Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience

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The Corporate Travel Experience

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, the travel industry thrives in part because of the demand for mobility from businesses all over the world. Corporate travel is an important aspect of many companies as they aim to expand their scope to work with domestic and foreign partners. Having the perfect environment to conduct business is an essential part of creating a professional portrayal of your company when you’re away from the office.

Photo: Zocha Group – Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience

Hotel Accommodations

The hotel you choose during a business trip can be the difference between having a productive work experience or a stressful stay. Some hotels are fit for families and have amenities targeted at parents and children. Others work well for vacationers looking to party. These types of environments can often become distracting when your prime focus is to conduct business. Choosing a hotel that isn’t in the center of tourist areas or near popular attractions can sometimes be the best way to ensure the atmosphere is right for your trip. Quiet areas like lounge spaces and business centers are also an essential in contributing to your productivity. Seeking out these types of amenities beforehand can help you make the right choice in narrowing down the best place to stay.

Photo: Zocha Gtoup – Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience

Meeting Spaces

When leaving your city for business, you won’t have a private office space to be able to meet with clients or partners. Where you choose to conduct meetings can make all the difference in properly representing your company. Business meals can work well in certain situations—a casual lunch or corner dinner table at a restaurant can be great for smaller meetings that do not require privacy. However for larger groups or for discussing confidential matters, a hotel conference room can function as a great space to congregate. Technology like projection screens and wi-fi are readily available, and hotel staff members are there to help with making arrangements. Professionalism is key in creating an environment where your meeting can run without external factors to disrupt the workflow.

Photo: Zocha Group – Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience


Whether you’re traveling with your own team, or meeting with executives, clients or partners, there are many situations where you may need to provide entertainment for your group. It can be difficult to choose the proper place to bring your guests in a city where you’re unfamiliar with the best options. Sports games can often be an impressive choice and private suites can provide a space for conducting casual business. Private rooms at restaurants can also be viable options to enjoy a meal while mingling with your team. Impressing your guest can involve a great deal of planning, but when the right accommodations are made, the end result can lead to developing a valuable business relationship that ultimately helps your company.


Photo: Staples Center – Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience

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    20 Places to Check off Your Travel Bucket List in 2020

    Photo: Zocha Group – 20 Places to Check off Your Travel Bucket List in 2020


    Travel Bucket List 2020 Destinations

    Everyone has a travel bucket list of ideal places to visit at least once in a lifetime, ranging from tropical beaches to awe-inspiring monuments to bustling big cities. The world is filled with places to discover rich cultures and have life-changing experiences during your getaway. Update your vacation goals with these go-to travel bucket list ideas for 2020.

    guy swinging in bali ubud

    Photo: Zocha Group – 20 Places to Check off Your Travel Bucket List in 2020


    One of the top travel bucket list cities for having a tropical vacation, Bali is known for its lush landscape including impressive volcanoes and stunning beaches. You can even hitch a ride atop an elephant for a unique experience in this Indonesian paradise.


    One of the Seven Wonders of the world, the pyramids of Giza sit alongside the Sphinx to rank high on many travelers’ bucket lists. Take in the beauty of these incomparable structures still standing after thousands of years.

    Bora Bora

    This Tahitian island in French Polynesia is the perfect travel bucket list destination, famous for its luxurious, overwater bungalows and variety of tropical activities.


    Paris is the perfect bucket list destination for those who appreciate fine architecture from every artistic period. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe are just a few of the iconic monuments worth visiting in this French capital.


    Known as the Red City, visit Morocco’s Marrakech to experience its rich cultural history through exploring palaces, ornate mosques and even touring the dunes of the Sahara desert.

    Rio de Janeiro

    There’s no other city in the world that can compete with Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival festivities each February. With vibrant costumes, parades and events, visit Carnival at least once to witness the Brazilian way to celebrate the holiday.

    Galápagos Islands

    The isolated geographic location of the Galápagos has made it a focal point for wildlife research, housing some of the rarest species of animals in the world. This stunning group of islands in Ecuador should be at the top of any animal lover’s travel bucket list.


    With travel from the US recently opening to Cuba, visitors now get to experience Havana’s uniquely nostalgic culture that includes taking a drive in a vintage convertible along with salsa dancing the night away at local bars.

