Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus


Safe Social Distancing

As Californians begin to adjust to new rules and regulations on where they can and can’t go due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are seeking options for getting out of their house in a safe way. Places like restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms, bowling alleys and salons have now been ordered to shut down by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Gavin Newsom. However, there are still a number of safe ways Angelenos can participate in social distancing activities in Los Angeles.


coronavirus grocery store sign

Photo: Zocha Group

At Home Workouts

With gyms and hiking trails now closed, you can always get in shape right in your own home with a home workout. Fitness gurus and online publications offer plenty of advice on how you can continue staying active during this unprecedented time.

weights bands at home workout

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Virtual Happy Hour

Just because bars and restaurants are closed doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy happy hour, with apps like Zoom and Houseparty gaining popularity for uniting groups of friends for a video celebration. Pour yourself a drink and toast the camera for a fun way to stay social during social distancing.

laptop on table with wine virtual happy hour

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Cook a New Recipe

With so much indoor time on your hands, now may be the perfect time to become an expert in the kitchen. Cooking is a great stress-reliever and can boost your creativity by trying out something new. Crack open an old cookbook or look up recipes online for an endless amount of dishes to keep you busy.

recipe on tablet in kitchen

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Live Streaming Music Sets

Many musicians have taken to Instagram Live to continue performing for massive crowds, each in their own home. DJs like Diplo and DJ D-Nice have made waves through the quarantine by spinning playlists for fans. Check out your favorite artist’s Instagram to see if they’ll be going live for an intimate performance during self-isolation.


dj set up at home live streaming music

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Low-Contact Sports

While the NBA, NFL and MLB have all ceased operations, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own sporting events with select low-contact activities. Sports like tennis and volleyball are great for staying active, with the proper precautions in place to minimize spreading germs. Even more casual sports like frisbee or badminton are great for a quarantine break.


Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus


Take your bike out for a ride to enjoy Los Angeles’ springtime weather. Places like Santa Monica, the Venice Beach boardwalk or Echo Park are perfect for enjoying the fresh air at a safe social distance.


off road bike on hill at sunset

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Dog Park

Plenty of LA citizens have their pets to worry about during the statewide Stay at Home order. For those with dogs, a visit to the dog park might be just what you and your pup need to clear your mind. Dogs are not known to contract or carry COVID-19, so them playing with other dogs is perfectly safe as a social distancing activity.


Photo: Zocha Group

Road Trip

Why not take the extra time on your hands and go for a drive? If you’re road tripping with a friend, wearing face masks helps keep your germs to yourself along with making use of the backseat and cracking the windows for proper ventilation.


road trip california

Photo: Zocha Group

Swimming & Jacuzzi

Anyone with swimming pool or jacuzzi access is in luck, as the CDC confirms that the heat, humidity and chlorine will inactivate the COVID-19 virus. A properly-maintained pool or jacuzzi is perfectly safe to lounge in during the statewide quarantine.


Photo: Zocha Group

Jogging & Walking

One of the easiest ways to get some fresh air during quarantine is to go for a walk or jog in your neighborhood. This social distancing activity gives you just enough exercise and allows you to take in the Los Angeles weather safely.


walking in hollywood social distancing activities coronavirus

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    Note: Suggestions by Zocha Group are not to be taken as medical advice. Participating in these activities should be done at your own risk, and the best judgement for your personal situation should be taken into account before leaving your home. Official information on COVID-19 safety can be found through the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

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    A New Age in Advertising with Experiential Marketing

    experiential marketing

    Photo: Zocha Group – A New Age in Advertising with Experiential Marketing


    Experiential Marketing

    In an era where ads are considered more of a nuisance than informative, companies are exploring more creative avenues to reach their consumers in effective ways. One approach that has gained traction in recent years is experiential marketing—events where consumers have hands-on and in-person experiences with brands. These experiential marketing events allow direct engagement that inspires an emotional connection to users.

    It has become a recognized trend that millennials tend to spend more of their income on experiences in comparison to the product-oriented generations that came before them. With their eyes constantly seeking new activities, they invest their free time in taking trips, going to events, and socializing in public places. This modern pool of highly active individuals sets up a foundation for experiential marketing to be extremely effective for brands. The continuously growing social media landscape has also become a large aspect of why experiential marketing is so useful. The unique and artistic spaces created for events are often prime photo-ops for attendees. Interactive activities can inspire hundreds of pictures which users voluntarily post to their social media channels. Experiential marketing events often will include a custom hashtag promoted in marketing materials and signage that allow attendees’ photos to be grouped online to make them easily viewed by others.

