From Imagination to Reality at Goya Studios

from imagination to reality at goya studios

Photo: Zocha Group – From Imagination to Reality at Goya Studios


Goya Studios

With a prime Hollywood location, Goya Studios has established itself as an expansive space to accommodate a range of Los Angeles events and productions. Their quality sound stages attract world-renowned clientele who have embraced the venue for red carpet events, corporate celebrations and unique, promotional productions. Goya Studios has positioned itself for success in becoming an essential in the event and entertainment production industries.

The Team Behind Goya Studios

It takes much more than an idea to see a fully-immersive event experience come to life. The team behind Goya Studios, Nina Moayer and Joey Jenson, have embraced what it means to imagine by executing stunning productions in their Hollywood space. The word Goya, an Urdu word for “the act of disbelief through storytelling,” becomes an integral part of the team’s mission in orchestrating spectacular productions through creativity and technology.

A Stage For All Events

Concepts are transformed into dreamlike realities during the process of putting together an event at Goya Studios. With three genuine, Hollywood sound stages that each boasts its own offerings, clients have no problem finding the right fit to house their production, performance or attraction.

Sound Stage A

The industrial brick walls and concrete floors serve up stylized, textured options in Stage A. With 4,600 square feet of space, plenty of support space, brick walls, bow truss and polished concrete floors, you are able to achieve multiple styles and take advantage of the warm industrial textures of the space.

4600 sq ft shooting space and 3,535 sq ft supporting space (70′ x 65’)
12’ to pipe grid
1200 amps
Polished concrete floors, brick walls and bow truss
Production office
Green room with private restroom
Hair and makeup room
Wardrobe room
Internet (wireless network)
(3) additional restrooms —(1) with shower
Parking is available on site

Photo: Stage A

Sound Stage B

The intimate Stage B is fit to snap a winning photo with its industry-standard cyc wall for a pure, white backdrop. Stage B comes equipped with a 2 wall cyc, 20ft to the grid and support space including dressing rooms, green room, private restroom, as well a full kitchen in the stage.

2,200 sq ft shooting space and 1,550 sq ft supporting space (40’ x 68’)
Two wall cyc and 20’ to pipe grid over cyc
1200 amps
Production office/conference room
Celebrity green room
Hair and makeup room, wardrobe room
(2) Restrooms
Kitchen with movable island
Internet (wireless network)
Elephant doors
Parking is available onsite


Photo: Stage B

Sound Stage C

Stage C offers the largest square footage where music video, television and film productions have plenty of space to create a masterpiece. Stage C is the largest sound stage at 5,600 square feet with a 2 wall cyc, 21 foot to the grid and silent HVAC. 

Qualified sound stage with 70’ x 80’ Shoot space and 21’ to the grid
2 wall cyc, 52’L x 52’W x 20’H
Lighting grid covers entire ceiling surface area of the room allowing for multiple set build outs
Internet (wireless network)
Silent HVAC
1800 amps, 3 phase
Production Office
Celebrity green room
Hair and makeup room
Wardrobe room
Elephant doors, 12′ W x 14’4 H
Parking is available onsite

Photo: Goya Studios Stage C


Putting together an event or production always involves a spectrum of moving parts, and Goya Studios has thought of everything. A private parking lot makes for easy access to each of the three stages. Technologies around the facility allow brands limitless innovation in lighting, sound and even special effects to be integrated into their event’s design. Any and all equipment needed is also offered to provide a full-service and convenient experience. The in-house catering, provided by The Copper Key and led by Michelin-starred Chef Guus Wickenhagen, is also a one-of-a-kind service that will keep both guests and crew satisfied with delicious eats.


Photo: Stage C Makeup Room


With a space that can house up to 1,200 people, the massive campus has been used for state-of-the-art events that could only be conceived in the creative capital of Los Angeles. Puma partnered with rapper Big Sean to launch their joint collection at Goya Studios where a pop up shop, food truck, and barbershop were featured for guests to enjoy. Netflix’s Stranger Things celebrated its season two debut by hosting a binge-watching party with ‘80s arcade games, couches and a theatrically designed setting reflecting the beloved show. Freeform and POPSUGAR used the studio for their pop-up Mermaid Museum in promoting the premiere of Freeform’s Siren. The photographable scenery, 3D underwater room and eerie mermaid tank made for an interactive event that utilized the versatility of the expansive Goya Studios space.


Photo: Stage A Conference Room

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    Photo: Stage A

    Photo: Stage B

    Photo: Stage C

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