    Machu Picchu

    This lost city is one of the best places in the world to hike, with the Inca’s ruins still standing more than 2,000 meters above sea level in the mountains of Peru.

    New York City

    The Big Apple is a bustling hub known for its diversity of cultures that come together to form a lively, American metropolis. Broadway shows, Madison Square Garden concerts and picnics in Central Park are just a few of the endless ways to spend time in this busy city.


    Any nightlife lover’s travel bucket list should include the island of Ibiza, one of Spain’s premier destinations for partying. Lounge along the dazzling beaches by day and dance through the night at the array of energetic nightclubs.


    Look up into the night sky to witness the glimmering aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. This natural light show is a one-of-a-kind experience that can be only be crossed off bucket lists in cities like Reykjavik, Iceland.


    Arizona’s natural landscapes draw visitors each year to explore the other-worldly caverns of Antelope Canyon, along with the expansive Grand Canyon, a worthy bucket list addition.


    View the stark white buildings of Mykonos, a waterside locale with the sparkling blue Indian Ocean as the backdrop to your vacation. You can also sail to the nearby island of Santorini for a well-rounded Greek getaway.


    Head to Tokyo for the travel bucket list experience of “hanami”–the Japanese tradition of witnessing the beautiful, pink cherry blossoms as they bloom each spring. Walk through Asukayama Park or along Meguro River for a prime view of the cherry trees.

    St. Barths

    This luxurious island in the Caribbean offers numerous white, sandy beaches and sparkling, turquoise waters. The natural Colombier Beach and busy Saint-Jean Beach are just a few of the many enclaves for beautiful photos and perfect weather.


    Possibly one of the most Instagrammed spots in the world, the boutique hotel Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya lets guests wake up to the majestic animals wandering the property and even peeking into windows to say ‘hello,’ making it an ultimate travel bucket list destination.

    Las Vegas

    There’s something for everyone in Nevada’s city of Las Vegas, known for its flashy Strip filled with casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and luxury hotels. Indulge to your heart’s content at this glittering travel destination for going big or going home.


    Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of Queensland, and is the largest coral reef system in the world. Grab a snorkel and discover the beauty of this underwater majesty for an ideal travel bucket list experience.

    The Maldives

    Made up of over 1,000 islands, this tropical destination is teeming with marine wildlife alongside pristine beaches that create an unforgettable travel experience.

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      The Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality

      Photo: SevenRooms – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality


      SevenRooms Technology

      With an ever-evolving market of technology being integrated into hospitality, some companies rise to the forefront by offering innovative services to improve the operational flow of businesses. Customer relations management systems like SevenRooms help brands to connect with their guests through providing insight into their needs. SevenRooms technology has made an impact in a number of hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues across the world, and continues to provide services that help businesses take their brands to the next level.

      sevenrooms hospitality technology

      Photo: SevenRooms – The Future of Hospitality Technology


      For venues looking to make an impression on their guests, advancements in technology have ushered in a new era where businesses rely on tech to support their success. Owners now have to consider how these new innovations are integrated into customer expectations, and how these tools can be used to enhance the guest experience. SevenRooms aims to provide these solutions through empowering businesses to be able to connect with their guests and build personalized relationships. Making guests feel right at home is their primary goal, building their company around taking hospitality to a new level fit for the 21st Century.

      Photo: Zocha Group – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality


      The variety of solutions SevenRooms is able to provide makes for a one-stop-shop for owners aiming to improve their guests’ experience before, during and after arriving at their venue. Making a reservation has never been easier as both web and mobile applications assist guests in planning their visit to a venue. Guest profiles help both the customer and the venue through managing covers in an organized way, beginning before they even walk through the door. During their visit, guests’ profiles are updated with relevant information to build a database for owners to draw from in customizing future visits. SevenRooms is also able to offer reservation upgrades and additional experiences, along with event management systems that help organize processes to generate more revenue for businesses. Marketing campaigns can also be tracked to make targeting relevant guests a simple task.

