Celebrate Mardi Gras 2020 in New Orleans

Photo: Zocha Group – Celebrate Mardi Gras 2020 in New Orleans


Celebrate Mardi Gras

Each year a vibrant celebration of music and culture arrives in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. People from around the world flock to the city to experience the festivities and traditions. While visiting The Big Easy, there are a number of restaurants, hotels and nightlife destinations to experience in between Mardi Gras merrymaking. Make the most of your New Orleans vacation by checking out these impressive venues during Mardi Gras 2020.

celebrate mardi gras

Photo: Zocha Group – Celebrate Mardi Gras 2020 in New Orleans

Where to Stay

Your stay in New Orleans for Mardis Gras 2020 can embrace the old world luxury of the charming Louisiana city. For a destination outside of the bustling French Quarter, the Pontchartrain brings an opulent design with gold accents and modern Parisian furnishings. The trendy Ace Hotel New Orleans is often filled with fashion-forward guests who enjoy the brand’s Southern location in the Central Business District. Between the art deco styling, rooftop pool and music venue 3 Keys, it’s a go-to hotel with plenty to keep you busy. The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans is known for its high-profile guests who come to experience the extravagance of the brand’s sophisticated elegance. You’ll also get a lavish stay when you book at The Roosevelt New Orleans, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The historic building houses prestigious rooms, a rooftop pool and amenities to whisk you away into relaxation in between your Mardi Gras celebrating.

Where to Dine

When you’re in town for Mardi Gras 2020, indulge in a New Orleans institution with a visit to Galatoire’s, known for its revelrous Friday brunches and diners made up of the city’s elite. It’s the place to be on Bourbon Street for a traditional and elegant dining experience. Flavor is king at Maypop, with a fusion of Cajun, Vietnamese and Sicilian cuisine in a thoughtful way, creating a one-of-a-kind adventure for your tastebuds. You can also take in the nostalgic, 19th Century feel at Cavan, with chandeliers and old-world charm decorating the rustic mansion. The menu of locally-sourced ingredients combines modern and traditional to serve guests a creative dinner party experience.

Where to Party

While you’re celebrating the festivities of Mardi Gras, discover the local fun of New Orleans through exploring some of its best nightlife destinations. Take in the history of the city by sipping a drink at the classic bar Napoleon House. A popular destination for French Quarter visitors, the experience is worth the buzz as the beautiful cocktail haven has been a staple since 1914. You’ll also want to toast glasses at Bar Tonique, a cocktail bar with a focus on quality, offering up drinks made with their original recipes to create timeless tastes. Take in a show at the Fillmore–a music venue with live entertainment in a uniquely-designed space inspired by the culture and architecture of New Orleans. If you’re in the mood for a nightclub to keep up the Mardi Gras vibe, Masquerade brings a Vegas-style energy in the expansive space that fills with partygoers dancing until dawn. DJs and special guests come in to keep the crowd going, maximizing your merrymaking during your Mardi Gras adventure.

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    The 8 Best CBD-Infused Drinks and Dishes from Around the Country

    CBD-Infused Drinks and Dishes

    Photo: Zocha Group – CBD-Infused Drinks and Dishes from Around the Country


    CBD-Infused Drinks and Dishes

    Cannabidiol or CBD has been all the rage in recent years with plenty of buzz about out-of-this-world health benefits with zero negative side effects. While science is still in the process of proving the the perks, people with adventures taste buds are loving the potential. Dive into the trend with some of the best CBD-Infused drinks and dishes from around the country.

    Ankeny Tap and Table – Portland, OR

    This hip neighborhood pub boasts quite an extensive list of CBD infused beers on tap. With a laid back family-friendly atmosphere, it’s easy to get stuck here for quite a while enjoying the tasty local beers and good company.

    Koku – New York City, NY

    Koku is truly one of a kind. Owner Carli Blum has created a healthy and natural alternative to soft serve ice cream, and even offers CBD-infused toppings. With shops located all across the city, you’ll never be too far away from getting your sweet tooth fix and your CBD fix in the same shop.

    Fuel – Philadelphia, PA

    This health-food chain is doing something a little different than its counterparts. After your workout, you can stop into any Fuel location and grab a smoothie or a juice, and request to add in a shot of CBD oil. It’s sure to make for the perfect way to relax after an intense workout.

    by CHLOE. – New York City, NY

    This organic, vegan sweet shop uses all-natural and locally-sourced ingredients to create CBD-infused brownies, cookies, and other fun treats. In addition to the sweet, they have also started offering a full menu of vegan food items. If you have an uncontrollable sweet-tooth and need a moment of relaxation, by CHLOE. is definitely the spot to be.

    Glazed and Confused – Denver, CO

    This donut shop in Colorado takes their “Mary Jane”-infused food pretty seriously. They serve up a variety of CBD-infused products, but their signature item is a donut topped with a CBD glaze and a whole candied marijuana leaf to finish it off.

    Caffeine Underground – Brooklyn, NY

    Stop into this hip and trendy coffee shop and grab yourself a latte with a little bit of something special to top it off. Caffeine Underground makes delicious coffee-based drinks with CBD oil included so you can take great Instagram pictures, but also enjoy your relaxing drink.

    Monarch & The Milkweed – Burlington, VT

    Monarch & The Milkweed is a unique shop with a menu of cocktails, pastries, and also fine dining cuisine. The unlikely combination of offerings also includes the addition of CBD and also the psychoactive THC into many of their dishes. All doubts quickly drift away after a visit as everything they create is made even better with their signature secret ingredients.

    Bubby’s – New York, NY

    Bubby’s is a classic American restaurant that serves hamburgers, pies, milkshakes and the works. This chain of downhome diners has been a New York staple since 1990, and they’ve recently branched out by serving up CBD drinks right alongside the apple pie. The great food and atmosphere are enough for anybody to enjoy Bubby’s, but for adventurous types, there’s a little extra on the menu for you.

