A Classic Getaway in St Tropez

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Photo: Zocha Group – A Classic Getaway in St Tropez


Escape to St Tropez

Every year, St Tropez draws thousands of travelers looking to experience a classic getaway in St Tropez and it’s picturesque beauty of southeastern France. It became known as a popular celebrity getaway ever since classic Hollywood stars began to frequent the small fishing town on the French Riviera. Since that mid-century discovery, the coastal village has blossomed into a destination offering the best of both worlds—charming, rustic character perfect for glamorous partying.

Yacht Culture

When in St. Tropez, a yacht charter is the secret to taking advantage of the city’s sparkling clear currents. Drawing sailors from around the world, ports bustle with vacationers and residents alike, ready to enjoy a smooth ride along the coast. Luxury yachts are available if you’re seeking the most sophisticated boating experience, whether it be for partying or working on your St. Tropez tan.

Day cruise yacht charters are perfect for sightseeing and stopping off at all the trendiest locations down the shoreline. You can also aim for a holiday charter, allowing you to set sail for week-long excursions to places like Cannes or Iles de Lérins. No matter the itinerary, there’s a yacht fit for every traveler to truly take in the gentle breezes of the French Riviera.

Daytime Dining

When they aren’t sailing along St. Tropez’ tides, guests of Le Club 55, indulge in decadent French cuisine at one of the most exclusive establishments in the city. Reservations for the beachside bistro are nearly impossible to acquire, leaving those on the outside to daydream of the delicacies within.

Le Club 55 has held its own as a celebrity hotspot ever since Brigitte Bardot graced its presence 50 years ago. It still remains at the top of A-list dining destinations thanks to popular dishes like the fresh vegetable platter, grilled langoustine tops, asparagus mousseline and fraises des bois dessert. Giving off the essence of a shorefront day party, it becomes easy to to celebrate the good life as groups often gather there to raise their glasses to another day in paradise.

Elegant Hotels

France is known for its historically breathtaking architecture and St. Tropez delivers with its classical yet luxurious hotels. In the Var region of the city, the 19th Century built Château de la Messardière paints the ideal picture of a magical French getaway. In offering over 100 rooms, it’s the town’s largest hotel, spanning an impressive 25 acres.

Guests get to take advantage of the spacious landscape through the many on-site amenities. The gourmet L’Acacia restaurant serves as a romantic, Mediterranean-style culinary experience, overlooking the beaches of Pampelonne. The Château bar Le Soleil d’Eau creates a sultry lounge environment for an intimate cocktail. Guests can also escape to the bar’s Terrace to take in the warm, summer breeze. For those seeking a bit of enlightenment, you don’t have to go far to enjoy the palace’s in-house art gallery. The collection showcases international artists’ exhibitions, highlighting works by Victoire de la Messardière, a descendant of the Messardière family.

What was once a small fishing village can now call itself a festive city with alluring charm. From yacht tours to beachside celebrations, St. Tropez is the place to gather for a mesmerizing taste of the French Riviera. As the glowing sun sets along the coastline, you won’t regret paying a visit to the city that has it all.

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