Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa

Africa is one of the most beautiful and diverse continents on earth, with 54 countries and thousands of subcultures that are all drastically unique, both culturally and topographically. Often referred to as the ‘Mother Continent,’ it is widely believed that Africa is the center and starting point for mankind, which makes it the most historically intriguing area on earth. Adventure is the main attraction for travelers coming to Africa, a figure that has grown exponentially in recent years. From overnight safaris on the plains of the Serengeti to luxury shopping in some of the world’s best shopping centers, Africa is truly diverse and holds something unique for everybody who visits. To get a better idea of what parts of Africa appeal to you, take a look at this list of the best luxury travel destinations in Africa and what they offer visitors.

Photo: Zocha Group – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa


Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, the sprawling capital of Egypt, was built right along the bank of the Nile River. At the heart of Cairo, you can find Tahrir Square and the massive Egyptian Museum which holds a multitude of Egyptian antiquities and King Tutankhamun artifacts. Just a short drive away you can gaze upon the grandeur of the great Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx. At the end of your adventure, consider stopping in for a bite at one of Cairo’s many extravagant restaurants, such as Zitouni located in the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza. From moussaka to tabbouleh, Zitouni is sure to serve up some of the best traditional Egyptian cuisine in all of Cairo. After grabbing some quality grub, head upstairs to your Hotel Cairo room that features modern luxury and some of the best views of the Nile and the Citadel in all of Egypt.


Photo: Cairo / History on the Net – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa

Photo: Cairo

Photo: Four Seasons Cairo – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa


Travel to one of the many Seychelles islands in the Archipelago to uncover a tropical destination made up of beaches, wildlife and sparkling blue ocean views. You’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind luxury getaway when you stay at the unparalleled MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa on Mahé. Situated on one of the oldest islands in the world, this peninsula locale boasts dozens of private villas with infinity pools, butler service and spa treatments that place you in the lap of luxury. Known as one of the best restaurants in the Archipelago, La Plaine St. André in southern Mahé elevates Seychelles dining to include traditional and contemporary Creole cuisine in a historic plantation house setting. While the Seychelles is a more relaxed environment for nightlife, guests still enjoy toasting drinks at places like the Beach Bar at the Constance Lemuria Praslin Seychelles–an inviting hotel lounge where you can sip cocktails while overlooking a breathtaking view of the ocean.


Photo: Seychelles – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa

Photo: Constance Lemuria Praslin Seychelles – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa

Photo: Seychelles / Blue Safari

Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is globally known as one of the most vibrant and beautiful countries in North East Africa. Each city turns the page to a new chapter of your adventure. Consider visiting the Red City of Marrakech, where visitors can wander through the exotic Majorelle Gardens, explore the sprawling Saadian Tombs, or stare up at the grand Koutoubia Mosque. You can also walk down to the Jemaa al Fna Square, where bright stalls selling handmade goods are always eager to sell to travelers. At the end of the day, head back to your private villa at the Mandarin Oriental Marrakech to unwind and enjoy your plunge pool on the terrace with expansive views of the city.


Photo: Marrakech

Photo: Koutoubia Mosque Courtyard

Photo: Mandarin Oriental Marrakech – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa


If you’re more interested in connecting with the nature and culture of the places you visit, consider booking a flight to Tanzania. With Mount Kilimanjaro in the north and the picture-perfect white sand beaches of the Zanzibar archipelago to the east, Tanzania is truly one of the most beautiful countries on earth. If you don’t fancy hiking or laying out on the beach, Tanzania also holds the Serengeti National Park, where guests can embark on a wide range of all-inclusive safaris, or take a hot air balloon ride over the park. To the west of the Serengeti National Park lies Lake Victoria, one of the Great African Lakes. Head inland towards some of the towns and cities, such as Arusha or Stone Town, Zanzibar. In Zanzibar consider grabbing a bite to eat at Tea House at the Emerson Spice Hotel, one of the highest-rated restaurants in the country for their creative and mouth watering takes on traditional African dining, based around fresh seafood. Next, dive into the rich culture and history of this magnificent portion of Western Africa with a variety of tours and museums. When your day is done, head back to the Park Hyatt Zanzibar to return to refined luxury with chic suites and incredible ocean views.


