L’Horizon Hotel & Spa: A Palm Springs Desert Oasis

l'horizon palm springs

Photo: L’Horizon Hotel & Spa


Experience L Horizon

Palm Springs has classically been known as a desert haven where Los Angeles elite escape for mini vacations filled with fine dining, shopping and most importantly, relaxation. The L’Horizon Hotel and Spa has maintained the city’s prestige through hosting guests for a private, luxury experience with their intimate bungalows and indulgent spa treatments. Guests step into a world of exemplary accommodations at this lavish boutique hotel.

Photo: L’Horizon Resort & Spa Palm Springs Bungalows

The Horizon

Built as “The Horizon” in 1952 by William F. Cody, an architect that helped shape the iconic mid-century modern architecture of Palm Springs, the hotel quickly became a celebrity hot spot. During the 1950s and ‘60s, it drew Hollywood elite like Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, producer Jack Wrather and a number of US Presidents to come experience the sprawling, three-acre desert sanctuary.

In the Heart of the Desert

Los Angeles designer Steve Hermann was brought in to revitalize the property in 2015 while still keeping its mid-century character intact. The original style of the hotel is now combined with modern and vintage furniture to create a nostalgic yet contemporary space for a whole new generation of trendsetters. Hermann’s addition of an open-air spa and alfresco restaurant SoPa added even more to the attractive vacation spot. The welcoming interior creates an air of residential luxury leaving guests to feel right at home in the heart of the desert.

The Bungalows

The 25 bungalows throughout the property are designed with handpicked decor and custom finishes to create an intimate space filled with comfort. Entering into their bungalow guests will never have to remember a room number, as each domain is personalized with a gold, etched name plate. Exposed wood, marble accents, and stone walls bring natural touches to the room against its mountainous desert backdrop. The indoor-outdoor feel is enhanced by glass doors that provide plenty of natural light for a tranquil stay. Guests can also lounge on their own private outdoor patio or reach the ultimate relaxation with an outdoor shower using lush Le Labo bath products.

The Residence

One of the most impressive aspects of L’Horizon is its signature presidential suite The Residence–a secluded oasis formerly home to Hollywood entrepreneur Jack Wrather. The more than 3000-square-foot habitat comes with a private, full-sized pool and yard. Unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape deliver eye-catching views of the natural, mountain terrain. The Residence can be booked as a one-bedroom accommodation or upgraded to the full two-bedroom home, both options leaving guests to enjoy a wood-burning fireplace, wet bar and luxury amenities.

Peaceful Ambiance

Outside of lounging in the spacious bungalow rooms, the hotel boasts an inviting indoor-outdoor Spa for pampering guests in a peaceful setting. From massages to facials to aromatherapy, relaxation is guaranteed with services customized to fit each guest’s desires. Other activities like private personal training, yoga classes and guided hikes add an element of fitness perfect for any guest wishing to stay active during their getaway. The onsite restaurant SoPa is also a welcoming draw, with a refined dining experience in an intimate atmosphere. The garden-esque outdoor seating creates an enchanting setting where a flavorful, local menu of European and Californian dishes please the palate thanks to Michelin-star Chef Giacomo Pettinari.

The Location

Aside from the number of amenities throughout the property, L’Horizon is also located within minutes of Palm Springs’ bustling downtown. Restaurants, nightlife and shopping are some of the main attractions for visitors taking advantage of the city’s offerings. The area is also home to multiple casinos, museums and design studios creating a unique landscape for exploring the classic destination.

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    Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

    boost immune system with drip iv therapy

    Photo: Zocha Group – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile


    Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

    Drip IV therapy has become a booming business in recent years as a way to boost energy after a night of partying, a long flight or to enhance immunity. Drip IV Therapy offers mobile services to give clients a personalized experience right in the comfort of their own home. This new way of recovery offers a convenient solution, leaving clients happier and healthier after the cutting edge treatment. Whether you’ve partied hard or just want to protect your body, you can boost your immune system with Drip IV Therapy.

    girl with drip iv in arm

    Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

    What is Drip IV?

    The process of IV therapy was previously only limited to athletes, celebrities and others with demanding schedules that called for them to maximize their energy. Only a select few had the ability to arrange for state-of-the-art treatments, which are highly effective in promoting cellular health. Drip IV Therapy offers convenient mobile IV treatments in markets all throughout Southern California.

    Drip IV’s team of professional Registered Nurses visit clients and administer the infusions, with the full process taking as little as 45 minutes. Clients feel the effects and are able to continue their day with a boost of energy and vitality.

    boost immune system nurse consultation drip iv

    Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

    Types of Treatment

    The body’s need for nutrients becomes even more important when putting it through the day to day challenges of things like jet lag, drinking alcoholic beverages and stress. Delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, an IV drip is far more effective than traditional means of ingesting supplements orally. Drip IV Therapy offers a range of IV treatments that each address different afflictions depending on the client’s needs. 