      Photo: SevenRooms – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality

      Hospitality Spaces

      There are a number of environments where SevenRooms can be integrated to streamline operational processes and improve guest relations. Restaurants see improvements through utilizing reservation features that build customer profiles and create ease within in-house seating. In the world of hotels, staying organized with the thousands of guests staying at the venue each year becomes an essential priority. With SevenRooms, guest information can be synced across properties to create a seamless experience no matter where they stay. Successful marketing campaigns created through the system make for loyal guests as they see the perks of repeating visits across properties. Nightlife venues also benefit from using SevenRooms through keeping track of the bevy of patrons that often slip through the cracks. Guestlist management, promoter tracking tools and check-in systems all contribute to a successful night of service. Live spend tracking lets owners see which of their guests are big supporters of the brand, and information kept in guest profiles contributes to helpug them feel like a welcomed regular. Other entertainment spaces like sporting and entertainment venues, membership clubs and the like have also seen benefits from SevenRooms’ organizational support.


      Photo: Zocha Group – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality

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        Hit the Slopes at The Best Ski Resorts in the World

        best ski resorts in the world

        Photo: Zocha Group – Hit the Slopes at The Best Ski Resorts in the World


        Best Ski Resorts in the World

        Ski season means booking a flight to the nearest snow-capped mountain range to indulge in a winter wonderland on the slopes. Luxury ski resorts around the world offer first class accommodations where guests can experience the ultimate domain of relaxation after each vigorous day of skiing. Explore some of the best ski resorts in the world and find out how to make the most of your skiing vacation.

        Auberge Residences at Element 52 – Tulluride, Colorado

        Envelope yourself in the Telluride lifestyle by booking a stay at Auberge Residences at Element 52. The contemporary design mixed with a lavish cabin feel welcomes you into a private stay where you can escape the ordinary. Ski-in ski-out access means you’ll have no problem hitting the slopes while enjoying a snow-covered view of Colorado’s signature red rock mountains.

        CERVO Zermatt – Zermatt, Switzerland

        Check into CERVO Zermatt, one of the most highly-coveted luxury resorts in Zermatt, to experience one of the best ski resorts in the country. Being the only ski-in ski-out destination that boasts a five-star ambiance, this boutique hotel allows guests to unwind with a private, outdoor hot tub for every suite. The onsite dining is also noteworthy, offering guests an unforgettable view of the Swiss Alps over expertly-crafted dishes.

        Aman Le Mélézin – Courchevel, France

        Avid skiers know that Courchevel 1850 is home to some of the best ski resorts on the planet, with luxury accommodations throughout to transport visitors to a lavish, winter escape. Views from Aman Le Mélézin are unparalleled, along with superior service and amenities like Thai massages, ski butlers, childcare and ski-in ski-out access. A visit to this impressive hotel is sure to exceed expectations, nestled in the pristine Les Trois Vallées region of Courchevel.

        St Regis Aspen Resort – Aspen, Colorado

        One of the most popular ski destinations in America, Aspen is a go-to for anyone looking to enjoy the fresh powder in an ideal climate. The St Regis Aspen Resort will provide everything you need to take your ski vacation to the next level. Their award-winning Remede Spa will be the perfect place for recovering after an active morning as well as a daily champagne hour for apres-ski celebration.

        Carlton Hotel – St Moritz, Switzerland

        This century-old hotel has kept up with the times through continuing to attract elite clientele to enjoy their beautiful suites. With a majestic view of the Swiss Alps and the St Moritz lake, guests experience some of the best skiing in the world and return to the resort for two acclaimed restaurants, a spa and impeccable, five-star service.

        Montage Deer Valley – Park City, Utah

        This renowned hotel is known as one of the best ski resorts in the world, offering elegance and prestige in a contemporary setting. The five-star comforts of this charming resort give guests a revitalizing winter getaway with ski-in ski-out access, spa treatments and entertainment. Luxury suites and even onsite residences offer privacy and seclusion after a long day on the slopes.

        Four Seasons Resort Whistler – Whistler-Blackcomb, British Columbia

        With both luxury suites and private residences, this stunning destination is guaranteed to impress, nestled at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. Take a dip in the heated outdoor pool or stay in to enjoy lavish in-room amenities with a view of the picturesque mountains. Private chef and butler accommodations are also available to transform your ski resort stay into a luxe escape.