Photo: Tanzania / Zanzibar Beach

Photo: Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa

Photo: Tanzania

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg has quickly become the economic powerhouse of South Africa, which has understandably driven up the demand for high-end hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. During the day, visitors can roam about numerous museums dedicated to Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Visitors can also check out the Johannesburg Zoo, which boasts an albino lion exhibit. If you don’t mind traveling a short way outside of the city, you can seek out the Cradle of Humankind, a world-famous paleoanthropological site, or the Lion & Safari Park, which takes guests on guided tours of a game reserve with a variety of live animals on display in a more natural habitat then a zoo. When the sun begins to set, head back into the city and stop by The Little Fox, a cocktail bar that specializes in unique gin-based drinks. After drinks, make your way to DW Eleven-13 to grab a bite of the best seasonal menu in Joburg. If you’re not in the mood for a full meal, they have a wonderful dessert menu. When you’re properly unwound from riding along lions all day, catch a quick taxi ride to the Four Seasons Hotel, Westcliff Johannesburg where you will be greeted with nothing but the utmost quality and respect in an impressive hillside location overlooking the city below.


Photo: Four Seasons Hotel, Westcliff Johannesburg – Best Luxury Travel Destinations in Africa

Photo: Cradle of Humankind / Sterkfontein Caves

Photo: Johannesburg South Africa

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Set Sail at the Best Yachting Destinations in the World

There are few modes of travel that can measure up to the leisure and luxury of a yacht with the ocean breeze giving an added touch to your journey. The freedom you’ll experience out on the open water is unparalleled, and the designs and features that many yachts incorporate are second to none. Unlike cruise lines that set destinations for you, a private vessel gives you free rein when it comes to choosing where to drop anchor. If you’re itching to feel the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea on your face this summer, consider taking your journey to some of the world’s best yachting destinations.

Photo: Zocha Group – The Best Yachting Destinations in the World


St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

The steady winds, naturally deep Charlotte Amalie Harbour, and calm winds make St. Thomas the perfect place to visit on your next yachting trip. The island’s topography becomes immediately apparent when you arrive, and visitors can expect to find fine dining and lavish shopping. The island paradise also serves as a haven for those seeking world-class snorkeling, kitesurfing and other enjoyable water activities.


Photo: St. Thomas / U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism – The Best Yachting Destinations in the World


Monaco, which is synonymous with luxury and fine dining, creates a flawless environment to dock your yacht the next time you’re sailing the seven seas. World-class nightlife and the Monaco Grand Prix, which happens in May, add to the overall experience of extravagance that guests can expect when visiting the small, independent French city-state.


Photo: Monaco – The Best Yachting Destinations in the World

French Riviera

As one of the most glamorous destinations in all of Europe, the French Riviera has it all. Consider a yachting vacation visiting the white sand beaches of Nice, the indescribable nightlife of Monte-Carlo, or the peaceful island of Porquerolles off the western coastline of Saint-Tropez. There are special events hosted year-round in the French Riviera, such as the Cannes Film Festival, that make it the perfect area to stop in and rest up before your next adventure.


Photo: French Riviera / Zeepod

Sardinia, Italy

Located off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia serves as an isolated getaway for those in search of peace and quiet. Amazing hiking trails and nuraghi stones make the island a wondrous place to explore, and the beautiful beaches are a great spot for catching a tan.


Photo: Sardinia Italy – The Best Yachting Destinations in the World

St. Georges Parish, Bermuda

Local culture and leisure lifestyle abound at St. George’s Parish, a town on the Bermudian island of St. George. Every year, between the months of March and November, the world’s most elite sailing teams congregate at St. George’s Parish to compete in regattas that are hosted by Bermuda’s multitude of sailing clubs. Along with the races, the local culture and luxurious dining and shopping options make for the perfect area for relaxing on your private yacht.


