The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services

advantages of lifestyle management services

Photo: Zocha Group – The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services


Lifestyle Management Services

As the demands of a vigorous work cycle can lead many to fall behind in various aspects of day-to-day life, many companies like Zocha Group have stepped forward to reduce these stresses by way of offering lifestyle management services. While having one personal assistant can be helpful, hiring a full team of experts allows even more access to benefits that can enhance your life.

Photo: Zocha Group – The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services



Long gone are the days of calling a restaurant yourself to set up a reservation. While online booking platforms can streamline the process, letting us take the reins can lead to perks you’d never receive on your own. Last minute reservations can be hard to come by at in-demand establishments. With active connections to the industry, we can make quality arrangements that seemed to be impossible.

Nightlife can also be a tricky industry to maneuver when you have high expectations for a fun night on the town. Skip the hassle of tracking down the right contact at a venue and let us handle it for you. Before you know it, breezing into a nightclub with your own prime location table becomes the norm, leaving you to enjoy worry-free outings.

Photo: Zocha Group – The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services


We aren’t just limited to reservations, but can also arrange hard to come by tickets for a variety of events. From sports games to live shows, we have the know-how to arrange your perfect night out. Sporting events have box seating and premium tickets that may not be available to you when you reach out on your own. Concerts may advertise a sold out show, but still have a reserve of tickets that only those in their network can access. Zocha Group knows exactly what to do to put you in those seats and allow you to have the time of your life.

Photo: Zocha Group – The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services


From flights to hotels to transportation, a great deal of planning can go into organizing the perfect travel experience. The number of options available for accommodations is infinite, and it can oftentimes be difficult to narrow down which ones are right for you. With Zocha Group to step in and make recommendations, you’ll never have to worry about being disappointed with your stay. It’s our job to know the best of the best in each aspect of travel—we do the research so that you don’t have to. Instead of spending your time scrolling through endless lists of hotels or flights, we’ll do the groundwork to ensure your expectations are surpassed.


Photo: Four Seasons – The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services


When you’re trying to impress a client or manage accommodations for your staff, it can be hard to create the perfect itinerary that will work for the group. Our lifestyle management services take the burden off of corporate lifestyle arrangements to allow you to focus on work. You may not be aware of available discounts or packages that can help you stay within budget, but someone familiar with the process knows exactly what to look for. Whether it’s a box at the big game, a quiet table for a business dinner, or a hotel conference room for a meeting, we can handle it all with professionalism to make your business trip productive and efficient.


Photo: Zocha Group – The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services

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    Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services: Making the Impossible Possible

    luxury lifestyle concierge services

    Photo: Zocha Group -Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services: Making the Impossible Possible


    What are Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services?

    Have you ever wondered how some people manage to do it all? From snagging a last minute table for a client dinner at the hottest restaurant in town, to popping champagne at an exclusive new nightclub, to enjoying a helicopter tour overlooking their favorite vacation spot, how is it that some seem to possess all the time in the world to manage both business and pleasure? Many may not realize the answer to that question lies in luxury lifestyle concierge services—the best kept secret in the world of those who do it all.

    Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services

    Photo: Zocha Group – Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services

    Making the Impossible Possible

    The idea of ‘concierge’ may initially bring up images of someone standing at a desk in the lobby of a hotel. But what if you could have all the benefits of concierge assistance every day without having to check in? Luxury concierge companies like Zocha Group are able to offer some of the best experiences available in whichever city is on your itinerary. You can avoid all the hassles of making tedious arrangements and instead truly relax knowing that the details of your adventure are taken care of by professionals who live to ‘make it happen.’

    The key to success for many luxury lifestyle concierge services companies like Zocha Group often comes from personal relationships that are crucial to obtaining access to exclusive opportunities. Clients may not know who to contact in order to rent a private island for a weekend-long party, but when a personal concierge is on your side, they can make the impossible possible. No matter how extraordinary the request, a combination of customer service and an expansive network of connections allow clients to enjoy experiences that surpass their expectations.

    Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services

    Photo: Zocha Group

    Maintain an Efficient Travel Agenda

    Zocha Group’s concierge services aren’t just limited to personal endeavors, and can be an essential element to facilitating corporate requests. If you’re out to impress a client in their hometown, you can’t just take them to a spot they’ve been to a million times before. And if you’re introducing a team to the perks of a city they’re unfamiliar with, you have the burden of doing all the research to find out what makes that city the place to be. Instead of going through the meticulous process of becoming an expert in every locale you visit, a concierge service can be the insider you need to successfully wine and dine your clients.

    Zocha Group has personal connections with the locations they work with, which means you may even get the added touch of the chef stopping by your table to say hello, or the property owner joining you for a private tour. Whether you’re in charge of booking a series of hotel rooms, securing a conference room for your colleagues, or arranging a tee time that works with everyone’s schedule, having a professional on your side allows your business to maintain an efficient travel agenda without overspending.

    Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Services

    Photo: Zocha Group

    Receive Access to Experiences

    When traveling to a new place, or even taking a staycation in your own city, you may not know about the variety of experiences available for you to enjoy. Finding event tickets, dining reservations or access to exclusive nightlife is only a call away when you have a luxury concierge service like Zocha Group to organize your entry. A personalized itinerary filled with exciting things to do is a major perk when you’re working with a company focused on ensuring your travel experience exceeds expectations. Whether you’re sitting at the private chef’s table, in a premium seat for your favorite artist, or at a wine tasting with a breathtaking view, your personal concierge can create a custom schedule for your trip, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the adventure.

    With luxury lifestyle concierge services functioning as a secret weapon for many, the industry is booming with requests as simple as a Sunday brunch reservation and as extravagant as chartering a private jet to South Beach in the next 4 hours. No matter the request, these companies like Zocha Group employ the brightest in the business to ensure that your arrangements are taken care of with integrity and style.


    Photo: Zocha Group

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      Photo: Zocha Group

      Photo: Zocha Group

      Photo: Zocha Group



      A Classic Getaway in St Tropez

      st tropez view of beach

      Photo: Zocha Group – A Classic Getaway in St Tropez


      Escape to St Tropez

      Every year, St Tropez draws thousands of travelers looking to experience a classic getaway in St Tropez and it’s picturesque beauty of southeastern France. It became known as a popular celebrity getaway ever since classic Hollywood stars began to frequent the small fishing town on the French Riviera. Since that mid-century discovery, the coastal village has blossomed into a destination offering the best of both worlds—charming, rustic character perfect for glamorous partying.

      Yacht Culture

      When in St. Tropez, a yacht charter is the secret to taking advantage of the city’s sparkling clear currents. Drawing sailors from around the world, ports bustle with vacationers and residents alike, ready to enjoy a smooth ride along the coast. Luxury yachts are available if you’re seeking the most sophisticated boating experience, whether it be for partying or working on your St. Tropez tan.

      Day cruise yacht charters are perfect for sightseeing and stopping off at all the trendiest locations down the shoreline. You can also aim for a holiday charter, allowing you to set sail for week-long excursions to places like Cannes or Iles de Lérins. No matter the itinerary, there’s a yacht fit for every traveler to truly take in the gentle breezes of the French Riviera.

      Daytime Dining

      When they aren’t sailing along St. Tropez’ tides, guests of Le Club 55, indulge in decadent French cuisine at one of the most exclusive establishments in the city. Reservations for the beachside bistro are nearly impossible to acquire, leaving those on the outside to daydream of the delicacies within.

      Le Club 55 has held its own as a celebrity hotspot ever since Brigitte Bardot graced its presence 50 years ago. It still remains at the top of A-list dining destinations thanks to popular dishes like the fresh vegetable platter, grilled langoustine tops, asparagus mousseline and fraises des bois dessert. Giving off the essence of a shorefront day party, it becomes easy to to celebrate the good life as groups often gather there to raise their glasses to another day in paradise.

      Elegant Hotels

      France is known for its historically breathtaking architecture and St. Tropez delivers with its classical yet luxurious hotels. In the Var region of the city, the 19th Century built Château de la Messardière paints the ideal picture of a magical French getaway. In offering over 100 rooms, it’s the town’s largest hotel, spanning an impressive 25 acres.

