Where to Watch the Fireworks this Fourth of July

Photo: Zocha Group – Where to Watch the Fireworks this Fourth of July


Where to Watch Fireworks

Whether you were born in the USA or just visiting for the summer, the Fourth of July is an essential holiday to celebrate across the country. From barbecues to pool parties, the day’s festivities involve merrymaking with friends and family and most importantly, ending the night watching a sky full of fireworks. This popular travel day has a variety of ideal destinations with each offering the perfect view of the sparkling night sky. Take your Independence Day trip to new heights with these great places to watch the fireworks this 4th of July summer night.

New York City

The East River is the source of NYC’s biggest show known as the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. If you’re lucky enough to have a clear view of the river, you’ll get the full experience with an accompanying music score to put you in the patriotic mood. Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn have the best view with barges also giving Midtown and South Street Seaport a good sightline. Hotels like 1Hotel, The Bowery, The Freehand or The Nomad make for great vantage points, or make the trek to the river to see the 45-minute event up close.

Los Angeles

With the sprawling city offering up a range of events from Marina del Rey to Pasadena, you’ll be sure to find an impressive display no matter your neighborhood of choice. The Hollywood Bowl hosts an annual Fourth of July party with The Go-Go’s being this year’s artist to perform during the celebration. Dodger Stadium will be lit up even brighter than usual with an all-American game to round out your evening. One of the biggest LA events is the Rose Bowl’s Americafest which boasts rides, crafts and tailgating outside the stadium in preparation for the eye-catching show.

San Diego

San Diego makes for a great Fourth of July destination with its perfect weather and beachside locale. Their numerous shows of the night take place in Old Town, Ocean Beach, SeaWorld, and their most popular, the Annual Big Bay Boom July 4th Fireworks Show. The largest in the county, this fireworks display lights up the sky from multiple locations along the North Bay. Having four barges placed along the water means you’ll have no problem finding the perfect view with a stay at hotels like Omni, Hotel del Coronado, or Pendry San Diego.


Any Chicago resident knows that Navy Pier is the place to go for a fireworks show during the summer. Their 4th of July Aon Summer Fireworks, presented by Miller Lite, is the biggest of the season with a dazzling display over the lake. This unofficial yet fully embraced Independence Day show allows locals and visitors head to Millennium Park to see the explosive festivities up close. For those searching for a rooftop view, bars like Streeterville Social, Apogee, Upstairs at The Gwen or Cindy’s offer up the perfect perspective for the spectacular event.

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    LA’s The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations

    Photo: Zocha Group – The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations


    The Bungalow Expands to Two New Locations

    Any visitor to Santa Monica is bound to hear buzz about The Bungalow as it holds its place as one of the busiest bars on the Westside. After expanding to Huntington Beach, the Bungalow brand continues to travel down the coast with the announcement of two new Long Beach and La Jolla locations. The beachy brand will soon be making its mark in these California cities bringing crowds of guests to enjoy their signature eclectic, outdoor space.

    The Beginning of The Bungalow

    The Bungalow’s flagship Santa Monica location opened in 2012 at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and soon became a staple in the West LA bar scene. The unmatched Baja-inspired atmosphere of mixing and mingling with a view of the ocean waves has led the Bungalow brand to continue its successes, solidifying itself as a go-to for bar hoppers. Whether guests are stopping by to enjoy the outdoor patio, play a game of pool or ping pong, or warm up by the fire pit, the lounge space offers up a good time for everyone with a relaxed, welcoming environment.

    Much of The Bungalow’s success is due to the creativity of nightlife guru Brent Bolthouse, who created the concept and heads The Bungalow Hospitality Group. Bolthouse’s legacy in the industry, along with bringing on Venice-based design partners Studio Collective, made the perfect combination of talent to push forth the uniquely Californian brand.

    Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica – The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations

    The Opening of Huntington Beach

    Bolthouse’s Bungalow Hospitality Group soon expanded the concept to the similarly beach-driven city Huntington Beach in 2016, creating an Orange County outpost of the popular hot spot. The Bungalow Huntington Beach took on an aesthetic familiar to the original with textured accents and vintage designs that complement the city’s own history of surf culture. The success of the brand has led to the upcoming launch of two new Southern California properties under the Bungalow name—one in Long Beach and another in San Diego’s La Jolla.

    The Huntington Beach location boasts a food menu from local partner Bear Flag Fish Co., but the two new locales will get an upgraded dining menu from world-renowned chef and restaurateur Michael Mina. The Michelin-starred chef founded MINA Group, which owns more than 40 restaurants across the country. The new Bungalow menus will include small bites and large shareable plates along with specialty cocktails.