Photo: St. Georges Parish, Bermuda – The Best Yachting Destinations in the World


In an area that’s surrounded by multiple seas that are dotted with thousands of islands, Greece has served as a haven for luxury mariners for centuries. The natural beauty that flows from the whole country, as well as the cosmopolitan nightlife and globally-renowned dining and shopping, make Greece one of the most interesting places to visit in Europe. Visit Crete, Greece’s largest island, Athens, a city that overflows with history and culture, or Mykonos, an area known around the world for marvelous nightlife and leisure.


Photo: Greece Yacht

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Thirty miles off the coast of Cape Cod sits the Massachusetts island of Nantucket. The picture-perfect New England colony is best known for its windswept beaches, quaint but luxurious cottages, and protected inlets. Nantucket originally made its fortune from the whaling trade, as made popular by the novel Moby Dick. Today, whaling ships have been replaced by luxurious superyachts as the world’s elite come together to experience the ultimate vacation destination.


Photo: Nantucket / Travoh

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The Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway

Spring is a wonderful time to travel the world, as temperatures in many countries begin to rise and the summer crowds haven’t yet settled in. You’ll be able to embrace the inviting atmosphere and kickstart travel season with a pleasant getaway. If you’re interested in getting out into the world this spring, venture to any of these best spring destinations for the perfect springtime escape.

Photo: Zocha Group – Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway


The U.S. Virgin Islands

Spring is the end of peak tourism season in the Virgin Islands, which means it’s the perfect time to visit. The weather is nice, the crowds are minimal, and the Carnival celebrations help to kickoff the season. Grab a tropical drink and relax in the sand at the dozens of islands in this breathtaking region.


Photo: US Virgin Islands – Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway


Marrakech temperatures are off the charts during the Moroccan desert summer months, but spring provides cooler temperatures that are perfect for taking in all the culture and activities that this wonderful city has to offer. Visit the Atlas Mountains, take a ride on the back of a camel, or visit Pepe Nero or Azar restaurants for a delicious fine dining experience.


Photo: Riad Palais Sebban – Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway


June is known as the busy season for the small island of Malta, so arriving in spring ensures that you’ll beat the crowds and have the pristine beaches all to yourself. Cliff diving, scuba diving or taking a day cruise are all options when visiting the world-famous vacation hotspot.


Photo: Malta – Azure Window – Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway


Iceland’s visitors have the chance to bathe in naturally-steaming mud baths, check out the Northern Lights, dive between two continents and even hike a few volcanoes. Winter makes it almost impossible to truly enjoy the country because of near constant darkness, but spring offers longer days with more time to go explore.


Photo: Blue Lagoon / Reykjavik – Best Spring Destinations for a Beautiful Getaway

The Netherlands

April is prime time for tulip season in the Netherlands which makes for a vibrant backdrop to your Dutch getaway. Visit Keukenhof in Lisse, which allows visitors to come gaze upon their seven million colorful flowers. If flowers aren’t your interest, don’t worry. The Netherlands has centuries of culture and traditions for you to experience, along with beautiful hotels to make your stay worthwhile.


Photo: Netherlands / Discover France Magazine


The paradise islands of Fiji are known for rugged tropical landscapes, coral reefs in crystal clear lagoons, and white sandy beaches lined with palm trees. In Fiji, you can scuba dive with manta rays, explore large tropical forests and gardens, or even just visit a museum and relax on the beach. Getting a tan will be the least of your worries on these sunbathed strips of land.


Photo: Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji


Head to Monaco before the Grand Prix starts in May to take advantage of the minimal crowds for a private escape. Take in everything this small city has to offer by booking a yacht ride along the coast, experiencing one of the multiple world-renowned restaurants or trying your luck in the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo.


Photo: Monaco – Zocha Group


People flock from all over the world to see Kyoto’s delicate shrines and temples and to experience the immense history and culture of the island country. Come spring, visitors become surrounded by beautiful pink cherry blossoms adding colorful scenery to their Japanese adventure. All these attractions combined make Kyoto the romantic getaway of your dreams.


Photo: Kyoto / Reddit

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California Beachside Hotels Perfect for a Surfing Vacation

Beautiful beaches are one of California’s biggest attractions, and with those come great opportunities to catch some waves. Surfing has been a popular activity for Californians since the early sixties, and for good reason. If you’re interested in catching some of these world-famous waves, take a look at these California beachside hotels to stay in while you search for your next monster wave on some of the most picturesque private beaches in the world.

