Tropical US Destinations for Your Next Island Getaway

Tropical US Destinations for Your Next Island Getaway beach

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Tropical US Destinations

When you think of a vacation, you might imagine sitting on a white sand beach in a far off country with a drink in hand. While many of these destinations may seem exotic, there are plenty of US territories around the world that don’t even require a passport for your visit. Making your way to a beachside oasis has never been easier. Get your fix of luxury and relaxation when you visit these US tropical vacation destinations.

St. Thomas – U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas serves as the gateway isle into the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Though it is only 32 square miles, the small island has an unending list of activities for you to do. There is no shortage of small coves and inlets to explore along with a world-renowned golf course, beaches that compete with the best in the world and an energetic nightlife scene.

American Samoa

A next-door neighbor of Fiji, the American Samoa islands are just a 13-hour flight from Los Angeles to the southwest, past Hawaii and nearby to New Zealand. It is this prime location that gives the islands a distinct feel from any other area of the U.S. or her territories. Enjoy hiking the volcanic mountains or scuba diving in crystal blue waters off of a white sand beach. There is also no shortage of high-end dining and residences that offer visitors a truly luxurious stay.


For a tropical vacation that feels worlds away from the U.S. mainland, consider booking a trip out to Guam–a U.S. island located south of the Philippines. The remote island has become a vacation hotspot for U.S. elites in the last couple of decades, attracted by the unique cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and waters perfect for snorkeling or diving. Shipwrecks off the coast serve as great spots to explore while scuba diving, or lounge at their impressive hotels like the Dusit Thani Guam Resort for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Isabela – Puerto Rico

If the energetic nightlife and touristy shopping of San Juan isn’t quite your scene, consider heading west on a two-hour drive to the relatively undiscovered town of Isabela. The town carries a slower and more peaceful feel, and visitors make the most of this attitude by taking in everything the town has to offer like pristine beaches and beautiful sunsets. If you do decide to make the trip to Isabela, you won’t be completely in the woods. There are still options for high-end accommodations like the breathtaking Royal Isabela and fine dining like The Eclipse restaurant.

The Florida Keys

This chain of islands off the southern coast of Florida is the most Caribbean you can get without leaving the mainland. The colorful and unique architecture along with the tropical climate makes the Keys feel like you’ve truly left the States. Head to Key West for snorkeling, fine dining, an active nightlife scene.

Kauai – Hawaii

The most beautiful and least developed island in Hawaii, Kauai offers visitors lush mountainscapes, breathtaking shores, and a rich culture to explore. The otherworldly island has been the backdrop for numerous Hollywood movies and T.V. shows, so cinephiles will enjoy exploring some recognizable locations.

Only a three-hour flight from New York, San Juan feels worlds away from the U.S. which makes the seaside paradise the perfect tropical vacation spot for anyone looking to get away from the hustle of city life. San Juan is Puerto Rico’s largest city, serving as its capital. Visit the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and gaze on the colorful Spanish architecture, still alive from the old world. After checking out some of the historical sites that the city houses, head to one of the fine dining restaurants dotted all around San Juan like the beachside Oceana that features upscale Caribbean cuisine.

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