        Almhof Schneider Resort – Lech, Austria

        No list of the best ski resorts in the world is complete without including Almhof Schneider Resort, one of Austria’s top destinations for luxury winter travel. This historic property has transitioned through the years to include every amenity guests can imagine, with meals and even childcare included in the booking for each of their 53 regal suites.

        Niseko – Hokkaido, Japan

        Head to the Japanese island of Hokkaido to experience a one-of-a-kind skiing adventure at the collection of four ski resorts known as Niseko. While each of the resorts are worth visiting, and can be visited with just one pass, Niseko Grand Hirafu is the most bustling of the group with beautiful slopes, a busy apres-ski scene and trendy nightlife.

        Cortina d Ampezzot – Cortina d Ampezzo, Italy

        This luxury resort and Italian village is known to be one of the best ski resorts in Italy to see and be seen. Guests searching to mix and mingle with the Italian elite venture to Cortina for delectable dining, cozy wine bars and a dazzling view of the Dolomites. Spend your days hitting the slopes or shopping the boutiques of the village in this charming and fashionable ski destination.


        Photo: Cortina d’Ampezzo

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          Celebrate Mardi Gras 2020 in New Orleans

          Photo: Zocha Group – Celebrate Mardi Gras 2020 in New Orleans


          Celebrate Mardi Gras

          Each year a vibrant celebration of music and culture arrives in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. People from around the world flock to the city to experience the festivities and traditions. While visiting The Big Easy, there are a number of restaurants, hotels and nightlife destinations to experience in between Mardi Gras merrymaking. Make the most of your New Orleans vacation by checking out these impressive venues during Mardi Gras 2020.

          celebrate mardi gras

          Photo: Zocha Group – Celebrate Mardi Gras 2020 in New Orleans

          Where to Stay

          Your stay in New Orleans for Mardis Gras 2020 can embrace the old world luxury of the charming Louisiana city. For a destination outside of the bustling French Quarter, the Pontchartrain brings an opulent design with gold accents and modern Parisian furnishings. The trendy Ace Hotel New Orleans is often filled with fashion-forward guests who enjoy the brand’s Southern location in the Central Business District. Between the art deco styling, rooftop pool and music venue 3 Keys, it’s a go-to hotel with plenty to keep you busy. The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans is known for its high-profile guests who come to experience the extravagance of the brand’s sophisticated elegance. You’ll also get a lavish stay when you book at The Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The historic building houses prestigious rooms, a rooftop pool and amenities to whisk you away into relaxation in between your Mardi Gras celebrating.

          Where to Dine

          When you’re in town for Mardi Gras 2020, indulge in a New Orleans institution with a visit to Galatoire’s, known for its revelrous Friday brunches and diners made up of the city’s elite. It’s the place to be on Bourbon Street for a traditional and elegant dining experience. Flavor is king at Maypop, with a fusion of Cajun, Vietnamese and Sicilian cuisine in a thoughtful way, creating a one-of-a-kind adventure for your tastebuds. You can also take in the nostalgic, 19th Century feel at Cavan, with chandeliers and old-world charm decorating the rustic mansion. The menu of locally-sourced ingredients combines modern and traditional to serve guests a creative dinner party experience.

          Where to Party

          While you’re celebrating the festivities of Mardi Gras, discover the local fun of New Orleans through exploring some of its best nightlife destinations. Take in the history of the city by sipping a drink at the classic bar Napoleon House. A popular destination for French Quarter visitors, the experience is worth the buzz as the beautiful cocktail haven has been a staple since 1914. You’ll also want to toast glasses at Bar Tonique, a cocktail bar with a focus on quality, offering up drinks made with their original recipes to create timeless tastes. Take in a show at the Fillmore–a music venue with live entertainment in a uniquely-designed space inspired by the culture and architecture of New Orleans. If you’re in the mood for a nightclub to keep up the Mardi Gras vibe, Masquerade brings a Vegas-style energy in the expansive space that fills with partygoers dancing until dawn. DJs and special guests come in to keep the crowd going, maximizing your merrymaking during your Mardi Gras adventure.