Photo: Zocha Group – California Beachside Hotels Perfect for a Surfing Vacation


Post Ranch Inn

Even though Big Sur’s biggest attraction is the beautiful nature, you don’t need to rough it camping to enjoy the inviting landscape. Post Ranch Inn offers guests ultra-luxurious rooms and private houses carved into the cliffs, a top tier spa, and world-class dining within walking distance. After a full day of ripping waves, you’ll feel perfectly relaxed and at home in the Post Ranch Inn.


Photo: Post Ranch Inn – California Beachside Hotels Perfect for a Surfing Vacation

Photo: Post Ranch Inn

Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

If you drive an hour south of San Francisco, you’ll be met with immense luxury and privacy in the form of the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. Private, gated beaches and constant waves create the perfect spot to bring the board out and experience the ocean in a unique way. When you’re finished on the water, swim inland to try out one of the hotel restaurant’s many same-day catch dishes like roasted local black cod.


Photo: Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay – California Beachside Hotels Perfect for a Surfing Vacation

Photo: Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

The Lodge at Pebble Beach

Stately and elegant, The Lodge at Pebble Beach greets guests with views overlooking some of California’s most pristine private beaches. It also has a view of and one of golf’s most famous landmarks, the oceanfront 18th green on the Pebble Beach Golf Links. Head inside and get ready to be truly pampered. Fireplaces in every room along with huge picture windows overlooking the ocean, a private spa, and restaurants serving up the day’s catch are just a few perks guests can take advantage of.


Photo: The Lodge at Pebble Beach – California Beachside Hotels Perfect for a Surfing Vacation

Photo: The Lodge at Pebble Beach

Malibu Beach Inn

Located on a stretch of oceanfront property known as “Billionaire’s Beach,” the Malibu Beach Inn is situated alongside a bevy of high rent real estate. Take a quick walk to Carbon Beach or Surfrider Beach to catch some unforgettable waves. Malibu and Santa Monica sit just 20 minutes away if you feel like hanging up your wetsuit and experiencing some of California’s coolest beachside cities.


Photo: Malibu Beach Inn – California Beachside Hotels Perfect for a Surfing Vacation

Photo: Malibu Beach Inn

Hotel Del Coronado

If you’re looking to get away for an oceanside escape, check out the small island paradise known as Coronado, that’s just a stone’s throw off the coast of San Diego. Sitting atop it all is the island’s crown jewel, the Hotel Del Coronado. You might think you’ve walked into an old war fort, but you’ll soon find yourself being treated in one of the most luxurious hotels in California. Check out the beaches that surround the whole landmass, or rent a bike and explore the charming community.


Photo: Hotel Del Coronado

Photo: Hotel Del Coronado

Elk Cove Inn & Spa

Drive a bit north of San Francisco and you’ll stumble upon a tucked away bed-and-breakfast in the small community of Elk. Known for its privacy and luxury, Elk Cove Inn & Spa sits just above some beautiful stretches of beaches that give surfers great opportunities to catch the perfect wave. If you look carefully enough, you might even catch a group of migrating whales or sunbathing sea otters.


Photo: Elk Cove Inn

Photo: Elk Cove Inn

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Embrace Elegance at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Santa Monica is a picturesque city with palm tree-lined streets, flawless weather, and an ocean shoreline perfect for a beach vacation. When it comes time to choose your stay for business or pleasure, Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows lets you take advantage of the city’s offerings along with its own quality amenities that will make you feel right at home.

Photo: Santa Monica by Christian Horan – Embrace Elegance at The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows



Step into a space built for relaxation as the casually elegant atmosphere of the Fairmont Miramar Hotel provides you a warm welcome to Southern California. The 302-room hotel features luxurious suites, traditional rooms, and 32 garden bungalows for you to choose the perfect accommodations fit for your trip. The contemporary design elements mixed with a touch of tropical refinement are just a few of the reasons guests continue to retreat to this beachfront paradise.


