Top 20 Coziest Date Night Bars in Los Angeles

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Cozy Date Night Bars

Los Angeles is well known for its diverse nightlife scene that includes energetic nightclubs, sophisticated lounges and secretive speakeasies that draw in visitors from all around the world. If you’re looking for a place to take that special someone for an intimate night out, narrowing down the perfect spot for a cozy night of drinks and conversation can be a tedious task. Duck into any of these cozy date night bars in Los Angeles to enjoy a warm, snuggly escape with your sweetheart.


You’ll drive right past this hidden date night bar in Los Feliz, tucked away down an unmarked alleyway adjacent to restaurant Atrium. Step into the tropical, modern escape where palm tree wallpaper and reflective surfaces join with an art deco design. Unique cocktails will keep you buzzing as you get lost in conversation with your date.

Society Room

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this clandestine gem within West Hollywood restaurant Conservatory. Signature drinks are made with fresh ingredients to celebrate the art of handcrafted cocktails, while plush seating and vibrant decor make it the ideal date night bar.


A welcome addition to Santa Monica’s bar scene, Lanea is the perfect place to sip a tequila cocktail in a bright and airy space. This ideal date night bar offers booths for conversation along with board games to break the ice. Get even more cozy by toasting drinks at the wheel of their boat booth, a wooden boat made into a loungeworthy seat.


While the marquee in front often claims there’s “Nothing to see here,” there’s definitely an environment to enjoy once you pass through the curtains to Delilah. Make a reservation to cozy up over their delicious plates or grab a seat at the bar to whisper sweet nothings over drinks.

Roger Room

This classic West Hollywood go-to is a local favorite, known for its cozy booths great for mixing and mingling with friends. The circus-inspired space has a vintage feel to go along with its selection of delicious craft cocktails to enjoy with your date in an intimate space.

Sunset & Vinyl

You’d never suspect a worthy bar to live atop a chain pizza place, but Sunset & Vinyl offers up an intimate, vintage escape for you and your beaux to get to know each other. Don’t worry about yelling over loud music here, the record player always has a new album playing to act as the perfect soundtrack to your night.

Bar Flores

Climb the stairs to Bar Flores in Echo Park for an inviting habitat to people watch with a view of Sunset Boulevard below. The wooden indoor space and beautiful back patio offer multiple ways for you to enjoy the floral-inspired space with your date.

Electric Owl

This neighborhood gem taps into West Hollywood history as its inspiration comes from being built on the site of a former train station. Snuggle up with a table for food inside the dining car-like interior or embrace a sunny day with craft cocktails on the outdoor patio.

Library Bar

One of Downtown LA’s favorites, this library-themed spot is great for ducking in on date night with a loved one. The dimly lit ambiance gives the feel of a vintage hideaway with plenty of books to browse if you’re in the mood.

Bibo Ergo Sum

With a name like “I drink therefore I am,” Bibo Ergo Sum’s award-winning cocktails are perfect to sip during your date night conversation. The knowledgeable bar staff will make you a quality concoction with the modern yet nostalgic décor bringing an added touch of sophistication to the space.

The Hudson

If you haven’t been to The Hudson, you’ve surely driven by with its prime location in the heart of West Hollywood. The nonchalant wooden building is home to a grub-worthy food menu along with a selection of microbrew beers that give you and your sweetheart plenty of options for a buzz.

40 Love

If you’re split between staying in to watch the game or taking your date out for the night, get the best of both worlds by visiting West Hollywood’s 40 Love. Their elegant take on a sports lounge means you’ll get to enjoy a chic night out with your date all while cheering on your favorite team.

Here and Now

The perfect place to break the ice on a first date in the Downtown Arts District, Here and Now’s welcoming environment is sure to calm any first date nerves along with sipping from their menu of LA-inspired craft cocktails.

The Wellesbourne

You’ll be instantly transported to the study of a 19th Century English home when you enter into The Wellesbourne in West LA. Cuddle up by the fireplace with the surrounding walls of books and authentic English décor putting you in the mood for date night.

Know Where Bar

An unsuspecting East Hollywood hideaway, you’ll step into Know Where Bar and feel right at home with their inviting tropical, retro design. Duck in from the night’s weather and settle into the bar where you’ll find a menu of cocktails worth tasting.

The Nice Guy

Known for its “no photos” policy that attracts a clientele of high profile guests, you’ll be able to connect with your sweetheart uninterrupted when you make a reservation at The Nice Guy. Their American dining menu provides some comfort food to balance out the refined design.

In Sheeps Clothing

As the mysterious title suggests, you’d never suspect this lounge existed due to its unassuming entrance tucked inside of a pizza place Downtown. Drop by with a music-loving date as the space is focused on the sounds emitting from the record player behind the bar. Keep your voices down in this cool, vintage spot that’s sure to bring music to your ears.

Black Rabbit Rose

Add a spark to your date by watching one of Black Rabbit Rose’s magic shows in the intimate, 1930s-inspired theater space. You’ll be concealed in the darkness of the audience as you watch performers on stage, or can also grab a craft cocktail in the softly-lit adjoining lounge.

The Varnish

Head to the back of the historic Cole’s French Dip in Downtown LA to find The Varnish hiding behind the door of an old storage closet. This classic speakeasy-style hideaway is perfect for an cozy, rendezvous over drinks.

El Carmen

If you’ve got a taste for tacos and tequila, El Carmen has both along with a cozy date night bar atmosphere for sparks to fly. Choose from their unique variety of margarita flavors as you lean into your date over a shared taste of their signature plates.

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