    Experiential marketing campaigns can also provide a way for brands to learn more about their consumers. Analyzing consumer data and KPIs are a significant part of marketing and with experiential events, consumers are often willing to provide relevant information about themselves in exchange for the opportunity to experience a fun event. These events act as a modern re-imagination of the classic focus group style of market research that proves to be more effective as it generates both in-person and online engagement while making a positive impact on the participant.

    Ultimately the most beneficial part of experiential marketing is the personal connection consumers are able to make with a company and more specifically, their brand. These events help illustrate the brand’s narrative and integrate consumers into the story. Their in-person memories of experiencing the event are far more impactful than a billboard they pass on the street or an ad before an online video. These opportunities for direct engagement create a relationship where after attending an experiential event, the consumer is more likely to develop brand loyalty than through traditional means of advertising. This two-way relationship where both brand and consumer are learning about each other is an invaluable method that has plenty of space to flourish within the marketing industry.

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      Los Angeles Nightlife Destinations for Going Out after June 15th

      los angeles nightlife destinations where to go after june 15th

      Photo: Zocha Group – Los Angeles Nightlife Destinations for Going Out after June 15th


      Where to Go Out after June 15th

      As California’s vaccination rate rises, many are looking forward to finally being able to let loose in Los Angeles nightlife destinations. After June 15th, California law will allow businesses to operate at 100% capacity while following the CDC’s updated mask mandates (though many businesses may still independently have their own mask rules). Many Los Angeles nightlife venues have closed either temporarily or permanently due to the effects of pandemic. But for people looking to experience a fun and exciting summer, there are still a number of options for nightlife in Los Angeles. See which Los Angeles nightlife destinations will be the best places to party after June 15th to party it up.


      One of Los Angeles’ most exclusive hot spots, Poppy is an ideal destination to visit for a trendy night out. The whimsical, West Hollywood space is part lounge, part nightclub with a library-themed room for DJs and rappers to perform for tables of clubgoers.

      The Classic Cat

      A newly reopened historical locale, this speakeasy in West Hollywood has an unassuming door that leads to a bustling supperclub. Start the night with dinner and watch the atmosphere transition into a lounge complete with bottle service and live performances.

      Black Rabbit Rose

      Visit this charming, Hollywood lounge with a vintage feel to experience a unique Los Angeles nightlife venue. Live jazz performances and magic shows in their theater draw guests in for an unforgettable night of entertainment alongside an indoor bar and outdoor patio.

      Flying Embers

      Head to the Downtown LA Arts District to visit Flying Embers–one of the city’s most unique tap rooms. With a focus on hard kombucha, hard seltzer and even non-alcoholic cocktails, this bar serves up a one-of-a-kind selection of drinks you can’t find anywhere else.


      If you miss seeing your favorite artists live, Academy is the place to go for performances from the best of the best in EDM and Dance music. Get tickets to see artists like Steve Aoki take the stage or enjoy their outdoor patio for drinks, bites and music in Hollywood.

      The Parlor

      Whether you’re a sports fan or not, The Parlor is a great Los Angeles nightlife destination for beer, cocktails, and bites in West Hollywood. Go for the big game or any day of the week to experience the upscale sports bar while supporting one of the few Black-owned bars in LA.

      The Bungalow Santa Monica

      One of the best places to watch the sunset in Santa Monica, the Bungalow is back with cocktails and bites on the Westside. Kitschy, Baja decor and a nightly DJ keep guests coming back for a guaranteed good time. Book a reservation to have your own private space in this beachy locale known for being a neighborhood go-to.

      Sorry Not Sorry

      Head to this West Hollywood bar that makes for the perfect sunny day outing due to its outdoor patio of colorful decor. Grab a picnic table and toast with friends in this spacious, 4000 square foot bar that serves up rosé, beer and cocktails until late.

      1720 Warehouse

      This Downtown LA space plays host to numerous parties and events throughout the year. Get tickets to their dance parties with themes like indie rock, pop punk, and old school hip hop or see unique musical artists in the spacious warehouse venue.


