Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus


Safe Social Distancing

As Californians begin to adjust to new rules and regulations on where they can and can’t go due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are seeking options for getting out of their house in a safe way. Places like restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms, bowling alleys and salons have now been ordered to shut down by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Gavin Newsom. However, there are still a number of safe ways Angelenos can participate in social distancing activities in Los Angeles.


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At Home Workouts

With gyms and hiking trails now closed, you can always get in shape right in your own home with a home workout. Fitness gurus and online publications offer plenty of advice on how you can continue staying active during this unprecedented time.

weights bands at home workout

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Virtual Happy Hour

Just because bars and restaurants are closed doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy happy hour, with apps like Zoom and Houseparty gaining popularity for uniting groups of friends for a video celebration. Pour yourself a drink and toast the camera for a fun way to stay social during social distancing.

laptop on table with wine virtual happy hour

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Cook a New Recipe

With so much indoor time on your hands, now may be the perfect time to become an expert in the kitchen. Cooking is a great stress-reliever and can boost your creativity by trying out something new. Crack open an old cookbook or look up recipes online for an endless amount of dishes to keep you busy.

recipe on tablet in kitchen

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Live Streaming Music Sets

Many musicians have taken to Instagram Live to continue performing for massive crowds, each in their own home. DJs like Diplo and DJ D-Nice have made waves through the quarantine by spinning playlists for fans. Check out your favorite artist’s Instagram to see if they’ll be going live for an intimate performance during self-isolation.


dj set up at home live streaming music

Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus

Low-Contact Sports

While the NBA, NFL and MLB have all ceased operations, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own sporting events with select low-contact activities. Sports like tennis and volleyball are great for staying active, with the proper precautions in place to minimize spreading germs. Even more casual sports like frisbee or badminton are great for a quarantine break.


Photo: Zocha Group – Safe Social Distancing Activities in Los Angeles During Coronavirus


Take your bike out for a ride to enjoy Los Angeles’ springtime weather. Places like Santa Monica, the Venice Beach boardwalk or Echo Park are perfect for enjoying the fresh air at a safe social distance.


off road bike on hill at sunset

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Dog Park

Plenty of LA citizens have their pets to worry about during the statewide Stay at Home order. For those with dogs, a visit to the dog park might be just what you and your pup need to clear your mind. Dogs are not known to contract or carry COVID-19, so them playing with other dogs is perfectly safe as a social distancing activity.


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Road Trip

Why not take the extra time on your hands and go for a drive? If you’re road tripping with a friend, wearing face masks helps keep your germs to yourself along with making use of the backseat and cracking the windows for proper ventilation.


road trip california

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Swimming & Jacuzzi

Anyone with swimming pool or jacuzzi access is in luck, as the CDC confirms that the heat, humidity and chlorine will inactivate the COVID-19 virus. A properly-maintained pool or jacuzzi is perfectly safe to lounge in during the statewide quarantine.


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Jogging & Walking

One of the easiest ways to get some fresh air during quarantine is to go for a walk or jog in your neighborhood. This social distancing activity gives you just enough exercise and allows you to take in the Los Angeles weather safely.


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    Note: Suggestions by Zocha Group are not to be taken as medical advice. Participating in these activities should be done at your own risk, and the best judgement for your personal situation should be taken into account before leaving your home. Official information on COVID-19 safety can be found through the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

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    The Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine

    girl meditating yoga de-stress

    Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


    Relax & De-Stress

    The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way people live with state and local governments requiring businesses to close and urging people to stay indoors. While these are stressful times for people all over the world, there are still a number of ways you can calm your nerves in your own home. Take a deep breath and relax with these easy ways to de-stress during COVID-19 quarantine.


    breathe sign to de-stress

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    One of the best ways to take your mind off of day-to-day life is to cook up a new recipe. Staying at home can mean that you have extra time to put together a quality meal. Cooking both a simple recipe or a complicated dinner can be a relaxing project to help pass the time. Trying a new type of cuisine or cooking method can also give you skills that will outlast the quarantine.

    Studies show that foods like salmon, dark chocolate, chamomile, and green tea can all help to reduce anxiety, so integrating these foods into your diet may also give you an extra dose of relaxation.

    recipe on tablet in kitchen

    Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine

    Travel Inspiration

    While the travel industry has shut down in many areas of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever. Now is a great time to begin planning trips for when the world re-opens for travel and hospitality experiences. Tropical beaches, bustling cities and serene landscapes will soon be re-populated with tourism in the coming year as the current limitations of the pandemic subside.