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            Experience a Lavish Aspen Winter Retreat

            a lavish winter retreat in aspen

            Photo: Zocha Group – Experience a Lavish Aspen Winter Retreat


            A Winter Retreat in Aspen

            As the cold weather sets in, many travelers begin to plan winter getaways in cities fit for skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the snow-covered scenery. A world-renowned destination for winter luxury is Aspen, Colorado—the perfect place to indulge with extravagant hotels, decadent restaurants, and a bustling nightlife scene to keep you warm. Head to experience a lavish Aspen winter retreat to take in the city’s culture during your winter vacation.

            Where to Stay

            Book your stay in Aspen to experience world-class service in an unforgettable atmosphere. The Little Nell is rated as one of the best hotels in the city with rooms overlooking the Aspen Mountains and a ski concierge team to handle all your needs for the slopes. Your stay will be eco-friendly at the Limelight Hotel, offering up bike rentals to make your way through the village. The modern design is sure to impress with floor-to-ceiling windows and chic, mountain-inspired décor. The historic Hotel Jerome , built in 1889, boasts top notch service to make your stay exceptional. The on-site Auberge Spa, luxury car chauffeur and twice-daily maid service is just the tip of the iceberg in giving guests the luxury Aspen experience.


            Aspen’s world-class cuisine is part of the draw as your taste buds will relish in the city’s array of fine dining experiences. A hot spot for a fusion of Mediterranean, Asian and Spanish dining, Bosq is a destination worth visiting for their worldly flavors. You’ll luck out if you’re staying at The Little Nell as their contemporary restaurant Element 47 is known for its creative dishes and outstanding wine program. Try out Colorado’s first venue from Chef Nobu at Matsuhisa, showcasing his famous Japanese dishes in an updated Victorian-style house. Jimmy’s is also a delicious choice for fine dining with its American fare that will make your mouth water.


            Known for its lively scene, Aspen will have you partying until dawn as you mix and mingle with the city’s other visitors. Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar is a hot spot for a night out with its sophisticated Western style and 100-year history. Experience a trendy night out when you dine at 7908 Aspen, a destination with a live DJ to give a nightclub vibe to your dinner. If you’re into live music, Belly Up is a necessity as they drawn in international artists to bring some energy to the town. If nightclubs are your thing, Escobar’s trendy vibe will keep you dancing all night long with DJs, dancing and bottle service right at your fingertips. Just like its LA predecessor, Bootsy Bellows in Aspen also ushers in a club element to your night in the city’s iconic Crystal Palace building.

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              NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago Party Guide 2020

              Photo: NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago Party Guide 2020


              NBA All-Star Weekend

              One of the biggest events in basketball each year is All-Star Weekend, where the NBA hosts special games, exhibits and performances to celebrate one of America’s favorite sports. The weekend includes a Celebrity All-Star Game, Slam Dunk Contest and NBA All-Star Game where some of the biggest stars in basketball come together for friendly competition. This year’s weekend takes place in Chicago, where fans will be joining from around the country to witness the variety of entertaining events by day, and partying throughout the city by night. Celebrate one of basketball’s biggest weekends at these go-to Chicago properties for NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago.

              basketball in hoop

              NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago

              Where to Stay

              If you’re looking for a place to stay during your All-Star Weekend festivities, The Godfrey Hotel is a boutique hotel with a welcoming, luxe design. Their rooftop bar and spa are just a few amenities to take advantage of during the busy weekend. The Kimpton Hotel Allegro will also exceed expectations, with a chic and sophisticated style to let guests relax in the lap of luxury. Spiaggia is the place to go for Italian, with a tasting menu to try in a beautiful setting on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The Waldorf Astoria is also a lavish option with trendy furnishings and elegance for a relaxing stay in the Windy City.

              Where to Dine

              Chicago is a city for foodies, making it a great place to wine and dine at a variety of appetizing outposts. For a trendy destination to see and be seen, Asian-fusion restaurant TAO delivers ambiance and sophistication for a memorable dining experience. Alinea is a restaurant that pioneers creativity, with experimental gastronomy that creates a one-of-a-kind taste for guests to discover.