      This classic bar on the edge of Marina del Rey and Venice has an expansive outdoor patio with plenty of seating for your group. Known for its Irish roots, you can find a selection of rotating beers on tap, whiskeys, and delicious pizza to round out your night on the Westside.

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        The Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine

        girl meditating yoga de-stress

        Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


        Relax & De-Stress

        The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way people live with state and local governments requiring businesses to close and urging people to stay indoors. While these are stressful times for people all over the world, there are still a number of ways you can calm your nerves in your own home. Take a deep breath and relax with these easy ways to de-stress during COVID-19 quarantine.


        breathe sign to de-stress

        Photo: Zocha Group


        One of the best ways to take your mind off of day-to-day life is to cook up a new recipe. Staying at home can mean that you have extra time to put together a quality meal. Cooking both a simple recipe or a complicated dinner can be a relaxing project to help pass the time. Trying a new type of cuisine or cooking method can also give you skills that will outlast the quarantine.

        Studies show that foods like salmon, dark chocolate, chamomile, and green tea can all help to reduce anxiety, so integrating these foods into your diet may also give you an extra dose of relaxation.

        recipe on tablet in kitchen

        Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine

        Travel Inspiration

        While the travel industry has shut down in many areas of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever. Now is a great time to begin planning trips for when the world re-opens for travel and hospitality experiences. Tropical beaches, bustling cities and serene landscapes will soon be re-populated with tourism in the coming year as the current limitations of the pandemic subside.

        The Zocha Group Insider’s Guide, Instagram and Pinterest are all great places to start to narrow down your future travel goals. From essential restaurant destinations to go-to nightlife hot spots, now’s the time to research the details for your next vacation.

        canoe in water surrounded by palm trees

        Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


        The idea of regularly practicing self-care has gained attention over recent years, and becomes even more important with the impact of the COVID-19 virus. There are numerous ways you can spend time tending to your needs to help ease the anxiety of the crisis. Taking a hot bath is a great way to physically relax your muscles with bath bombs and candles adding an extra touch.

        Meditation helps to clear your mind and reset at the beginning or end of your day. Things like detoxifying face masks and hair treatments can also be relaxing ways to take care of yourself during a stressful time. While you should focus on staying home as much as possible, an occasional walk to get some fresh air can also help to clear your head.


        bathtub with plant

        Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


        In recent years, CBD products have become a popular way to de-stress through the health benefits of reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation. Companies like Cheef Botanicals offer oils, topical rubs and edibles that are all made to deliver calming effects without the psychoactive properties of marijuana.

        Cheef Botanicals aims to provide healthy, plant-based cannabis products as an alternative that can ease the discomfort of various conditions. Their CBD Bath Bomb is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a revitalizing aromatherapy experience, or add drops of their Full Spectrum CBD Oil to your favorite drink to absorb the benefits with each sip. The possibilities are endless for how you can use CBD to sit back, relax and enjoy a stress-relieving experience.


        girl rubbing cbd on arm

        Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


        With gyms, hiking trails, and even beaches closed during the pandemic, it can be difficult to stay both active and safe. Exercising at home is a great way to release stress with there being plenty of at-home workouts you can try. Whether you have equipment or you’re just working with body weight, staying at home on quarantine doesn’t have to mean getting out of shape.

        The endorphins released through exercise can also help to set your mind at ease. Getting fresh air in a safe way is also an option, through going for a jog in your neighborhood while taking all the necessary precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


        girl standing by yoga mat with plants

        Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine

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          LA’s The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations

          Photo: Zocha Group – The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations


          The Bungalow Expands to Two New Locations

          Any visitor to Santa Monica is bound to hear buzz about The Bungalow as it holds its place as one of the busiest bars on the Westside. After expanding to Huntington Beach, the Bungalow brand continues to travel down the coast with the announcement of two new Long Beach and La Jolla locations. The beachy brand will soon be making its mark in these California cities bringing crowds of guests to enjoy their signature eclectic, outdoor space.

          The Beginning of The Bungalow

          The Bungalow’s flagship Santa Monica location opened in 2012 at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel and soon became a staple in the West LA bar scene. The unmatched Baja-inspired atmosphere of mixing and mingling with a view of the ocean waves has led the Bungalow brand to continue its successes, solidifying itself as a go-to for bar hoppers. Whether guests are stopping by to enjoy the outdoor patio, play a game of pool or ping pong, or warm up by the fire pit, the lounge space offers up a good time for everyone with a relaxed, welcoming environment.