    Photo: The Bungalow Huntington Beach – The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations

    Expansion of The Bungalow

    Guests will have a view of the harbor at the Long Beach location situated in the recently opened 2nd & PCH complex in the Belmont Shores neighborhood. The Bungalow Kitchen Belmont Shore will have one of the biggest spaces in the complex with a layout amounting to 8,000 square feet. The new seaside lounge broke ground in 2019 and will soon make its mark on the Long Beach bar scene on March 4th, 2021.

    The Bungalow La Jolla will be connected to the Westfield UTC with its own dedicated building featuring views of Downtown. The plans include an expansive 10,000 square foot layout with half of that belonging to the outdoor space alone. Guests can look forward to visiting this San Diego County destination.


    the bungalow kitchen belmont shore long beach patio

    Photo: The Bungalow Kitchen Belmont Shore

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      Exploring the San Diego Craft Beer Scene

      san diego craft beer scene

      Photo: Zocha Group – Exploring the San Diego Craft Beer Scene


      Craft Beer in San Diego

      With the scene blossoming over the past two decades, the San Diego craft beer scene sits at the forefront as being a hub for craft beer. Over 130 breweries in the area serve up unique tastes and flavors that can only come from each brewer’s affinity for quality and passion for the process. A visit to San Diego means taking a peek into the thriving culture of California craft beer.

      Photo: Zocha Group – Exploring the San Diego Craft Beer Scene


      Stone Brewing Co.

      One of the most well known brands in the city, Stone has made a name for itself with its innovative beer selections. Their IPA is a classic taste that has numerous variations available year-round and seasonal selections that reflect the freshest flavors for certain times of year. With a company store in Oceanside and Downtown San Diego, a Tap Room nearby in the Gaslamp Quarter and locations at Liberty Station and in the San Diego International Airport, you’ll have plenty of options for stopping by to taste one of their full-flavored brews.

      Modern Times

      The quirky atmosphere of this Point Loma brewery complements the artsy style of the Modern Times brand. Collage walls of books, Post-It notes and comic book pages only add to the setting’s friendly ambiance. Their variety of canned and bottled flavors provide a spectrum of choices as you sip on their hoppy ambers, rich stouts, and hazy IPAs. Stop by the Tasting Room in North Park where they experiment with new concepts and pilot batches to get a sip of something surprising.

      Green Flash

      The award-winning ales at Green Flash are sure to keep craft lovers thirsty for more. From the West Coast IPA to the Passion Fruit Kicker, these aromatic options will be hard to pass up in the industrial-style space. Employees get the opportunity to create their own brew in the Genius Lab, with visitors able to test out the new creations in the tasting room. Take a tour of the brewery to learn more about the brewing process from their team of brewing experts.

      North Park Beer Co.

      A newer addition to the craft beer landscape, North Park Beer Co. is run by an award-winning team that has brought delicious tastes to the neighborhood. Their spacious venue has plenty of seating for you to enjoy their assortment of beers with design elements that put a twist on the typical brewery feel. Their strong stouts give patrons a buzz while hoppy ales bring in a zesty dash of flavor.

      Ballast Point

      What started as a small group of home brewers soon grew into a brand that’s a beloved favorite. You can find the gold medal-winning Sculpin IPA on draft at bars all over the area, and the Manta Ray Double IPA serves as a favorite with its fruity finish. Their expansion through the years has made them a local staple with brewery locations in Miramar, Little Italy, and Scripps Ranch. Their Home Brew Mart in Mission Valley also serves as a resource for aspiring brewers to purchase supplies and continue the homegrown spirit.

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        Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        boost immune system with drip iv therapy

        Photo: Zocha Group – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile


        Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Drip IV therapy has become a booming business in recent years as a way to boost energy after a night of partying, a long flight or to enhance immunity. Drip IV Therapy offers mobile services to give clients a personalized experience right in the comfort of their own home. This new way of recovery offers a convenient solution, leaving clients happier and healthier after the cutting edge treatment. Whether you’ve partied hard or just want to protect your body, you can boost your immune system with Drip IV Therapy.

        girl with drip iv in arm

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        What is Drip IV?

        The process of IV therapy was previously only limited to athletes, celebrities and others with demanding schedules that called for them to maximize their energy. Only a select few had the ability to arrange for state-of-the-art treatments, which are highly effective in promoting cellular health. Drip IV Therapy offers convenient mobile IV treatments in markets all throughout Southern California.