      Guests get to take advantage of the spacious landscape through the many on-site amenities. The gourmet L’Acacia restaurant serves as a romantic, Mediterranean-style culinary experience, overlooking the beaches of Pampelonne. The Château bar Le Soleil d’Eau creates a sultry lounge environment for an intimate cocktail. Guests can also escape to the bar’s Terrace to take in the warm, summer breeze. For those seeking a bit of enlightenment, you don’t have to go far to enjoy the palace’s in-house art gallery. The collection showcases international artists’ exhibitions, highlighting works by Victoire de la Messardière, a descendant of the Messardière family.

      What was once a small fishing village can now call itself a festive city with alluring charm. From yacht tours to beachside celebrations, St. Tropez is the place to gather for a mesmerizing taste of the French Riviera. As the glowing sun sets along the coastline, you won’t regret paying a visit to the city that has it all.

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        Party with LA’s Finest at Warwick in Hollywood

        Warwick Hollywood

        Photo: Warwick LA – Hollywood


        Any Angeleno looking to experience a fun evening on the town knows that the city’s ever-changing nightlife landscape is what helps keep Los Angeles exciting. But what happens when one destination continuously evolves all on its own? Warwick’s unique practice of staying fresh by regularly redesigning their space has placed them as a staple in the Hollywood club scene. For partygoers looking to revel amongst lavish décor, stylish crowds and trendy playlists, Warwick has established itself as a Sunset Boulevard go-to in the heart of Hollywood.

        Warwick’s creativity in the conceptual theme of the property perseveres with each new re-imagination. From dark and mysterious earth-toned furnishings, to a beachy and playfully-referenced Scarface theme, to vibrant Moroccan ornaments, each new design elicits a refreshing feel to the space that reignites each guest’s inner party animal. No matter the design, clubgoers are always guaranteed to be surrounded by an ambiance that keeps them returning as the experience evolves.

        Regular customers are treated like celebrities, and celebrities are treated like regular customers.

        In entering the main room, guests can immediately tell they’re in for a night of elegance, as lounge-worthy sofas and coffee tables stocked with drink mixers accentuate the grand nature of the space. Whether it’s a table fit for a small group of friends, or the larger elevated booths that run along the sidelines, any visitor feels welcomed in the spacious yet cozy atmosphere. For those without bottle service, there’s no problem getting a drink at the three-sided bar that lets guests mix with club patrons as bartenders mix their drinks. A specialty cocktail menu to compliment the theme features satisfying concoctions that offer great alternatives to ubiquitous club drinks. Those looking for more intimacy can head to the upstairs bar which overlooks the party from above. The additional bottle service tables, and standing room perfect for a dance break, allow you to witness the bustle of the lower level while still being able to enjoy a quality conversation with friends.


        | View More: Warwick LA Venue Details |

        Warwick Hollywood

        Photo: Warwick LA – Hollywood


        With a dim, lounge environment perfect for getting lost in the night’s escapades, Warwick is a natural draw for VIP clientele. From socialites and actors to DJs and pop stars, Hollywood’s elite often stop by to indulge in the luxury of a vibrant crowd and quality service. Photographers waiting outside the club is a common occurrence, as paparazzi hope to catch a glance of Calvin Harris, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown or any of the club’s other recognizable faces.

        Aside from the more well-known visitors, the bevy of partygoers stopping by every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday bring in plenty of energy to keep the celebration going all night long. The chic, attractive crowd, combined with a regularly refreshed design, creates the perfect vibe for any night owl looking to get their fill of the Hollywood nightlife scene.

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          Warwick Hollywood

          Photo: Warwick LA – Hollywood

          Warwick Hollywood

          Photo: Warwick LA

          Warwick Hollywood

          Photo: Warwick LA – Hollywood

          Photo: Warwick LA – Hollywood

          Warwick Hollywood

          Photo: Warwick LA

          Kanantik Belize: Where Landscape Meets Luxury

          Photo: Kanantik Belize


          Experience Kanantik Belize

          Indulge in breathtaking panoramas of the Caribbean at your next favorite travel destination, Kanantik Belize. With countless residencies, a beachfront resort, and an expansive golf course, the 5,800 acre development allows travelers to experience the hypnotizing beauty of Southern Belize in luxury and style.


          Located in the Stann Creek district, the property boasts diverse landscapes featuring lush grasslands, rolling hills, and serene beaches. The variety of ecosystems makes the environment one of the rarest in the world, allowing for the community to provide distinct categories of living. West of the beachfront, lots for homesites allow the potential to cultivate a lifestyle inspired by the natural terrain and vegetation.