          Much of The Bungalow’s success is due to the creativity of nightlife guru Brent Bolthouse, who created the concept and heads The Bungalow Hospitality Group. Bolthouse’s legacy in the industry, along with bringing on Venice-based design partners Studio Collective, made the perfect combination of talent to push forth the uniquely Californian brand.

          Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica – The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations

          The Opening of Huntington Beach

          Bolthouse’s Bungalow Hospitality Group soon expanded the concept to the similarly beach-driven city Huntington Beach in 2016, creating an Orange County outpost of the popular hot spot. The Bungalow Huntington Beach took on an aesthetic familiar to the original with textured accents and vintage designs that complement the city’s own history of surf culture. The success of the brand has led to the upcoming launch of two new Southern California properties under the Bungalow name—one in Long Beach and another in San Diego’s La Jolla.

          The Huntington Beach location boasts a food menu from local partner Bear Flag Fish Co., but the two new locales will get an upgraded dining menu from world-renowned chef and restaurateur Michael Mina. The Michelin-starred chef founded MINA Group, which owns more than 40 restaurants across the country. The new Bungalow menus will include small bites and large shareable plates along with specialty cocktails.

          Photo: The Bungalow Huntington Beach – The Bungalow Expands to Two New Southern California Locations

          Expansion of The Bungalow

          Guests will have a view of the harbor at the Long Beach location situated in the recently opened 2nd & PCH complex in the Belmont Shores neighborhood. The Bungalow Kitchen Belmont Shore will have one of the biggest spaces in the complex with a layout amounting to 8,000 square feet. The new seaside lounge broke ground in 2019 and will soon make its mark on the Long Beach bar scene on March 4th, 2021.

          The Bungalow La Jolla will be connected to the Westfield UTC with its own dedicated building featuring views of Downtown. The plans include an expansive 10,000 square foot layout with half of that belonging to the outdoor space alone. Guests can look forward to visiting this San Diego County destination.


          the bungalow kitchen belmont shore long beach patio

          Photo: The Bungalow Kitchen Belmont Shore

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            Enjoy a Summer Sunset at The Bungalow Santa Monica Night Market

            the bungalow santa monica night market

            Photo: Zocha Group – The Bungalow Santa Monica Night Market


            Experience The Bungalow Night Market

            The Bungalow is known to Santa Monica citizens as one of the most populated bars on the Westside. Its brand built on surf culture, Baja California and a quality sunset over the Pacific leads locals and visitors alike to keep coming back to the inviting venue attached to the Fairmont Hotel. With summer just around the corner, The Bungalow has a new draw with the launch of their Night Market—a weekly event featuring a selection of LA’s best food trucks. Learn more about The Bungalow Night Market and their plans for a bustling, beachside summer event.

            Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica

            Night Market 2020 Launches TBD

            For those looking to get their weekend started early, Thursday nights at The Bungalow are the place to be with their Night Market launching on May 16th and running through fall. The free KCRW-sponsored event will stake its claim on what is currently the Bungalow’s parking lot, which normally houses valet cars along with a line of people that snakes through the space on weekends. The unstoppable Bungalow crowds are sure to appreciate a new reason to stop by and take advantage of an additional space to hang out along the iconic Ocean Boulevard.

            Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica Night Market

            Street Eats & Casual Bites

            Running each week from 5-10pm, the Night Market will take on a different tone than the bar to attract foodies of all ages craving street eats and families searching for a fun summer activity. Picnic tables will be set up throughout as guests can try different tastes from some of the best food trucks in the city. Buzzed about Mexican food favorite Tacos 1986 will be a part of the menu along with popular vegan food truck ManEatingPlant. Opening night will include a special acoustic performance by Grammy Award-winning singer Macy Gray, with further live music performances expected to be announced in the future. DJs from KCRW’s schedule will also be playing hits as guests enjoy casual bites in front of an LA sunset.

            The Bungalow Santa Monica

            Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica

            Brent Bolthouse & The Bungalow

            Bungalow visionary Brent Bolthouse joined designers Studio Collective to open up the now iconic indoor-outdoor space in the summer of 2012. Since then, the beloved brand has expanded to include another location in Huntington Beach with additional venues in La Jolla and Long Beach scheduled to open by the end of the year. Guests flock to both of the current locations to take in the quintessentially Californian vibe while sipping drinks in a welcoming, beachy environment.