Photo: Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows


A sophisticated dining experience is guaranteed at the hotel’s renowned FIG restaurant. Guests are treated to a menu of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine made with a wood burning oven and grill. Organic, seasonal ingredients are a part of the prep as the local Santa Monica Farmer’s Market provides fresh options to be incorporated into flavorful dishes.


Photo: FIG at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows by Christian Horan

Exhale Mind Body Spa

The on-site Exhale Spa helps you reach the pinnacle of relaxation through mind body programs to elevate your senses. Unwind through therapeutic massages, energy therapies, and more in this sanctuary for positive transformation. Book an appointment to escape your everyday travel stresses through their variety of elegant spa services.


Photo: Exhale Spa at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Lloyds Barbershop

Searching for a quality haircut in a new city can often be a challenge. The Fairmont Miramar has a simple solution with Lloyd’s—their premiere men’s barbershop on the ground floor of the hotel. Stop in to be pampered with a complimentary Bourbon, Cognac, or Scotch as your grooming experience rises above expectations, leaving you prepared to tackle any meeting or gathering with a fresh cut.


Photo: Lloyd’s Barbershop at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows


The ladies also have their own on-site hair solution with the Glam&Go blow dry bar. Hotel guests and locals drop in for their signature 30-minute blowouts and trendy styling options for both business and vacation looks. One of ten locations across the US, you’ll get a glamorous, luxury experience without ever having to leave your hotel.


Photo: Glam&Go at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

The Bungalow

A local hot spot for drinks and lounging, The Bungalow Santa Monica bar is connected to the Fairmont Miramar with just a short walk away. No need to hunt for a place to grab a cocktail when one of the best bars in Santa Monica is right in your own backyard. The Bungalow boasts a kitschy, cabin feel with an outdoor patio that overlooks the Santa Monica shoreline. Live performances and DJs stop in to help the trendy crowd mix and mingle at this bustling locale. With ping pong, billiards, and TV screens during big sports games, The Bungalow offers something for everyone, satisfying all your entertainment needs.


Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica

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Photo: Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Photo: Zocha Group – Santa Monica

Photo: Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows

Photo: The Bungalow Santa Monica


The Suite Life: Best Luxury Hotel Suites

When booking a hotel for business or pleasure, comfort becomes a top priority in order to get the most out of your home away from home. Hotels in major cities across the country offer unparalleled luxury suites that allow guests to live like royalty. With spacious rooms, extravagant décor, and breathtaking views, these are the best luxury hotel suites create the perfect escape into a world of lavish relaxation.

Photo: Presidential Bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel – The Suite Life: Best Luxury Hotel Suites


Los Angeles

One of Los Angeles’ newest luxury hotels, the Waldorf Astoria sits in the heart of Beverly Hills with easy access to shopping, theaters, and fine dining. Their impressive design and impeccable service draws in guests from all over the world to live the lifestyle of the highly acclaimed brand. Their Presidential Penthouse Suite offers some of the best views of the city, with floor-to-ceiling windows to let in the signature California sunshine. With a mini-gym, home theater, private terrace, and fully-stocked kitchen, everything you need will be right at your fingertips as you live amongst the clouds.


Photo: Waldorf Astoria Presidential Penthouse Suite – The Suite Life: Best Luxury Hotel Suites

Photo: Waldorf Astoria Presidential Penthouse Suite

San Francisco

For a stay in the Bay, the Fairmont Hotel is world-renowned for exuding luxury. Its centrally located neighborhood makes getting around the city a breeze, as it’s the only place in San Francisco where each of the cable car lines meet. The historical three-bedroom Presidential Suite was designed in the 1920s and has been restored to an opulent, 6,000 square foot living space. A billiard room, dining room that seats 60 guests, and a library with a secret passageway are just some of the many perks to booking a stay in this glamorous suite.


Photo: Fairmont San Francisco Presidential Suite – The Suite Life: Best Luxury Hotel Suites

Photo: Fairmont San Francisco Presidential Suite


The Windy City will never feel the same after staying in the Ritz-Carlton’s Presidential Suite in Downtown Chicago. The two-story space features a spiral staircase, media room, and a baby grand piano for their more musical guests to enjoy. Wake up to a view of Navy Pier and get ready for your day in one of the suite’s three marble bathrooms. Lounge on the modern, luxurious decor as you watch the sunset over Lake Michigan.