          Single family homes are available for those yearning to bring the outside in. Designed by Ken Ussenko, homes embrace Balinese, open floor-plan architecture combined with modern traditional elements, creating a balance of natural and contemporary. Guests can swim in their private oasis while taking in views of the majestic Maya Mountains, only enhancing the outdoor entertaining experience.

          As an alternative to home residencies, Kanantik Belize also offers 300 luxury, beachfront condominiums. Stunning views of the coast will only entice residents into a refreshing swim, as they are granted direct access to the Caribbean Sea’s sandy shores.


          Photo: Kanantik Belize


          Guests of the Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort stay in one of the property’s 25 luxury, beachfront cabanas. Surrounded by Southern Belize’s untouched landscape that features streaming waterfalls, mesmerizing jungles, and even ancient Mayan ruins, nature flawlessly blends into the Belizean vacation experience. The resort is committed to an eco-friendly, low-impact design encouraged by the desire to preserve and protect the community’s surroundings.

          With wildlife naturally integrated into the experience, adventure-seeking guests are aided by local guides with knowledge of the land. Guides native to the area assist guests in unlocking the mysteries of the complex landscape with activities such as exploring the sacred ruins of the Mayan civilization or spotting some of the 460 species of fish in Belize’s Barrier Reef.

          Photo: Kanantik Belize


          An exciting feature of Kanantik Belize will be the country’s only 18-hole golf course, imagined by international golf course designer Casey O’Callaghan, and advised by PGA tour professional golfer Brendan Steele. The scenery surrounding the course will highlight the indigenous greenery of the Caribbean. A gourmet organic restaurant in the Clubhouse will provide a dining experience serving meals crafted from ingredients from the local, sustainable Méinabu Organic Farm. Along with a “Mayacology” Spa, a swimming pool, and on-site personal trainers, the Clubhouse will be the center of leisure and luxury.

          In addition to their attractive living options, everyday life is enhanced by their amenities. A private airport ensures that visitors arrive and depart comfortably. An onsite, accredited Culinary Institute will train a skilled staff to surpass guests’ expectations. A 22-acre island, Central Park, will feature dining and shopping options along with a plant, flower, and vegetable garden. Those who choose to indulge in all that Kanantik Belize has to offer will find themselves enjoying access to a luxurious travel destination where the possibilities are endless.

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            Photo: Kanantik Belize

            Photo: Kanantik Belize

            Photo: Kanantik Belize


            Explore South African Luxury From Land to Sea

            south african luxury from air to sea

            Photo: Zocha Group – Explore South African Luxury From Land to Sea


            Experience South African Luxury

            Explore South African luxury this winter and take a vacation to remember by experiencing one of the many alluring and adventurous cities in South Africa. With their summer occurring during America’s winter months, escape the snow to enjoy stunning landscapes and the shores of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The country’s sandy beaches and untouched forests will leave you in awe of the natural scenery as you explore one of the best destinations in the Southern Hemisphere.

            Cape Town

            One of the most popular regions in South Africa is Cape Town, a port city located on the southwest coast. With open views of the mountains and a bustling harbor, there’s plenty to fall in love with during your stay. The award-winning 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa will impress with colorful, glamorous décor to complement their state-of-the-art facilities. The Ellerman House promises scenic views of the ocean along with intimate villas to make you feel right at home. Nearby in Constantia, the Cape’s oldest wine valley, a stay at The Last Word puts you right in the center of the country’s top wine estates and world-renowned restaurants. Cape Town is home to a number of fine dining options including GINJA, a chic, artisanal restaurant along the harbor. La Colombe exceeds expectations bringing a French flair to a contemporary vineyard style eatery.


            This flourishing South African metropolis is home to a number of sophisticated spots for travelers to get a taste of the high life while just stopping by or taking in an extended stay. The Saxon Hotel is a boutique property featuring picturesque gardens and their signature ‘Sound Therapy’ treatment for relaxation. Get a taste of Johannesburg’s best cuisine at DW Eleven – 13, a fine dining spot highlighting global dishes with an experimental twist. For an eclectic flair, a visit to award-winning Carnivore will heighten the senses with meats cooked over an open fire in the midst of African accented décor. Pigalle at the Melrose Arch Piazza brings a refreshing atmosphere to the city as private balconies and a glass wine cellar promote an elegant and modern dining experience.