            Bolthouse is also known for creating exciting events and is recently coming off the heels of the success of the annual Neon Carnival Coachella after party. The 2019 event included an encore with a second round of festivities occurring after Goldenvoice’s other desert festival, Stagecoach. Bolthouse plans to make Night Market a staple in the Santa Monica summer scene alongside the first ever Santa Monica LGBT Pride festival arriving in June and the return of the Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concerts in August.


            Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica

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              The all ages Bungalow Night Market is free and open to the public each Thursday evening from 5-10pm beginning on May 16th, 2019, and will last through the end of the summer.

              For more information on table reservations at The Bungalow, contact or inquire in the chat box below

              Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

              boost immune system with drip iv therapy

              Photo: Zocha Group – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile


              Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

              Drip IV therapy has become a booming business in recent years as a way to boost energy after a night of partying, a long flight or to enhance immunity. Drip IV Therapy offers mobile services to give clients a personalized experience right in the comfort of their own home. This new way of recovery offers a convenient solution, leaving clients happier and healthier after the cutting edge treatment. Whether you’ve partied hard or just want to protect your body, you can boost your immune system with Drip IV Therapy.

              girl with drip iv in arm

              Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

              What is Drip IV?

              The process of IV therapy was previously only limited to athletes, celebrities and others with demanding schedules that called for them to maximize their energy. Only a select few had the ability to arrange for state-of-the-art treatments, which are highly effective in promoting cellular health. Drip IV Therapy offers convenient mobile IV treatments in markets all throughout Southern California.

              Drip IV’s team of professional Registered Nurses visit clients and administer the infusions, with the full process taking as little as 45 minutes. Clients feel the effects and are able to continue their day with a boost of energy and vitality.

              boost immune system nurse consultation drip iv

              Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

              Types of Treatment

              The body’s need for nutrients becomes even more important when putting it through the day to day challenges of things like jet lag, drinking alcoholic beverages and stress. Delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, an IV drip is far more effective than traditional means of ingesting supplements orally. Drip IV Therapy offers a range of IV treatments that each address different afflictions depending on the client’s needs. 

              One of their most popular treatments is the Hangover Drip, offering just what the body needs after a long night of drinking. The Hydration Drip offers a standard saline solution to help balance fluids and promote nutrient absorption. The Immunity Drip is also a popular option, helping to boost immunity with vitamins like B12, zinc, and magnesium. Clients can even get a Food Poisoning Drip to help clear out toxins in the body due to food poisoning. Customized IV solutions are also available based on a unique test analyzing the client’s white blood cells.

              boost immune system nurses with drip iv smiling

              Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

              Booking an Appointment

              Drip IV’s mobile accessibility means they can arrive at your door no matter where you are within the Southern California region, between 6 am-11 pm. Covering Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Desert, Orange County, Santa Barbara and more, their team is ready to help clients get back on their feet.

              While many clients book for a home visit, you can also arrange for treatments during bachelor parties, corporate events, music festivals, retreats and a range of other events. The convenient booking process means you can book with as little as an hour’s notice, and have a Registered Nurse arrive to bring you to life with energy-boosting supplements. 


              girl with drip iv smiling

              Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

              Membership Programs

              Drip IV also offers multiple membership programs for those who plan to use the service regularly. The IV Vitamin Drip membership comes with between two to eight IV therapy treatments per month, depending on the client’s preferred package. There is also the availability for an NAD Drip membership, which delivers up to 12 treatments per month of an age-slowing amino acid solution. Whether you’re in a hotel room, office or at home, Drip IV provides you with their safe, cutting edge, energy-boosting treatment.


              drip iv bag boost immune system

              Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

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                nurse with drip iv

                Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile


                The Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality

                Photo: SevenRooms – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality


                SevenRooms Technology

                With an ever-evolving market of technology being integrated into hospitality, some companies rise to the forefront by offering innovative services to improve the operational flow of businesses. Customer relations management systems like SevenRooms help brands to connect with their guests through providing insight into their needs. SevenRooms technology has made an impact in a number of hotels, restaurants and hospitality venues across the world, and continues to provide services that help businesses take their brands to the next level.

                sevenrooms hospitality technology

                Photo: SevenRooms – The Future of Hospitality Technology


                For venues looking to make an impression on their guests, advancements in technology have ushered in a new era where businesses rely on tech to support their success. Owners now have to consider how these new innovations are integrated into customer expectations, and how these tools can be used to enhance the guest experience. SevenRooms aims to provide these solutions through empowering businesses to be able to connect with their guests and build personalized relationships. Making guests feel right at home is their primary goal, building their company around taking hospitality to a new level fit for the 21st Century.

