The 8 Best Hiking Spots In and Around Los Angeles

When you think of Los Angeles, you might think of beaches, the near-perfect weather, or the movie industry, but for LA locals, great places to hike would be a part of that list too. With hiking’s rise in popularity as a fun exercise, more and more trails seem to be popping up out of nowhere. Whether you’re an avid hiker who hopes to summit Everest, or looking for a Sunday afternoon stroll, there’s an LA trail for you. Here are some of the best hiking trails around the city for you to spend your next sunny day out.

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Paradise Falls, Wildwood Park

Skill Level: Amateur – Intermediate

Tucked into Thousands Oaks, you can find the pristine Wildwood Park. Within Wildwood park you can take a 2-mile hike with no pit stops, or a 4.5-mile hike with a few breaks overlooking the beautiful vistas of Stagecoach Bluff. Once you get to Paradise Falls you’ll find a 40 ft. waterfall that offers a great place to rest and take pictures.


Photo: Paradise Falls / Modern Hiker

Echo Mountain

Skill Level: Intermediate – Expert

This 5-mile round trip trail in Altadena is sure to give you a challenge. Steep switchbacks and little to no shade trees make for a long and demanding hike, but the end result will be worth the struggle. Near the turn around point, there is a landscape of beautiful old ruins that would be perfect for a family lunch or photo moment.


Photo: Echo Mountain / Trover

Eaton Canyon

Skill Level: Intermediate

Eaton Canyon is known locally as the hiking spot to be in North Pasadena. A 3-mile round trip and not much elevation change makes for a brisk and easy hike. At the turn around point, you can access the Eaton Canyon lower waterfalls to enjoy the scenery after your workout.


Photo: Eaton Canyon / Modern Hiker

Santa Susana Pass

Skill Level: Amateur

This amazing hiking trail located in a historical park in Chatsworth offers a great route along a trail that has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans and early settlers. Throughout the park, you can find Native artifacts, old broken down stagecoaches, and great views of the valley.


Photo: Santa Susana Pass

Malibu Creek State Park

Skill Level: Amateur – Expert 

Used as a set for multiple TV shows and movies throughout Hollywood history, Malibu Creek State Park offers a wide variety of hiking and walking trails for hikers of any level. The beautiful and lush landscape makes for a serene setting to reconnect with nature. The park was the site of the revent Woolsey fires but has since been reopened.


Photo: Malibu Creek State Park / San Fernando Valley Audubon Society

Runyon Canyon

Skill Level: Amateur – Intermediate

Known for its see-and-be-seen culture, Runyon’s multiple hiking trails lead all the way through the Hollywood Hills within the 130-acre public park. Animal lovers will appreciate that you can bring your dog here to roam free without a leash. The three trails vary in length so there’s a route for everybody to enjoy. The variety of overlooks and rest areas give you plenty of opportunities to take a break and enjoy the landscape.


Photo: Runyon Canyon

Wildwood Canyon

Skill Level: Amateur

This moderately easy 2-mile round trip hike offers great views overlooking the city, multiple dedicated picnic spots, restrooms, and drinking water available throughout the hike. This Burbank trail makes for a photo-worthy spot with amenities to keep you comfortable along your workout.


Photo: Wildwood Canyon

Mount Baldy

Skill Level: Expert

Mount Baldy is the Everest of LA area, being the highest point in San Bernardino County. No true hiker can stay away from Mount Baldy, as it is a difficult hike but offers incredible, breathtaking views of the valley below. If you’re up for the challenge, Mount Baldy is waiting for you, just make sure you’re prepared for the daring ascent.


Photo: Mount Baldy

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