            For an adventurous experience in the natural wilderness of sub-tropical forests and historic Zulu battlefields, the province of KwaZulu-Natal gives you a South African experience you’ll never forget. The Oyster Box is a luxury hotel that stands as a colonial landmark on the edge of the coast. With nostalgic charm combined with modern amenities, their beachfront suites and villas are complemented by a 24-seat movie theater and various health and wellness treatments. To take a walk on the wild side, travelers can visit the &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary known for its diversity of ecosystems and lush environment. Their Forest Lodge allows eco-conscious adventurers to live in private “Zulu Zen” suites, each complete with a personal bar and plunge pool. To dine at the city’s best, visitors can try a South African spin on Cuban cuisine at Little Havana, a stylish restaurant voted the Best Steakhouse in South Africa.

            Garden Route

            One of the country’s best kept secrets is the Garden Route, stretching from Cape Town to Mossel Bay. Running along the south-eastern coast, visitors can discover a variety of outdoor activities such as dolphin and whale watching, golfing, bungee jumping, and canopy tours. The Views Boutique Hotel & Spa features 18 suites that sit right along the ocean in the heart of Garden Route. Remotely located, visitors can enjoy a private, intimate experience that’s also easily accessible to the nearby George Airport. In the resort town of Plettenberg Bay, The Plettenberg offers unmatched views with individually decorated rooms for guests to take in their own unique perspective. A must-try restaurant along the route is Serendipity, a waterfront establishment that utilizes sustainable sources to bring fresh, organic ingredients to the dinner table.

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              14 Valentines Day Dinners in LA

              Photo: Zocha Group – Valentines Day Dinners in LA


              Valentines Day Dinners in Los Angeles

              While Angelenos often love to explore their city for new restaurants, nightlife, and activities to do in their free time, Valentine’s Day isn’t just any other day in LA. Love is in the air and people throughout the city will be on the hunt for the best destination to impress their significant other. If you’re looking to create the perfect experience for someone special, reservations are quickly disappearing for these hot Valentines Day dinners in LA are great spots to cozy up to your date this February 14th.

              valentines day dinners in los angeles

              Photo: Zocha Group – 14 Valentines Day Dinners in LA


              One of h. wood Group’s favored venues is this chic lounge and restaurant with a sleek aesthetic that will add a touch of nostalgia to your night out. Popular with A-listers, it’s sure to draw in LA’s’ finest for an intimate evening of vintage vibes and specialty spirits.

              TAO Los Angeles

              For a hot spot to see and be seen, TAO in Hollywood may be the perfect place for you to show off your date in the massive, Asian-fusion restaurant. Take date night to the next level with artful design, chic furnishings and a grandiose atmosphere. With a regular menu full of appetizing plates, and a selection of one-night-only specials, there will be plenty of ways to make your dinner experience exceptional.


              The indoor-outdoor layout at Margot gives you the best of both worlds when you’re cozying up to your Valentine’s Day date. The panoramic views from the rooftop complement the menu of coastal Mediterranean cuisine. Love will be in the air in this romantic, modern spot ideal for a sumptuous Valentine’s Day dinner.


              A quality cut might just be the way to your valentine’s heart if you decide to dine at BOA Steakhouse. Their West Hollywood and Santa Monica locations both offer a sleek, contemporary design along with an appetizing variety of dishes to set the mood for your romantic night out.

              Nobu Malibu

              You can never go wrong with an ocean view at this classic Malibu eatery. Whether you’re dining at the chef’s table or lounging on the patio, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to cuddle up next to your sweetheart as you enjoy Chef Nobu’s delectable dishes.


              If you’re planning on a WeHo outing, you can take a seat in Norah’s marble-accented dining room to surround yourself with the bold, modern décor. Their seasonal drinks and dishes will keep your dinner experience fresh whether you’re a regular or a first-time diner.


              Head to West Hollywood to dine at Tesse, a French restaurant offering up thoughtful plates paired with exclusive wines. From refreshing salads to delectable desserts, Tesse brings flavor to your night in an approachable, modern setting. Expertly-designed craft cocktails will also hit the spot for a way to add a buzz of flavor to your Valentines Day outing.