Photo: Ritz Carlton Chicago Penthouse – The Suite Life: Best Luxury Hotel Suites

Photo: Ritz Carlton Chicago Penthouse

New York City

In a city with a sky-high cost of living, hotel suites are especially extravagant for those wishing to live in luxury. The Mark Hotel boasts one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world with its two-story, 12,000 square foot Penthouse Suite. Cozy up by one of the four fireplaces and enjoy the decor designed by master architect Jacques Grange. With five bedrooms and a breathtaking view of Central Park, this opulent space is fit to make any guest swoon.


Photo: Mark Hotel Penthouse Suite – The Suite Life: Best Luxury Hotel Suites

Photo: Mark Hotel Penthouse Suite


Take a trip to the perfect city for a beachside escape and fall in love with The Faena Hotel in Miami Beach. There’s nothing but glamour in the Penthouse Suite, which overlooks the sparkling, Atlantic shoreline. The art-deco style, designed by filmmaker Baz Luhrmann and his wife, embraces animal prints, velvet, and gold details to bring an eccentric feel to the extravagant space. With four bedrooms, a chef’s kitchen, media room and an elevator, guests can explore the grand layout with an oceanfront view.


Photo: Faena Hotel Penthouse Suite

Photo: Faena Hotel Penthouse Suite

Las Vegas

With a reputation for lavish nightlife and hotels, Las Vegas is the place to go for a luxurious getaway. Booking a stay at the Nobu Villa will have you living large. The three-bedroom, rooftop suite has a serene, Japanese design perfect for rest and relaxation. Outdoor entertainment will be a breeze with the sky deck offering a full bar, barbecue pit, and Zen Garden. Your private view of the strip will be one-of-a-kind as you enjoy a lavish stay on the 83rd floor.


Photo: Nobu Villa Las Vegas

Photo: Nobu Villa Las Vegas

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A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation

Brazil is a wonderful place to travel offering up culture, nature history and sunny skies. At the heart of it all lies Rio de Janeiro–the largest city of the fifth largest country in the world. Internationally-known beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema, the sky-high Christ the Redeemer monument and Carnaval are just a few of the celebrated attractions you can find in Rio. If you’re thinking about taking a trip anytime soon, consider a Rio de Janeiro vacation in style.

Photo: Zocha Group – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation



Emiliano Rio

This vintage-chic luxury hotel sits right on the Copacabana sand and provides views of the sparkling ocean from their sunlight-bathed rooms. The Emiliano Rio offers guests a wide variety of accommodations such as a full spa and a champagne bar. If you’re in the market for a relaxing beachfront getaway, you simply can’t go wrong with the Emiliano Rio.


Photo: Hotel Emiliano Rio de Janeiro – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation

Photo: Hotel Emiliano Rio de Janeiro – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation

Vila Santa Teresa

Vila Santa Teresa is a hidden gem that can be found at the heart of Rio’s bohemian Santa Teresa district. Surrounded by lush greenery and Sugarloaf Mountain, Vila Santa Teresa combines luxury and history in their private, historic villas that also overlook glistening Guanabara Bay. This spot will be a great destination for anyone looking to reconnect with nature.


Photo: Vila Santa Teresa

Photo: Vila Santa Teresa



Bonito is a city with a world-famous system of caves and waterways that give crystal clear looks at indigenous fish and other cave-dwelling critters. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a dip into one of the many underwater canals or rappel from the entrance all the way down to the lake inside, called Abismo Anhumas.


Photo: Abismo Anhumas – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation

Photo: Bonito

Historic Center of Olinda

Olinda, located on Brazil’s northwestern coast, is a well-preserved colonial city with culture and history abound. The city is filled with delicious food, art studios and galleries, and a beautiful historic downtown with endless red-roofed buildings and charm.