              Where to Drink

              While you’re in the city, toast glasses at some of Chicago’s best cocktail bars. Head to Estereo for an open air experience in Logan Square perfect for an afternoon drink. Cocktail connoisseurs will enjoy imbibing at The Aviary, known for its innovative concoctions to take your tastebuds on a journey. Blind Barber is an option for those looking for a dance-worthy vibe, with a space that’s part lounge and part dancefloor.

              Where to Party

              NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago Party Guide

              Trendy nightlife hotspot TAO Chicago will be hosting a Tip-Off Party on Wednesday hosted by NBA alumni with an open bar, food and music to get the week started right. Play Chicago Kitchen & Cocktails will be celebrating on Thursday with an event hosted by TV personality Terrence J. Friday night will be one to remember at Bounce, who will be teaming up with 1OAK to host a performance by DaBaby. On Saturday, Offset and NBA player Bobby Portis will host for an energetic crowd. Sunday at Bounce will end with Rick Ross taking the stage to close out the lively NBA All-Star Weekend festivities.

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                Explore a Desert Oasis with a Palm Springs Getaway Vacation

                a palm springs getaway vacation

                Photo: Zocha Group – Explore a Desert Oasis with a Palm Springs Getaway Vacation


                Experience Palm Springs

                A favored piece of California history, Palm Springs is known for its signature mid-century modern architecture and design, along with being the preferred vacation spot for the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The city currently acts as a desert oasis for visitors seeking warm weather, shopping and a setting to relax as the palm trees sway in the breeze. Take in California’s desert sun with a worthy Palm Springs getaway vacation.

                palm springs getaway vacation

                Photo: Zocha Group – Explore a Desert Oasis with a Palm Springs Getaway Vacation

                Rent a Villa

                To make the most of a Palm Springs stay, a private villa is essential to enjoy the architecture of the city and beautiful mountainous backdrops.  Enter the Contemporary Dream property to be swept away by a peaceful retreat with a modern, earthy flair. A full wall of glass gives guests a view of the immaculate backyard where entertaining is a breeze thanks to the sparkling pool, jacuzzi and lounge space. The Spanish influence of the Smokewood Palms brings a contemporary charm complemented by a rustic feel that extends into the lush backyard, complete with a private pool. It’ll be hard to leave the California Palms estate, with a quintessential mid-century look right out of a magazine. The bright and airy space is filled with plush furnishings and modern accents to create a world of luxury and style.

                Photo: Contemporary Dream

                Book a Hotel

                If a hotel stay is preferred, the selection of resorts is unparalleled, offering lavish amenities that create the perfect desert retreat. L’Horizon Resort & Spa is a perfect example of how Palm Springs history joins with its present to create an unforgettable experience. Formerly a playground for Hollywood celebrities of the 1950s, it now stands as a departure into luxury with private bungalows for ultimate seclusion. The Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs will also impress with a serene ambiance and beautiful sunset view from the rooftop pool terrace. The stylish furnishings and decor at Parker Palm Springs place guests in an atmosphere of artistry. Their well known drinking and dining outlets pair with beautifully-designed rooms to offer everything guests can dream of in a vacation.

                Photo: L’Horizon Hotel & Spa

                Wine & Dine

                Pleasing the palate is a necessity while relaxing under the warm sunshine, and Palm Springs boasts a satisfying selection of restaurants for travelers to choose from. One of the favorites for locals and visitors alike, Workshop Kitchen + Bar sits in the Uptown Design District and has a James Beard-winning menu of refined dishes. 4 Saints is another favorite, being the only rooftop venue in the Coachella Valley. The location provides a dazzling view while delectable bites are served both indoors and outdoors. Guests also get an outdoor experience at Birba, an al fresco dining destination with handmade pastas and wood-fired pizzas that make it a go-to hot spot.


                Experience Bars & Lounges

                The city’s variety of bars and lounges provide just the right amount of nighttime buzz  for guests to mix and mingle under the starry skies. The Ace Hotel & Swim Club is a popular destination with an artsy crowd of patrons enjoying The Amigo Room–a cavernous bar that connects to the hotel’s outdoor pool terrace. Have a speakeasy experience at Seymour’s, an upscale lounge hidden behind a nondescript door and serves up delicious craft cocktails. Dive into classic Palm Springs culture by visiting one of its many tiki bars, with Bootlegger Tiki, Tonga Hut and The Reef being popular choices that evoke an idyllic tropical ambiance.


