Premium Seating Experiences in Los Angeles for Your Next Sporting Event


Premium Seating Experiences

The roar of the crowd. The excitement pulsing through the arena. The exhilaration of watching your team score. Experience it all and more with VIP Treatment with these premium seating experiences in Los Angeles. From hockey to basketball, and every sport in between, there are plenty of ways to indulge in the high life while cheering on your favorite teams.

Photo: Hyde Staples Center – Premium Seating Experiences for Your Next Sporting Event

Courtside Seating

The most sought-after seats at any basketball or hockey game place you right in the middle of the action, close enough that you can reach out and touch your favorite players. These highly-coveted premium seats are on every sports fan’s wish list for good reason. With unparalleled views of the game, you’ll feel the breeze of the players rushing down the court and the slam of a player getting checked into the boards. At the height of the season, premium tickets for both NBA and NHL games can be difficult to come by. Remove the frustration of trying to find the perfect seat by letting Zocha Group do the work for you.

Photo: Zocha Group – Premium Seating Experiences in Los Angeles for Your Next Sporting Event

Premium Seating

Another option for a perfect view of the game is to purchase designated Premium seats, which can include a number of perks. From padded cushion seating, preferred parking, to a VIP entrance, this seating option can make your attendance convenient and stress-free. Memberships are often available and easy to obtain. Not only do they guarantee your seats for the season, but they can include benefits such as Members Only event invites.

Private Suites

For a group of friends or family, private suites are the perfect solution for a group looking to enjoy the game and socialize. With personalized service and benefits, a VIP suite is the perfect place to entertain clients or celebrate with colleagues with a prime sightline to the action. Catering options are also available for suite holders, with expansive food and drink menu options. For outdoor stadiums, cabana suites can also provide the perfect finishing touches to an event.

Exclusive Lounges

If you don’t need a completely private space but would like to enjoy the game with a hint of exclusivity, lounges within the stadium are a great way to get the best of both worlds. At the Staples Center, Hyde Lounge boasts luxury and sophistication with a sensational view of the Clippers, Lakers, and the rest of your favorite sporting events. Nightlife merges with live sports to create an environment where you can sip champagne from bottle service in the middle of a lively game. At the StubHub Center, the Jim Beam Champion’s Lounge gives you the opportunity to get up-close and personal with players as they enter and exit the locker rooms. All-inclusive food and beverages keep you satisfied during pre-game, half-time, and post-game. With the Chargers entering the arena for the 2018 season, these seats will go fast as fans jump at the chance to meet their favorite players.

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