Photo: Historic Center of Olinda

Photo: Historic Center of Olinda

Rio Carnival

Carnival celebrations are held all over South America, but only one is the world’s largest in attracting an estimated two million people per day. Rio’s clubs, bars, and nightlife venues become a giant street fair for locals and travelers alike to celebrate the festive occasion. The highlight of Carnival in Rio is the lively and colorful Samba Parades, held in the Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucaí parade venue.


Photo: Carnival / REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes

Photo: Rio Carnival / Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images – A Vibrant Escape to a Rio de Janeiro Vacation


Miam Miam

After a long day of hiking or diving in the caves of Bonito, you’ll want to end your day by getting a taste of Brazil’s local cuisine. Miam Miam is a contemporary restaurant located in a renovated mansion where chef Roberta Ciasca cooks up some truly wonderful dishes. If you feel like hanging out in their dimly lit, romantic atmosphere after your meal, take a seat in their cushy lounge and grab a couple of drinks to enjoy the ambiance.


Photo: Miam Miam

Photo: Miam Miam

Churrascaria Palace

Founded in 1951, Churrascaria Palace is a staple in the fine dining circuit in Rio de Janeiro, offering delicious steak, fresh seafood, and appetizing sushi. Along with their expertly-prepared menu, they have a wide selection of wines and cocktails that will pair perfectly with your meal and get you fully into the vacation mood.


Photo: Churrascaria Palace

Photo: Churrascaria Palace

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Experience Elegance at the Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

New York City has a history of helping to define modern fashion, business, and luxury. You’ll have plenty of activities to do and places to see in this bustling metropolis, and a luxury hotel stay will make for an elegant experience during your visit. To help you choose the best of the best during your next trip to the Big Apple, take a look at how to vacation in style at the most luxurious hotels in NYC.

Photo: Zocha Group – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC


The St. Regis in New York

Located at the heart of midtown Manhattan, The St. Regis in New York is one of the top-rated hotels in the city, and for good reason. The St. Regis prides itself on their sophisticated setting, friendly staff, great views of the skyline and a large variety of guest amenities. If you’re looking to indulge in a lavish stay, the St. Regis is sure to surpass your expectations.


Photo: The St. Regis New York – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

Photo: The St. Regis New York

Baccarat Hotel New York

Whether you prefer old or new, Paris or New York, you’ll find it all at the Baccarat Hotel New York located right next to Central Park. The hotel, which opened in 2015, includes French and modern-American architecture and design blended together in perfect harmony to create a dreamlike atmosphere.


Photo: Baccarat Hotel New York – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

Photo: Baccarat Hotel New York

The Peninsula New York

The Peninsula New York has often been referred to as a “cocoon of peace and quiet” among the everyday hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue. With an award-winning spa and health club, a beautiful rooftop terrace and elegant rooms, it’s easy to see why critics rave about this top hotel destination.


Photo: The Peninsula New York – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

Photo: The Peninsula New York

Mandarin Oriental, New York

This Asian-inspired luxury hotel can be found on the 35th floor of the Time Warner building, and offers 244 rooms, each with an incredible view of a different part of the city. The Mandarin Oriental hotel can be described only as luxury in the sky, with high-end accommodations such as Italian linens and an incredible spa. Spanning 14,500 square feet, it includes everything from a lap pool to full body natural spa treatments.


Photo: Mandarin Oriental New York – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

Photo: Mandarin Oriental New York

The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park

The Ritz in New York City sits right along the south side of Central Park placing you in the middle of one of the most highly-coveted locations in the city. The views of the park alone are enough to attract most guests, but you’ll also be impressed by this 5-star luxury hotel offering perks like deep-soaking tubs, a wonderfully tasty bistro and a full luxury spa.


Photo: The Ritz Carlton New York – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

Photo: The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park

Park Hyatt New York

As a part of the towering One57 building, Park Hyatt New York has views that would put the highrises of Dubai to shame. This hotel brings a whole new meaning to the word luxury with espresso makers in every room and unique furniture and decor. They have embraced the latest in luxury hospitality technology to include televisions in the bathroom mirrors and relaxing rain showers giving you a tranquil break from exploring the city during your Park Hyatt stay.