                Photo: Zocha Group – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality


                The variety of solutions SevenRooms is able to provide makes for a one-stop-shop for owners aiming to improve their guests’ experience before, during and after arriving at their venue. Making a reservation has never been easier as both web and mobile applications assist guests in planning their visit to a venue. Guest profiles help both the customer and the venue through managing covers in an organized way, beginning before they even walk through the door. During their visit, guests’ profiles are updated with relevant information to build a database for owners to draw from in customizing future visits. SevenRooms is also able to offer reservation upgrades and additional experiences, along with event management systems that help organize processes to generate more revenue for businesses. Marketing campaigns can also be tracked to make targeting relevant guests a simple task.

                Photo: SevenRooms – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality

                Hospitality Spaces

                There are a number of environments where SevenRooms can be integrated to streamline operational processes and improve guest relations. Restaurants see improvements through utilizing reservation features that build customer profiles and create ease within in-house seating. In the world of hotels, staying organized with the thousands of guests staying at the venue each year becomes an essential priority. With SevenRooms, guest information can be synced across properties to create a seamless experience no matter where they stay. Successful marketing campaigns created through the system make for loyal guests as they see the perks of repeating visits across properties. Nightlife venues also benefit from using SevenRooms through keeping track of the bevy of patrons that often slip through the cracks. Guestlist management, promoter tracking tools and check-in systems all contribute to a successful night of service. Live spend tracking lets owners see which of their guests are big supporters of the brand, and information kept in guest profiles contributes to helpug them feel like a welcomed regular. Other entertainment spaces like sporting and entertainment venues, membership clubs and the like have also seen benefits from SevenRooms’ organizational support.


                Photo: Zocha Group – Benefits of SevenRooms Technology in Hospitality

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                  New Years Resolutions of Successful People

                  new years resolutions from successful people

                  Photo: Zocha Group – New Years Resolutions of Successful People


                  New Years Resolutions

                  The New Year has arrived and a fresh start often means a new set of goals to accomplish over the next 365 days. While “new year, new me” is simple enough for many, entrepreneurs have plenty of inspirational resolutions that may encourage the rest of us to step up our game and embrace the blank slate of opportunity. From celebrities to CEOs, these go-getters share their plans for betterment in the new year with these new years resolutions.

                  Natalie Portman, Academy-Award Winning Actress:

                  “I think everyone needs to do what’s right for them. And every woman knows the pressures on appearance, but something that one of my friends did that I sort of copied which I liked was to make categories for resolutions, and it wasn’t one thing, so it was like, what do I want to do for my friends, what do I want to do for my family, what do I want to do for my community, what do I want to do for myself?”

                  Tracee Ellis Ross, Producer and Actress:

                  “I think a New Year’s resolution would be to be gentle with yourself. I like to call it ‘gentle, gentle,” because sometimes you need that second reminder. So it’s like, make space for being soft with yourself.”

                  Scott Lipps, CEO and founder of One Management:

                  “I vow to use more products this year! Very rarely do I use products other than soap and a bit of a moisturizer so this next year gonna take extra care of my skin! It’s all you’ve got!”

                  Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder and CEO of Birchbox:

                  “The year ahead is all about elevating my confidence and celebrating the incredible accomplishments of life. I’ve always been confident to an extent, but it wasn’t a well I could draw from in the hardest moments. I’ve realized that it isn’t about perfection — it’s about owning your strengths, having the humility to see where you need the strength of others, and being open and impressionable to change. It’s within my reach and I feel now more than ever that this type of confidence in everyone will be critical to the future we all want to see come to fruition.”

                  Danny Meyer, Founder of Shake Shack:

                  “My New Year’s resolution is once and for all to spend significantly less time reading and writing emails, and far more time being present and looking people in the eye.”