    The Zocha Group Insider’s Guide, Instagram and Pinterest are all great places to start to narrow down your future travel goals. From essential restaurant destinations to go-to nightlife hot spots, now’s the time to research the details for your next vacation.

    canoe in water surrounded by palm trees

    Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


    The idea of regularly practicing self-care has gained attention over recent years, and becomes even more important with the impact of the COVID-19 virus. There are numerous ways you can spend time tending to your needs to help ease the anxiety of the crisis. Taking a hot bath is a great way to physically relax your muscles with bath bombs and candles adding an extra touch.

    Meditation helps to clear your mind and reset at the beginning or end of your day. Things like detoxifying face masks and hair treatments can also be relaxing ways to take care of yourself during a stressful time. While you should focus on staying home as much as possible, an occasional walk to get some fresh air can also help to clear your head.


    bathtub with plant

    Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


    In recent years, CBD products have become a popular way to de-stress through the health benefits of reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation. Companies like Cheef Botanicals offer oils, topical rubs and edibles that are all made to deliver calming effects without the psychoactive properties of marijuana.

    Cheef Botanicals aims to provide healthy, plant-based cannabis products as an alternative that can ease the discomfort of various conditions. Their CBD Bath Bomb is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a revitalizing aromatherapy experience, or add drops of their Full Spectrum CBD Oil to your favorite drink to absorb the benefits with each sip. The possibilities are endless for how you can use CBD to sit back, relax and enjoy a stress-relieving experience.


    girl rubbing cbd on arm

    Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine


    With gyms, hiking trails, and even beaches closed during the pandemic, it can be difficult to stay both active and safe. Exercising at home is a great way to release stress with there being plenty of at-home workouts you can try. Whether you have equipment or you’re just working with body weight, staying at home on quarantine doesn’t have to mean getting out of shape.

    The endorphins released through exercise can also help to set your mind at ease. Getting fresh air in a safe way is also an option, through going for a jog in your neighborhood while taking all the necessary precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    girl standing by yoga mat with plants

    Photo: Zocha Group – Best Ways to De-Stress During the COVID-19 Quarantine

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      The Newest Features in International Luxury Air Travel

      newest features in international luxury air travel

      Photo: Zocha Group – The Newest Features in International Luxury Air Travel


      Newest Features in Luxury Air Travel

      For more than a century, passengers have enjoyed air travel in making way to their destination quickly and comfortably. In recent years, airline amenities have reached new heights with business and first class features rising above past expectations to take on a truly luxury air travel experience. With new technologies and modes of relaxation continuously being incorporated into premium travel, first and business class international flights are more lavish than ever and are expected to continue to evolve in coming years. Get to know some of the air travel industry’s most extravagant features that deliver passengers to their destination in style.

      Boeing 777-300ER

      Known for its luxury flights, Emirates recently introduced the world’s first enclosed cabin suite featured on an aircraft. The Boeing 777-300ER allows passengers to enjoy 40 feet of their own private space with a sleek look inspired by Mercedes Benz. The aircraft, offering flights out of Dubai, has a series of features to pamper passengers for the ultimate travel experience. They’ll take in entertainment on the biggest widescreen touch TV on any airplane in the world, lounging on “zero gravity” seats perfectly measured to reach the peak of comfort. Mood lighting and temperature control personalize the experience, and virtual windows with a live video feed of the terrain below make sure every passenger has a window seat.

      Etihad A380

      While not technically fully-enclosed, a Residence cabin on the Etihad A380 gives Emirates a run for its money by offering the world’s only three-room air travel apartment in the sky. Complete with a living room, bedroom and ensuite bathroom with a shower, luxury is an understatement for guests flying out of Abu Dhabi to NYC, London, Paris or Sydney. A personal butler serves Residence passengers custom, gourmet meals in their spacious living room before they retire to the bedroom, fit with a double bed and additional entertainment system. The bathroom with a full-height shower provides a way to refresh on the long flights, complete with a vanity and luxury robes.