Photo: Park Hyatt New York – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

Photo: Park Hyatt New York

The Towers at Lotte New York Palace

This Midtown East icon of luxury living offers incredible views of the city, guest services that go above and beyond, ample accommodations and much more. The hotel’s prime location means Rockefeller Center and Times Square are just a brief walk away. Fireplaces in each room, a 24-hour gym and spa and full butler service are also perks you can expect when you stay at The Towers.


Photo: The Towers at Lotte New York Palace – Most Luxurious Hotels in NYC

Photo: The Towers at Lotte New York Palace

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A Guide to Houston Hot Spots for Super Bowl LI

Celebrating the Super Bowl is one of America’s favorite traditions with fans cheering on their teams at bars and house parties alike. With the big event taking place in Houston this year, America’s fourth-largest city, the streets will be packed with football fans searching for the best places to stay, dine, and party. You’ll be able to experience all that Houston has to offer and get in the Super Bowl LI spirit by checking out any of these venues during your visit.


Photo: Tom Pennington | Winslow Townson – Super Bowl LI



Combine sophistication with your partying at one of the city’s many luxury hotels. The award-winning Hotel ICON brings a contemporary flair to the streets of Downtown Houston. The neoclassic architecture and period detail gives a grand presence, and is in close proximity to the nearby sports district. Situated in the museum district, you can dive into the vibrant Hotel ZaZa, a trendy and artistic option that will give you a feast for the senses and an after-party feel at the hotel bar. The Omni Hotel also boasts landscape views to go along with their Four Diamond services and amenities. With traditional contemporary décor and impressive dining options, you can’t go wrong booking your stay in the heart of Houston’s cultural centers.


Photo: Hotel ICON


While Superbowl cuisine usually involves chowing down on hot wings and takeout pizza, you may want to switch it up at one of Houston’s countless dining spots. Grab a taste of Tex-Mex by visiting local hotspot La Grange, where you can enjoy fresh tequila drinks and appetizing Mexican dishes on their outdoor patio. For a funky fusion of Southern American, Asian, Mexican, and German dishes, State of Grace, the brainchild of James Beard award nominee Ford Fry, brings a diversity of flavors to your palate. If your taste leans towards fine dining, Vic & Anthony’s Steak House serves up perfect steaks and mouth-watering crab cakes that will create a dinner to remember during your visit.


Photo: State of Grace


Your first priority may be to see the big game, but the nightlife scene will also be worth checking out to experience the energetic vibe that keeps locals partying all year long. On Saturday the 4th, the nightclub Vrsi will get in the spirit with a Super Bowl pop-up party hosted by Los Angeles hot spot Bootsy Bellows, and feature an appearance from rapper G-Eazy. For a more intimate night out and an unparalleled wine selection, you can head to 13 Celsius, where their wine is stored at just the right temperature for hot Houston days. Stop by during earlier hours for a party environment, or late night for a romantic ambiance. To get an education in spirits of all kinds, you can head to Reserve 101 where their extensive selection of whiskey, rye, bourbon, and scotch is maintained by knowledgeable bartenders who make sure to find your perfect flavor.


Photo: Reserve 101


The town will be buzzing with celebration as locals and visitors search for fun things to do revolving around the February 5th broadcast. The free event Super Bowl LIVE is sure to draw in hundreds during its nine-day run at Discovery Green. With virtual reality thrill rides and live music performances, the event will be fun for all ages from January 28th-February 5th. For a more club-like celebration, the Houston Power Party, hosted inside the Houston Museum of Natural Science on February 2nd, is an exclusive event featuring special exhibits, sports celebrity guests, and a DJ to keep up the vibe all night long. One of the most highly-coveted tickets will be for the two-day Victoria’s Secret 14th Annual Leather and Laces party at Hughes Manor. With Donnie Wahlberg hosting on February 3rd, and Victoria’s Secret angels Adriana Lima and Sara Sampaio on the 4th, this opulent extravaganza is sure to bring in Houston’s finest to revel in the spirit of Super Bowl LI.


Photo: Hughes Manor Campus

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Photo: Omni Houston at Westside

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