    One of their most popular treatments is the Hangover Drip, offering just what the body needs after a long night of drinking. The Hydration Drip offers a standard saline solution to help balance fluids and promote nutrient absorption. The Immunity Drip is also a popular option, helping to boost immunity with vitamins like B12, zinc, and magnesium. Clients can even get a Food Poisoning Drip to help clear out toxins in the body due to food poisoning. Customized IV solutions are also available based on a unique test analyzing the client’s white blood cells.

    boost immune system nurses with drip iv smiling

    Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

    Booking an Appointment

    Drip IV’s mobile accessibility means they can arrive at your door no matter where you are within the Southern California region, between 6 am-11 pm. Covering Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Desert, Orange County, Santa Barbara and more, their team is ready to help clients get back on their feet.

    While many clients book for a home visit, you can also arrange for treatments during bachelor parties, corporate events, music festivals, retreats and a range of other events. The convenient booking process means you can book with as little as an hour’s notice, and have a Registered Nurse arrive to bring you to life with energy-boosting supplements. 


    girl with drip iv smiling

    Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

    Membership Programs

    Drip IV also offers multiple membership programs for those who plan to use the service regularly. The IV Vitamin Drip membership comes with between two to eight IV therapy treatments per month, depending on the client’s preferred package. There is also the availability for an NAD Drip membership, which delivers up to 12 treatments per month of an age-slowing amino acid solution. Whether you’re in a hotel room, office or at home, Drip IV provides you with their safe, cutting edge, energy-boosting treatment.


    drip iv bag boost immune system

    Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile

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      nurse with drip iv

      Photo: Drip IV Therapy + Mobile – Boost your Immune System with Drip IV Therapy + Mobile


      The 8 Best Spring Break Destinations for Your Vacation

      Photo: Zocha Group – Best Spring Break Destinations for Your Vacation


      Best Spring Break Destinations

      As the weather starts to get warmer at some of the most fun travel destinations in the world, spring is the best time to start taking advantage of the atmosphere with a leisurely vacation. From Mexico to the Bahamas, you can find the best Spring Break destinations that will have you relaxing in the sun by day and partying along the beach all night long.

      Photo: Zocha Group – Montego Bay

      Cabo San Lucas

      You can’t go wrong by heading down to Cabo for an adventure in this tropical, Mexican paradise. With a reputation for being one of the best party cities in North America, nightlife lovers will have no problem living it up at their many resorts and lively nightclubs. Grab margaritas and fresh seafood at one of the many beachfront bars, or head to a club to party it up with the bustling crowds of visitors and locals.

      Key West

      Travelers visiting Florida will find plenty to do at this classic Spring Break destination. With activities like snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, and plenty more at your fingertips, there won’t be a dull moment as you enjoy the clear blue oceans of this tropical getaway.


      From private island parties in Nassau, to coral reefs in Freeport, to exploring caves in Eleuthera, the Bahamas are a great place to have a tropical excursion to remember.  Comfortable, drier weather in the spring ensures idyllic, beachside weather, with plenty of five-star resorts helping to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.


      Those looking for a good time in Miami are bound to get their fill by visiting during the spring months. Miami Music Week is a popular attraction for visitors ready to enjoy some of their favorite artists who come to town to perform during the two-week March event. Special club night performances at places like Rockwell, Hyde Beach or LIV also draw in a nightlife crowd ready to dance the night away.


      This trendy, Mexican Spring Break destination will have you tapping into your cultural side in a city full of historical, ancient ruins. Places like the Chichen Itza and Tulum ruins of the Mayan civilization will open your eyes to Mexican history. After the sun goes down, you can bar hop at the town centre or head to Papaya Playa Project to party along the shore.

      Palm Springs

      For a laid back place to relax amongst the palm trees and sunshine, Palm Springs might just be the perfect escape. This desert oasis becomes the perfect place to party under the sun alongside the influx of visitors in town during Coachella each April. Temperatures won’t reach their summer peaks, so catching up on a tan by the pool at the Ace or Saguaro Hotel are popular ways to relax and enjoy the comfortable heat.


      Visit Hawaii’s capital to have a taste of their one-of-a-kind dining and cocktail scene. The city boasts world class resorts and perfect weather to compliment the delicious, local cuisine. Enjoy the sparkling ocean with a Mai Tai in hand at this perfect Spring Break destination.

      Las Vegas

      Vegas is known for its triple digit temperatures that heat up resorts and pools during the summer. But in the springtime, the weather is perfect for enjoying the sunshine without having to suffer record-breaking heat. Hotel destinations with poolside dayclubs like Encore, Wet Republic, and Marquee are a main attraction with the convenience of getting to party right in your own backyard.

      Punta Cana

      The pristine beaches of Punta Cana alone are enough to make you feel like you’ve entered a dreamlike escape. The nightlife scene is unparalleled for Spring Break, drawing in thousands of visitors to soak up the sun in a tropical paradise. Take a catamaran sailing trip or explore the terrain on an ATV at this exciting Dominican Republic Spring Break destination.

      Montego Bay

      Enjoy the glimmering, blue waves of the Caribbean at Jamaica’s Montego Bay, a beach known for its vivacious Spring Break festivities. This world-famous beach is home to sand, sun and partying with an vibrant nightlife scene to go along with its picturesque landscape. Snorkeling, dining and shopping will keep you busy by day while you take in the city’s revelry each night.

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        Explore a Desert Oasis with a Palm Springs Getaway Vacation

        a palm springs getaway vacation

        Photo: Zocha Group – Explore a Desert Oasis with a Palm Springs Getaway Vacation


        Experience Palm Springs

        A favored piece of California history, Palm Springs is known for its signature mid-century modern architecture and design, along with being the preferred vacation spot for the stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The city currently acts as a desert oasis for visitors seeking warm weather, shopping and a setting to relax as the palm trees sway in the breeze. Take in California’s desert sun with a worthy Palm Springs getaway vacation.

        palm springs getaway vacation

        Photo: Zocha Group – Explore a Desert Oasis with a Palm Springs Getaway Vacation

        Rent a Villa

        To make the most of a Palm Springs stay, a private villa is essential to enjoy the architecture of the city and beautiful mountainous backdrops.  Enter the Contemporary Dream property to be swept away by a peaceful retreat with a modern, earthy flair. A full wall of glass gives guests a view of the immaculate backyard where entertaining is a breeze thanks to the sparkling pool, jacuzzi and lounge space. The Spanish influence of the Smokewood Palms brings a contemporary charm complemented by a rustic feel that extends into the lush backyard, complete with a private pool. It’ll be hard to leave the California Palms estate, with a quintessential mid-century look right out of a magazine. The bright and airy space is filled with plush furnishings and modern accents to create a world of luxury and style.

        Photo: Contemporary Dream

        Book a Hotel

        If a hotel stay is preferred, the selection of resorts is unparalleled, offering lavish amenities that create the perfect desert retreat. L’Horizon Resort & Spa is a perfect example of how Palm Springs history joins with its present to create an unforgettable experience. Formerly a playground for Hollywood celebrities of the 1950s, it now stands as a departure into luxury with private bungalows for ultimate seclusion. The Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs will also impress with a serene ambiance and beautiful sunset view from the rooftop pool terrace. The stylish furnishings and decor at Parker Palm Springs place guests in an atmosphere of artistry. Their well known drinking and dining outlets pair with beautifully-designed rooms to offer everything guests can dream of in a vacation.

        Photo: L’Horizon Hotel & Spa

        Wine & Dine

        Pleasing the palate is a necessity while relaxing under the warm sunshine, and Palm Springs boasts a satisfying selection of restaurants for travelers to choose from. One of the favorites for locals and visitors alike, Workshop Kitchen + Bar sits in the Uptown Design District and has a James Beard-winning menu of refined dishes. 4 Saints is another favorite, being the only rooftop venue in the Coachella Valley. The location provides a dazzling view while delectable bites are served both indoors and outdoors. Guests also get an outdoor experience at Birba, an al fresco dining destination with handmade pastas and wood-fired pizzas that make it a go-to hot spot.


        Experience Bars & Lounges

        The city’s variety of bars and lounges provide just the right amount of nighttime buzz  for guests to mix and mingle under the starry skies. The Ace Hotel & Swim Club is a popular destination with an artsy crowd of patrons enjoying The Amigo Room–a cavernous bar that connects to the hotel’s outdoor pool terrace. Have a speakeasy experience at Seymour’s, an upscale lounge hidden behind a nondescript door and serves up delicious craft cocktails. Dive into classic Palm Springs culture by visiting one of its many tiki bars, with Bootlegger Tiki, Tonga Hut and The Reef being popular choices that evoke an idyllic tropical ambiance.


        Explore the Desert

        When guests aren’t swimming laps in the hotel pool or toasting drinks during an al fresco brunch, there are a bevy of activities to indulge in to create a well-rounded stay. Get ready for tee time with Escena Golf Club being ranked within the top ten golf courses in California. The stunning landscape of the San Jacinto Mountains surrounds each game providing a memorable golfing experience. Hit the shops along North Palm Canyon Drive to browse unique boutiques along with luxury and designer outlets. The Agua Caliente Casino is an attraction for those feeling lucky, while wellness lovers will enjoy visiting natural hot springs like Two Bunch Palms, home to a 600-year old mineral water spring.

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