The Biggest Food Trends for 2017

There’s no way to know exactly what you’ll be eating for dinner six months from now… or is there? Predictions of what will be the trendiest foods of the New Year are being made as consumers broaden their tastes to include a variety of eclectic flavors. These buzzed about foods may hint at what might become your newest obsession before you ever place your order.

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We’ve seen matcha creeping onto drink menus within the past year, and you should expect to see more of this green tea alternative sticking it out through 2017. As a type of green tea, it’s made with powdered tea leaves rather than steeping the leaves with water. With studies showing its health benefits and fat burning perks, you won’t see this superfood disappearing from your Instagram feed any time soon.


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While veterans of Mediterranean-style cooking may have been indulging in kebabs and gyros for a while now, many unfamiliar with the cuisine will see more opportunities to taste the region’s array of spices and flavors. Keep an eye out for things like for tzatziki sauce and the spice sumac showing up on 2017’s ingredient lists.


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Purple Veggies

Purple is the new green when it comes to getting your daily dose of vegetables in the upcoming year. The color is often a signal of the presence of antioxidants, and the consumption of purple fruits and vegetables has also been linked to reducing the risk of high blood pressure and maintaining low cholesterol. From cauliflower to asparagus, acai to sweet potatoes, consumers won’t be able to get enough of these vibrant, pops of color showing up on their plates.


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Fried Chicken

This comfort food go-to has seen a boom in recent years with many being attracted to the homestyle flavor. From chicken and waffles to chicken sandwiches, these classic dishes have taken on a health-conscious twist with organic and meat-free options often available. In the upcoming year you can expect to see more restaurants featuring their take on this traditional Southern staple.


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This popular Filipino dessert ingredient has recently made its way into American restaurants thanks to its semi-sweet flavor and striking purple coloring. Pronounced ‘OO-bay,’ this yam relative has been used in Filipino dishes to often celebrate special occasions. Thanks to social media’s addiction to food photography, Ube has been a highly featured dessert ingredient that won’t be disappearing in 2017.


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With a reputation for a pungent smell, sardines will finally have their time to shine as chefs warm up to harnessing the flavors this protein-packed fish has to offer. Along with other smaller fish like anchovies and smelt, the upcoming year will involve highlighting new ways to feature these fish as toppings on salads, pizza, and frying them to eat on their own.


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Childhood Desserts

There’s no need to say goodbye to your childhood sweet tooth with plenty of nostalgic desserts popping up on restaurant menus in 2017. Some of your favorite classics will be back onto your radar as many eateries are aiming to put their own twist on a variety of treats. Sugary churros are making their way onto plates alongside wild, over-the-top milkshakes. And there will be no need for a campfire as delectable s’mores-inspired dishes become commonplace on the dessert menu.


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Embracing variety will be the key to taking advantage of all the newest trends sprouting from restaurants and kitchens across the country. Old favorites will have some new competition as consumers broaden their shopping habits to include some of the most buzzed about foods. No matter your tastes and preferences, there’s something for everyone as we welcome all the new ways to indulge in 2017.

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