      Air France La Premiere 777-300ER

      While none reach the level of extravagance these top-tier cabins provide, other airlines around the world are aiming to upgrade their first and business class services in a variety of ways. The Air France La Premiere 777-300ER provides a notable raised side partition and floor-to-ceiling closed-curtains allowing for an elevated level of privacy. Seats that are made into full beds offer a quality night’s rest with premium bedding. The exceptional experience is topped off with some of the best airline dining in the world. Seven-course meals of caviar, lobster and steak designed by a Michelin-star chef place Air France above all in air dining excellence.

      Zodiac Aerospace

      With growing expectations of enhanced comfort and tech in flying experiences, the near future of air travel is projected to include an array of heightened luxuries that continue to take passengers into the next era of first and business class flight. Airbus is partnering with Zodiac Aerospace to develop interchangeable sleeping modules on the lower deck of the Airbus A330. The modular design, expected to be an aircraft catalog option in 2020, will also allow for other uses such as a kids’ zone, medical center, lounge or conference room.

      Panasonic Avionics

      Panasonic Avionics is also well on their way to making improvements in premium air travel. Their innovative Nanoe air filtration system, a service planned to launch in 2021, suppresses bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pollutants that improve air quality for first and business class passengers. Panasonic is also developing Active Noise Control technology to reduce aircraft noise and replace it with the passenger’s choice of ambient sound or music.

      Boom Supersonic

      An ambitious project by Boom Supersonic aims to deliver passengers from Tokyo to San Francisco in under six hours on a supersonic jet travelling more than double the speed of sound. With testing beginning in 2019, these ultra-fast flights have an expected release date of 2025 with prices comparable to today’s business class seats.

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        Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        boost immune system with drip iv therapy

        Photo: Zocha Group – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile


        Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Drip IV therapy has become a booming business in recent years as a way to boost energy after a night of partying, a long flight or to enhance immunity. Drip IV Therapy offers mobile services to give clients a personalized experience right in the comfort of their own home. This new way of recovery offers a convenient solution, leaving clients happier and healthier after the cutting edge treatment. Whether you’ve partied hard or just want to protect your body, you can boost your immune system with Drip IV Therapy.

        girl with drip iv in arm

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        What is Drip IV?

        The process of IV therapy was previously only limited to athletes, celebrities and others with demanding schedules that called for them to maximize their energy. Only a select few had the ability to arrange for state-of-the-art treatments, which are highly effective in promoting cellular health. Drip IV Therapy offers convenient mobile IV treatments in markets all throughout Southern California.

        Drip IV’s team of professional Registered Nurses visit clients and administer the infusions, with the full process taking as little as 45 minutes. Clients feel the effects and are able to continue their day with a boost of energy and vitality.

        boost immune system nurse consultation drip iv

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Types of Treatment

        The body’s need for nutrients becomes even more important when putting it through the day to day challenges of things like jet lag, drinking alcoholic beverages and stress. Delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, an IV drip is far more effective than traditional means of ingesting supplements orally. Drip IV Therapy offers a range of IV treatments that each address different afflictions depending on the client’s needs. 

        One of their most popular treatments is the Hangover Drip, offering just what the body needs after a long night of drinking. The Hydration Drip offers a standard saline solution to help balance fluids and promote nutrient absorption. The Immunity Drip is also a popular option, helping to boost immunity with vitamins like B12, zinc, and magnesium. Clients can even get a Food Poisoning Drip to help clear out toxins in the body due to food poisoning. Customized IV solutions are also available based on a unique test analyzing the client’s white blood cells.

        boost immune system nurses with drip iv smiling

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Booking an Appointment

        Drip IV’s mobile accessibility means they can arrive at your door no matter where you are within the Southern California region, between 6 am-11 pm. Covering Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Desert, Orange County, Santa Barbara and more, their team is ready to help clients get back on their feet.

        While many clients book for a home visit, you can also arrange for treatments during bachelor parties, corporate events, music festivals, retreats and a range of other events. The convenient booking process means you can book with as little as an hour’s notice, and have a Registered Nurse arrive to bring you to life with energy-boosting supplements. 


        girl with drip iv smiling

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

        Membership Programs

        Drip IV also offers multiple membership programs for those who plan to use the service regularly. The IV Vitamin Drip membership comes with between two to eight IV therapy treatments per month, depending on the client’s preferred package. There is also the availability for an NAD Drip membership, which delivers up to 12 treatments per month of an age-slowing amino acid solution. Whether you’re in a hotel room, office or at home, Drip IV provides you with their safe, cutting edge, energy-boosting treatment.


        drip iv bag boost immune system

        Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

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          nurse with drip iv

          Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile