.


the Yacht Week Greece Dokos

Photo: The Yacht Week Greece Dokos


One of the most memorable days of the week, you’ll attend the freshly themed Riviera Chic party where all white attire is required. Bottle service will give an added touch to make the most of the festivities. Dinner is a necessity after the event with a few late night restaurants open that your skipper or host will be happy to recommend to you.


the yacht week greece white party

Photo: The Yacht Week Greece White Party – Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Greece Route


You’ll get to spend your day exploring the beautiful island of Hydra and spend some time shopping the local boutiques. Ride a donkey along the cobblestone streets and taste authentic Greek cuisine at one of the island’s many delicious restaurants. The warm weather will likely coax you into booking a hotel room where you can freshen up before dinner at the Sunset Restaurant. Breathtaking views of the sunset will be your backdrop as you wine and dine with all the crews. The after party at the nearby Omilos is an easy walk and is a great place for bottle service.


hydra greece aerial view the yacht week

Photo: The Yacht Week – Pablo OriolValls

Final Day

You’ll wake up on your last day of fun to sailing back to the port where you arrived in Athens. If you’d like to check out of the boat early, you can book a hotel for some R&R before the final party of the week. You’ll head to Yabanaki Beach to celebrate at the popular Varkiza Resort for your last hurrah and to say your goodbyes to your new friends.

Helpful Tips

Keep in mind some of these helpful tips to ensure your Greece Yacht Week vacation reaches its full potential:

  • With such a beautiful city right at your fingertips, flying out a day before or after your Yacht Week excursion is a great way to maximize your time and explore Athens.
  • You’ll want to buy all your groceries for the week on Day 1 while you’re docked at the marina, and will accompany your host for shopping if you have one. Stock up on jugs of water along with snacks for munching and booze for boat partying. You should also get things like shampoo, trash bags and toilet paper that will be essentials throughout the week.
  • If your boat doesn’t have a shower, keep in mind that the only places to shower are the Nikki Beach Hotel in Porto Heli, hotels in Hydra, or a secret spot inside a restaurant in Ermioni—ask your skipper for the inside scoop.
  • Don’t forget to tip your skipper and host for all their hard work during your week of revelry.
  • Get cash out while you’re still in Athens on Day 1 as many of the Greek restaurants are cash only, or will only accept a limited number of credit cards for the table.
  • Decide on a regatta day theme beforehand and include your host and skipper in the festivities by bringing costumes for them too.

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