                Explore the Desert

                When guests aren’t swimming laps in the hotel pool or toasting drinks during an al fresco brunch, there are a bevy of activities to indulge in to create a well-rounded stay. Get ready for tee time with Escena Golf Club being ranked within the top ten golf courses in California. The stunning landscape of the San Jacinto Mountains surrounds each game providing a memorable golfing experience. Hit the shops along North Palm Canyon Drive to browse unique boutiques along with luxury and designer outlets. The Agua Caliente Casino is an attraction for those feeling lucky, while wellness lovers will enjoy visiting natural hot springs like Two Bunch Palms, home to a 600-year old mineral water spring.

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                  10 of the Best NYC Rooftop Bars

                  best nyc rooftop bars

                  Photo: Zocha Group – 10 of the Best NYC Rooftop Bars


                  Best NYC Rooftop Bars

                  There’s no better way to spend the breezy days of summer than by enjoying a cocktail with a rooftop view. Head to New York City to take in the sights and sounds atop one of the city’s many sky-high buildings. Toast to the sunny days of summer as you grab a drink at some of the best NYC rooftop bars in the city.

                  Gallow Green at The McKittrick Hotel

                  This stylish garden escape lets you get lost in the lush greenery as you sip your drink in the midst of an abandoned train car. The surrealism of the space lends a magical element that will have you cozying up to enjoy the whimsical rooftop garden party.

                  Mr. Purple at The Hotel Indigo

                  Head to the 15th floor to take in the scene at this Lower East Side spot with a 360-degree view. You’ll come for the drinks but stay for the fish tacos at this eclectic hangout spot perfect for watching the sunset.

                  Fleur Room at Moxy Chelsea

                  Take the elevator up to the 35th floor to experience Fleur Room in the Moxy Chelsea, a garden escape modeled after the nearby Flower District. You’ll get panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline in this space filled with lush glamour, breathtaking sunsets and guests dancing the night away.

                  Magic Hour at Moxy Times Square

                  The Moxy Times Square is home to Magic Hour, New York City’s largest indoor-outdoor year round rooftop bar that’s filled with whimsical decor and even a putt-putt golf course. The amusement park-inspired hotspot brings in DJs for dancing and serves up flavorful drinks all year long.

                  Le Bain at The Standard High Line

                  This playful rooftop spot is a prime destination for taking in an unparalleled view of the skyline along with lounging on their playful astroturf terrace. The interior is the perfect place for a dance party with DJs spinning on busy nights and an indoor jacuzzi adding to the fun. Cocktails can be ordered by the pitcher to share with friends in one of the Meatpacking District’s best bars.

                  Westlight at The William Vale Hotel

                  With an atrium-style glass enclosure on the panoramic rooftop, Westlight is a quality destination perched at the top of the 22-story, tallest building in Greenpoint. Unobstructed views of Manhattan’s skyline make the elegant, industrial space worth a visit.

                  Harriets Rooftop & Lounge at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

                  In the heart of DUMBO you’ll find Harriet’s, an exclusive venue with an up-close-and-personal view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Lounge amongst the greenery of the industrial chic rooftop while admiring the Manhattan skyline with refined, craft cocktails and appetizing bites.

                  Lemons at Wythe Hotel

                  Sunny day crowds love this bright and airy hotspot that boasts one-of-a-kind rooftop views of the East River and Manhattan. Their fruity, signature cocktails will complement the sunset as you mix and mingle with the stylish crowd in a colorful, Mediterranean-inspired habitat.


                  The Roaring Twenties are back in action with Ophelia’s speakeasy atmosphere transporting you to a modern version of a vintage feel. Atop the 26th floor, the decadent space puts you inside a jewelry box capping the Midtown East’s historical Beekman Tower.

                  The Crown at Hotel 50 Bowery

                  Head to Chinatown to enjoy this modern rooftop bar that offers up unrivaled views of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. With a cocktail menu inspired by Asian influences, this intimate hot spot gives you a sip of something tasty at either of their two 21st floor patios.