              The greenhouse feel to this Koreatown restaurant located in The Line Hotel will give you a scenic backdrop with a view of the stars. Join your loved one poolside for a bite of their refreshing menu of seasonal, California ingredients prepared by Michelin starred-chefs. The indoor-outdoor space will create the perfect mood for a charming night.


              Take in a sparkling ocean view from one of Santa Monica’s hottest rooftop destinations. Elephante is known as a trendy place to dine among airy, African-inspired decor and toast to their deliciously fragrant cocktails. Join your partner and cozy up in the attractive, indoor-outdoor environment.

              Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails

              Doubling as a dining destination and nightlife hotspot, you’ll have the best of both worlds if Hyde is your Valentine’s day choice. The iconic Sunset strip will be your backdrop as you sip craft cocktails with your beau, tucked away in the trendy, open-air venue.

              Toca Madera

              For those looking to spice up their night with a DJ bumping a catchy playlist over tasty Mexican cuisine, Toca Madera may be just the spot. With sexy decor perfect for whispering sweet nothings, a Valentine’s date is sure to be impressed as their ambiance lures in Beverly Hills partygoers.

              71 Above

              With unmatched, panoramic views of Los Angeles, you’ll dine in the clouds at 71Above, one of Downtown LA’s tallest buildings. You can do no wrong with their eclectic tasting menu and mouth-watering cocktails as you and your sweetheart share a romantic evening among the stars.


              Take advantage of Downtown’s Grand Avenue by dining at modern classic Otium. Their woodfired cuisine of shared plates is sure to impress along with wine pairings and a signature cocktail list to toast to a romantic evening.


              Known for its in-house butcher shop, love won’t be your only carnal desire for the evening as Gwen also serves up elegant feasts in their contemporary, luxurious dining room. Their focus on local farms and natural ingredients will keep you coming back for the refreshing culinary experience.

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                Live the Party Lifestyle at Ibiza’s Hottest Destinations

                hottest destinations in ibiza

                Photo: Zocha Group – Live the Party Lifestyle at Ibiza’s Hottest Destinations


                Hottest Destinations in Ibiza

                There’s never a dull moment on the island of Ibiza, known all over the world for its unparalleled culture of celebration. The never-ending nightlife scene of Ibiza’s hottest destinations draws visitors all year long, ensuring quality hotel and dining experiences to match the festivities. Some of the hottest spots in Ibiza leave infinite opportunities for luxurious fun in the sun.


                Many visitors of Ibiza set out to spend their leisure hours indulging in the extravagant party scene that upholds the island’s unshakable reputation. But what if the party began the second you checked into the hotel? At the Ushuaia Beach Hotel the celebration comes to you, with a brand that incorporates a trendy type of luxury that gives every guest a front row seat to the magic.

                The Tower at the Ushuaia Beach Hotel is an eight-story collection of lavish suites where guests can enjoy views overlooking the Mediterranean coastline. With plenty of amenities at their fingertips, a typical day might involve a relaxing massage, fine dining at the Oyster and Caviar Bar, and a night swim at The Tower Pool. Guests can choose when they’d like to join the party at the neighboring complex, The Club.

                Unlike many hotel-nightclub relationships, booking a stay at The Ushuaia Club is just as good as buying a ticket to the show. Over 230 rooms and suites are arranged surrounding the pool and stage area, allowing guests a comfortable and personal way to enjoy the nightlife celebration. Partying ‘til dawn becomes an all out lifestyle as the nightclub experience dives right into the room, allowing guests the freedom to dance on their terrace while absorbing the pulsating sounds of the world class DJ below.


                Aside from stylish hotel suites and amenities, this locale also boasts a solid stream of the hottest performers from across the globe. The Ushuaia Club is the host to an event lineup under the name of Ushuaia Ibiza, featuring the likes of DJs such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Avicii.

                This summer, Norwegian DJ Kygo has been headlining a three-day residency at the lively open-air venue. His dedicated international fanbase has contributed to his 300 million Soundcloud and Youtube views, ensuring a successful set of appearances at The Club. Show-goers will be able to finish off their summer with a bang at his final Ushuaia Ibiza performance on August 25th.