        Drip IV’s team of professional Registered Nurses visit clients and administer the infusions, with the full process taking as little as 45 minutes. Clients feel the effects and are able to continue their day with a boost of energy and vitality.

        boost immune system nurse consultation drip iv

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Types of Treatment

        The body’s need for nutrients becomes even more important when putting it through the day to day challenges of things like jet lag, drinking alcoholic beverages and stress. Delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, an IV drip is far more effective than traditional means of ingesting supplements orally. Drip IV Therapy offers a range of IV treatments that each address different afflictions depending on the client’s needs. 

        One of their most popular treatments is the Hangover Drip, offering just what the body needs after a long night of drinking. The Hydration Drip offers a standard saline solution to help balance fluids and promote nutrient absorption. The Immunity Drip is also a popular option, helping to boost immunity with vitamins like B12, zinc, and magnesium. Clients can even get a Food Poisoning Drip to help clear out toxins in the body due to food poisoning. Customized IV solutions are also available based on a unique test analyzing the client’s white blood cells.

        boost immune system nurses with drip iv smiling

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Booking an Appointment

        Drip IV’s mobile accessibility means they can arrive at your door no matter where you are within the Southern California region, between 6 am-11 pm. Covering Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Desert, Orange County, Santa Barbara and more, their team is ready to help clients get back on their feet.

        While many clients book for a home visit, you can also arrange for treatments during bachelor parties, corporate events, music festivals, retreats and a range of other events. The convenient booking process means you can book with as little as an hour’s notice, and have a Registered Nurse arrive to bring you to life with energy-boosting supplements. 


        girl with drip iv smiling

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Membership Programs

        Drip IV also offers multiple membership programs for those who plan to use the service regularly. The IV Vitamin Drip membership comes with between two to eight IV therapy treatments per month, depending on the client’s preferred package. There is also the availability for an NAD Drip membership, which delivers up to 12 treatments per month of an age-slowing amino acid solution. Whether you’re in a hotel room, office or at home, Drip IV provides you with their safe, cutting edge, energy-boosting treatment.


        drip iv bag boost immune system

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

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          nurse with drip iv

          Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile


          The Best Cocktail Bars in San Diego

          best cocktail bars in san diego

          Photo: Zocha Group – The Best Cocktail Bars in San Diego


          Cocktail Bars in San Diego

          While San Diego is most known in the bar world for its brewery and craft beer scene, nightlife aficionados know that there’s also a draw for delicious cocktails at the city’s best bars and lounges. The ocean breeze adds to the atmosphere at bars with rooftop views, while hideaway hot spots make for the perfect intimate evening. These best cocktail bars in San Diego, each with their own delicious drinks, will have you buzzed and satisfied in any of San Diego’s many neighborhoods.


          For an upscale escape into a cozy modern space, Madison is the perfect date night. Their menu uses quality ingredients and spirits to complement the sleek, wooden design.

          Sycamore Den

          The ‘70s feeling is strong at this Normal Heights bar. The youthful clientele appreciate the throwback stone and panels that line the walls as they sip the selection of craft cocktails.

          Polite Provisions

          This James Beard-nominated bar has a staff that acts more like medicine men than bartenders. Their drug store-inspired drinks will heal all your ailments with a touch of style.

          Kettner Exchange

          This impressive space, inspired by San Diego’s founding father William Kettner, provides the perfect place for libations no matter your mood. Take a seat indoors or mingle at the outdoor patio bar for an energetic escape.

          Seven Grand

          Just like its Los Angeles and Austin counterparts, Seven Grand offers up an extensive whiskey collection. Test out the variety of unique flavors in the classic, dimly lit hideaway.

          False Idol

          Tucked inside the beloved Craft & Commerce bar is a festive tiki escape. Tropical rum drinks will have you feeling a buzz amongst their island-inspired décor.


          This eclectic destination mixes edgy gothic elements with a vegan food menu to create a quirky getaway. Their creative cocktails will be the cherry on top when you take in this one-of-a-kind hot spot.

          Herb & Wood

          The ever-thriving Little Italy neighborhood gets help from the chic style of Herb & Wood. Their herb-induced cocktails make for a refreshing touch as you lounge amidst the trendy crowd.

          You & Yours Distilling Co.

          Breweries are a popular hangout, but You & Yours makes distilleries worth visiting with a world-class cocktail program. The female-run company uses their flagship vodka and gin to mix up a memorable experience.

          Noble Experiment

          This speakeasy destination in the Gaslamp District keeps things hushed, hidden in the back of Neighborhood restaurant. The detail-oriented drinks are sure to impress as talented bartenders show off their skills of the trade.

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