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                    The Top 10 Best Hotel Bars in San Francisco

                    best hotel bars in san francisco

                    Photo: Zocha Group – The Top 10 Best Hotel Bars in San Francisco


                    Best Hotel Bars in San Francisco

                    With new hotels opening left and right to accommodate San Francisco’s boom of business and vacation travelers, hotel bars are more popular than ever with excellent bar programs and luxurious spaces drawing in hotel guests and locals alike. Stop into these hotel bars in San Francisco to taste thoughtful, craft concoctions in a well-designed setting.

                    Charmaines – Proper Hotel

                    A local favorite, the sophisticated feel of Charmaine’s draws in guests searching for a place to enjoy the night surrounding fire pits to keep warm. The indoor-outdoor venue sits at the top of the Proper Hotel overlooking Market Street and providing a quality view. Appetizers and deserts complement the menu of tasty cocktails from the quality bar program, creating lines down the street to enter the elegant, hotel bar venue.

                    Benjamin Cooper – Hotel G

                    This hidden hotel bar behind an inconspicuous door in Hotel G is staffed with talented bartenders who can create customized cocktails to please any palate. The Union Square den boasts a rotating drink menu along with a wine selection and fresh oysters to boot.

                    The Bar – Hotel Kabuki

                    This San Francisco hotel bar offers the best of Japanese cocktail culture with tea cocktails to sip while overlooking the hotel’s courtyard garden. The inviting lounge seating creates the perfect place to try out the variety of Japanese whiskies on the menu along with delicious highballs in the heart of Japantown.

                    Everdene – Virgin Hotels SF

                    One of the most recent additions to San Francisco’s hotel scene is Virgin Hotels SF, home to the trendy indoor-outdoor hotel bar Everdene. Views of the skyline attract a stylish crowd to mix and mingle in the garden-esque space. The long wait is worth it with thoughtful cocktails and bites from the hotel’s restaurant served up to guests admiring the unparalleled view.

                    Ayala – Hotel G

                    While Ayala is known for its restaurant menu, the bar program from James Beard-award nominee Julian Cox makes this hotel bar a favorite for industry patrons and locals alike. Located at Union Square’s Hotel G, Ayala’s cocktail menu of fresh and colorful drinks complements the seafood dining menu along with catering to hotel guest favorites.

                    Chambers Eat + Drinks – Phoenix Hotel

                    The indoor-outdoor hotel bar at Phoenix Hotel is made for partying with a rock-and-roll atmosphere pairing with a poolside locale. Dedicated bar and lounge spaces that filter into the outdoor setting make for plenty of room to relax and enjoy simple, creative cocktails. Summertime draws a pool party crowd to this inviting space in the Tenderloin.

                    The View – Marriott Marquis

                    This San Francisco hotel bar is named “The View” for good reason–the breathtaking view from the 39th floor of the Marriott Marquis is an unparalleled experience. Take the elevator all the way up right before sunset to witness a beautiful show with floor-to-ceiling glass. Snag a window seat and watch the sky change at this Instagram-worthy lounge.

                    Gibson – Hotel Bijou

                    If you’re looking to mix and mingle with San Francisco locals, Gibson is a hotel bar known for its elegant atmosphere and sophisticated feel in the bustling Tenderloin neighborhood. A cocktail menu made up of inventive, classic flavors brings guests in to enjoy the art deco furnishings of painted ceilings and mirrored accents. The Gibson drink is of course their speciality, with varieties of the recipe available to satisfy any taste.

                    Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar – Fairmont Hotel

                    The Fairmont Hotel in Nob Hill is home to the Tonga Room & Hurricane bar, a San Francisco favorite with a theatrical tiki setting designed by an MGM set designer in 1945. The preserved space takes on a nautical, Polynesian-inspired theme complete with bi-hourly thunderstorms of rain falling into the pool below. Live bands play afloat the water while crowd-pleasing tiki drinks promote a good time on the dance floor.

                    Top of The Mark – Intercontinental Mark Hopkins

                    This San Francisco hotel bar is easy to find as the location is in the name, featuring a panoramic view at the top of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins hotel. Guests drop in for a dance floor and live music in an inviting atmosphere with a classic Martini menu to keep the buzz going strong.

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