                With a schedule of night-after-night partying, it’s always important to take a moment to recharge with a delicious meal. At the Sir Rocco Beach Club, guests can dine to a soundtrack of the ocean waves while enjoying homemade breads and pastas, fresh seafood, and natural juice cocktails. The Italian and Mediterranean cuisine is complemented by thoughtful, modern décor to create the perfect environment. A panoramic backdrop of the shore allows guests to relax and truly satisfy their cravings after a long night of entertainment.

                The island of Ibiza is home to some of the best celebrations in the world, and those visiting have the opportunity to plunge head first into the party lifestyle. Beach leisure and blowout festivities come together to make your next tropical vacation limitless at Ibiza’s trendiest destinations.

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                  Enlighten the Senses at the Life is Beautiful Music Festival

                  life is beautiful festival

                  Photo: Zocha Group – Enlighten the Senses at the Life is Beautiful Music Festival


                  Life is Beautiful

                  Las Vegas is world-renowned for its reputation as “Sin City”—the one stop shop to indulge in guilty pleasures like wild nightclubs, lavish hotels and extravagant dining destinations. With millions flocking to Vegas every year for their share of the merrymaking, it’s only natural to incorporate music into the agenda in the form of this September’s fresh and trendy Life is Beautiful music festival.

                  Setting up camp in Downtown Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful hit the scene in 2013 as a two-day festival targeting not just tourists, but all of the city’s music-loving locals. After growing to three days in 2014 there was no turning back. Vegas had a new attraction to join the multitude of activities entertaining Sin City’s finest. Thousands of attendees have returned year after year to experience the festival’s unique offerings that involve more than just an enticing music lineup. Marketing itself as a “movement” more than just your average music festival, Life is Beautiful embraces the creative in also featuring artistic and public speaking talents that put a twist on the attraction.


                  While there are plenty of perks to snagging a ticket to this year’s festival, one of the biggest draws is of course the rockstar lineup highlighting some of the hottest contemporary musical acts. Hip hop fans will be excited to find J. Cole headlining along with G-Eazy. Major Lazer is set to bring their island EDM vibe while Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers will contribute their folksy sound. Buzzed about up-and-comers such as Alunageorge, Duke Dumont, and Galantis will have their time in the spotlight alongside seasoned veterans like The Shins, Jimmy Eat World, and Bloc Party. Electronic pop group Empire of the Sun was recently added to the lineup and is sure to impress, known for their theatrical performances. No matter your music taste, there’s something for everyone on the Life is Beautiful stage.


                  Lively music fans need to keep their energy up for the three-day event and the options for festival cuisine will have attendees all charged up to cheer on their favorite artists. The culinary villages offer a variety of delicious selections from local chefs showcasing their best dishes. Whether you’re craving sushi, pizza, nachos, or any of the other appetizing creations available at the numerous vendors and food trucks, guests should arrive hungry and ready to grub.


                  When they aren’t grabbing a bite, guests will be able to feast their eyes on the many murals and installations that decorate the Life is Beautiful landscape. Their art program incorporates hundreds of pieces by emerging artists from across the globe. Immersive experiences are also a highlight, as the Art Car will travel the festival grounds utilizing mobile technology to host roving DJ sets. Outside of festival grounds there will also be exhibits available to enjoy at local site-specific locations like the abandoned Town Lodge and Western Hotel Casino. Downtown Las Vegas becomes a host for the art scene allowing festival goers to take in a bit of cultural enlightenment in the midst of the festivities.


                  Along with the artwork, numerous public speakers with a variety of backgrounds will make appearances at the festival to enlighten their audiences about their areas of expertise. Last year’s talkers included everyone from actress Rosario Dawson to scientist Bill Nye, who each came prepared to educate the crowds in the form of personal storytelling and interactive chats. You’ll be sure to learn something new from speakers who aim to contribute to the Life is Beautiful movement and change the world for the better.

                  Music fans will get a well-rounded experience at Life is Beautiful, making it one of the most intriguing festivals to spring up over the past few years. The unique Downtown Vegas location combines the desert festival vibe with a bustling metropolis that’s made to party. Join the musicians, artists, and speakers this September 23rd-25th as they bring their A-game in order to turn the Life is Beautiful into a staple of the music-lover’s festival circuit.

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