                  Zendaya, Actress and Singer:

                  “… My mom recently took a pic of me looking down at my phone when [we] were out to dinner. She captioned it, ‘dinner with @zendaya and her phone.’ Sorry, mom! I just start scrolling and tune everybody out. Seriously, I’ve gotta do a detox.”

                  Stephen Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor:

                  “My New Year’s resolution is to use the power and influence of TripAdvisor’s brand to aid in the humanitarian refugee crisis that we’re seeing in many parts of the Middle East, Africa, and Europe today. In addition to our commitment to organizations like Mercy Corps and The International Rescue Committee, I want to encourage others in the travel industry and around the world to take action and help provide refugees with critical access to information, essential education opportunities, and resettlement support. It’s one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our generation. Years from now, I want my grandkids to know that I joined with others and chose to help, if only in a small way.”

                  Helen Mirren, Academy-Award Winning Actress:

                  “Stop procrastinating. That’s my new year’s resolution for everybody, but mostly for myself. Don’t procrastinate, just don’t. I have my whole life and every year I have to make the same resolution because I always procrastinate.”

                  Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx:

                  “I just joined Instagram this past fall (late to the party!) when I launched my book, ‘The Belly Art Project,’ to create awareness for maternal health. One of my resolutions is to use my social platforms to build awareness for organizations that empower women. Being philanthropic can be fun and isn’t always about making a financial contribution.”

                  Neil Vogel, CEO of

                  “My almost-three-year old is obsessed with the guitar, so my goal is to learn to play guitar serviceably. Only then will I be on par with his other great hero, Spiderman.”

                  Gina Rodriguez, Golden Globe Winning Actress:

                  “My resolutions are again, they’re constantly, they’re daily, and they’re usually focused on self love and working on not turning the knife on myself, not tearing myself down, fighting fear, trying something that scares me at least once every day, and not allowing rejection or failure to stop me from trying…”

                  Drew and Jonathan Scott, HGTV’s Property Brothers:

                  “Both of our New Year’s resolutions include more travel… but specifically to places we have never been. As color will be big the new year, we’re hoping to find vibrant inspiration in exotic parts of the globe we have yet to experience. Stay tuned.”

                  Whether your sights are set on smaller personal goals, or your plans are to revolutionize your industry, this year provides a brand new start in making it happen. Take the advice from these noteworthy individuals for a prosperous and rewarding new year.

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                    Prepare to Book Your Stay at the Newest Hotel Openings in LA

                    LA's Newest Hotel Openings

                    Photo: Zocha Group – LA’s Newest Hotel Openings


                    Newest Hotel Openings in LA

                    Los Angeles is a city where new and exciting projects are always just around the corner. A boom of new hotels hitting the scene in recent years has created a number of destinations for visitors looking to have a luxury LA experience. The best is yet to come at the newest hotel openings in LA with even more elegant and trendy properties preparing to open their doors to the City of Angels.

                    newest hotel openings in los angeles

                    Photo: Zocha Group – Prepare to Book Your Stay at the Newest Hotel Openings in LA

                    West Hollywood EDITION

                    One of the newest hotel openings in LA is the EDITION hotel, sitting on Sunset Boulevard where West Hollywood and Beverly Hills collide. The luxury rooms, signature restaurant, lounge, spa, nightclub and rooftop pool leave all of their guests’ needs covered for a stay that gives the full LA experience. The 190 guestrooms and 20 luxury residences will be filled with those ready to take on a vacation to remember.

                    Thompson Hollywood

                    With its first foray into California hospitality, the Thompson will plant its roots in Hollywood in 2020 with a luxury experience focused on design and amenities. The bustling location will create an energetic environment with a penthouse lounge, rooftop bar and pool deck that will attract LA’s finest to lounge and mingle. With 200 rooms, the property will redefine the boutique hotel experience including sophisticated restaurant and nightlife outlets to match the dazzling Hollywood locale.

                    Soho Warehouse Downtown

                    The London-based Soho House members club opened their third LA outpost in September 2019, joining the West Hollywood and Malibu locations. The luxury club and hotel took over a 100-year old building in the Downtown LA Arts District, revamping the space to include 48 rooms, three restaurants, six bars and a rooftop pool. Unlike its other Los Angeles properties, Soho Warehouse Downtown allows for booking from members and their guests to enjoy the exclusive, artistic space.

                    Fairmont Century Plaza

                    This new 2020 addition to Century City, taking over the former Century Plaza Hotel, aims to create a walkable destination where guests will have everything they need within reach. The 394 rooms and 63 condos in the restored main building, along with 290 luxury residences spread across two new towers, will provide luxury living for locals and travelers alike. With retail spaces, restaurants, art installations and a rooftop swimming pool and bar, the Fairmont Century Plaza has plans to bring forth a whole new habitat to the area as a “city within a city.”

                    Downtown LA Proper Hotel

                    A revitalization of a historical Downtown building constructed in 1924, the new Downtown LA Proper Hotel will boast 148 rooms in its prime location situated just a few blocks from the Staples Center. Two restaurants run by James Beard-award winning chefs and a rooftop pool with a view of the skyline will begin to draw in guests to the 13-story property in early 2020. The expansive meeting spaces, historic banquet room and screening room will satisfy guests as they get the true Downtown LA experience.

                    The Pendry West Hollywood

                    Centering itself in the heart of West Hollywood, the Pendry aims to provide luxury and innovation to its guests along with an attention to detail. The 149 guest rooms will be joined by 40 residences that will all receive top of the line care with access to the diversity of amenities. A bowling alley, spa and fitness center are just a few of the exciting outlets framing the new space as a go-to in the city.

                    Tommie Hotel Hollywood

                    This hotel will be the first in the world for the Thompson Hotels brand, bringing the Tommie to the heart of Hollywood. With 212 rooms and a customizable experience, the space plans to cater to LA’s artistic and entrepreneurial community. The rooftop terrace will be sure to draw in guests to catch a view of the city with nightlife outlets keeping up a fun, youthful vibe.

                    The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood

                    Right off the iconic Sunset Strip, The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood is expected to bring old Hollywood glitz and glamour with 220 stylishly-designed rooms throughout its seven stories. The rooftop will boast one of the largest swimming pools in the city along with four bars spread throughout the property, and a casual, steak-focused restaurant About Last Knife. Event spaces and a projection wall in the courtyard are just a few draws to attract contemporary professionals to the luxury, boutique hotel.

                    citizenM Los Angeles Downtown & Hollywood

                    The dutch hotel brand citizenM is projected to open two locations in 2020 bringing their style of approachable luxury to the West Coast. The 11-story Downtown Los Angeles location will have 315 rooms where guests will be within walking distance of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Right along the iconic Walk of Fame, the Hollywood property will be situated next to the Capitol Records building with 216 rooms throughout 14-stories.

                    The Hoxton Hotel

                    Downtown Los Angeles has a new, stylish hotel with the October 2019 opening of The Hoxton in a historic, 10-story Broadway building. The classic yet modern design of marble, copper and brass mixes with LA’s trendy culture. The building houses restaurants Sibling Rival and Pilot, along with a rooftop pool—the first for the London-based brand’s collection of properties.

                    1 Hotel West Hollywood

                    Sunset Strip gained an attractive destination after the opening of 1 Hotel West Hollywood in 2019, situated at the base of the famed Hollywood Hills. The brand has established nationwide influence in expanding to its first location on the West Coast, featuring eco-friendly and energy-efficient details in a contemporary building. The 285 thoughtfully-designed rooms along with trendy, rooftop lounge Harriets all draw in guests who appreciate a good time and a breathtaking, scenic view of Los Angeles.

                    Palihotel Culver City

                    Palisociety, the boutique hotel group with locations in Santa Monica, West Hollywood and Westwood Village, added to their collection with the January 2019 opening of Palihotel Culver City. The restored, 1920s building now houses 49 rooms and suites with inviting, art deco furnishings to uniteParisian influences with a contemporary, LA style. Their French restaurant Simonette also acts as a draw with an indoor-outdoor space featuring a private courtyard.

                    Park Hyatt Los Angeles at Oceanwide Plaza

                    Coming to Downtown Los Angeles in 2021, the sophisticated design of this lavish hotel in Los Angeles will lure you in to experience an elegant stay near the STAPLES Center and LA Live. With 184 rooms and suites, guests will have plenty of activities to do situated next to the adjoining retail center to be named The Collection at Oceanwide Plaza. The experience-driven accommodations will offer a personalized stay for guests who will enjoy world-class amenities and luxury service under the Park Hyatt name.

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