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      Have Fun in the Sun at the Best Music Festivals in California

      best music festivals in california

      Photo: Zocha Group – Have Fun in the Sun at the Best Music Festivals in California


      Best Music Festivals in California

      California boasts some of the best weather in the country which makes it the perfect host for lively music festivals each year. People from all over the world gather in the thousands to enjoy their favorite artists underneath the California sunshine. From artsy independent groups to well known pop stars, you can see your favorite hits performed live along with crowds of cheering fans. These are the best music festivals in California sure to bring you fun in the sun during your next trip.

      Coachella 2020 – Mid-October

      Note: This year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival has been postponed to the weekends of October 9th-11th and October 16th-18th due to safety measures taken regarding the COVID-19 virus. Check back here for updates on confirmed Coachella parties occurring during the rescheduled festival dates.

      Officially titled the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, this world-renowned event is known for its stylish crowd and unparalleled lineup of artists. Thousands flock to the Coachella Valley desert to not only dance under the sun to their favorite music, but also to take in the art and cultural aspects of the exciting event. Camping out in tents on the campground or renting a luxury villa with a group of friends is also known to enhance the experience along with attending the numerous sponsored events and parties throughout the area.

      Outside Lands – Mid-August

      One of Northern California’s most iconic festivals, Outside Lands is an exciting event held annually in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The quirky and mystical theme makes for an artistic escape with plenty of musical performances along with food, drinks, art and comedy. The diverse lineup includes favorites across the music landscape in rock, hip hop, pop and more.

      FYF Fest – Late Summer

      This two-day festival has boomed in popularity through the years with top notch lineups attracting Los Angeles locals for an end-of-the-summer celebration. The variety of acts including big name music veterans and indie favorites makes for an eclectic mix that everyone can enjoy. With plenty of food vendors, art installations and a beer garden, FYF attendees get an exciting taste of summer at LA’s historic Coliseum in Exposition Park.

      Lightning in a Bottle – Mid-May

      While music is the main focus for this event, attendees get a well-rounded experience through talks led by worldly experts, hands-on workshops, healing sessions and more. You’re sure to be entertained through the various activities occurring throughout the grounds ranging from dining experiences to live painting to performance art. The Location in the hills of Monterey County also provides a coastline for you to take a dip in the lake while enjoying the melodies.

      Kaaboo Del Mar – Mid-September

      This three-day event based in San Diego prides itself in bringing new experiences to the table through entertainment, art and hospitality. Watch some of the world’s best rock and roll artists on stage while getting a taste of their artisanal fare with wine, craft beer and signature cocktails to match. Contemporary art installations will stimulate your senses with original pieces on display including some created live on-site.

      Treasure Island Festival – Mid-October

      Head to the Bay Area to experience Oakland’s two-day Treasure Island Festival, fully stocked with buzzworthy indie music acts and appealing headliners. You’ll never have to choose between two performances as set times never overlap, letting you jam out to each and every artist while overlooking the water of the San Francisco Bay.

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        Kanantik Belize: Where Landscape Meets Luxury

        Photo: Kanantik Belize


        Experience Kanantik Belize

        Indulge in breathtaking panoramas of the Caribbean at your next favorite travel destination, Kanantik Belize. With countless residencies, a beachfront resort, and an expansive golf course, the 5,800 acre development allows travelers to experience the hypnotizing beauty of Southern Belize in luxury and style.


        Located in the Stann Creek district, the property boasts diverse landscapes featuring lush grasslands, rolling hills, and serene beaches. The variety of ecosystems makes the environment one of the rarest in the world, allowing for the community to provide distinct categories of living. West of the beachfront, lots for homesites allow the potential to cultivate a lifestyle inspired by the natural terrain and vegetation.

        Single family homes are available for those yearning to bring the outside in. Designed by Ken Ussenko, homes embrace Balinese, open floor-plan architecture combined with modern traditional elements, creating a balance of natural and contemporary. Guests can swim in their private oasis while taking in views of the majestic Maya Mountains, only enhancing the outdoor entertaining experience.

        As an alternative to home residencies, Kanantik Belize also offers 300 luxury, beachfront condominiums. Stunning views of the coast will only entice residents into a refreshing swim, as they are granted direct access to the Caribbean Sea’s sandy shores.


        Photo: Kanantik Belize


        Guests of the Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort stay in one of the property’s 25 luxury, beachfront cabanas. Surrounded by Southern Belize’s untouched landscape that features streaming waterfalls, mesmerizing jungles, and even ancient Mayan ruins, nature flawlessly blends into the Belizean vacation experience. The resort is committed to an eco-friendly, low-impact design encouraged by the desire to preserve and protect the community’s surroundings.

        With wildlife naturally integrated into the experience, adventure-seeking guests are aided by local guides with knowledge of the land. Guides native to the area assist guests in unlocking the mysteries of the complex landscape with activities such as exploring the sacred ruins of the Mayan civilization or spotting some of the 460 species of fish in Belize’s Barrier Reef.

        Photo: Kanantik Belize


        An exciting feature of Kanantik Belize will be the country’s only 18-hole golf course, imagined by international golf course designer Casey O’Callaghan, and advised by PGA tour professional golfer Brendan Steele. The scenery surrounding the course will highlight the indigenous greenery of the Caribbean. A gourmet organic restaurant in the Clubhouse will provide a dining experience serving meals crafted from ingredients from the local, sustainable Méinabu Organic Farm. Along with a “Mayacology” Spa, a swimming pool, and on-site personal trainers, the Clubhouse will be the center of leisure and luxury.

        In addition to their attractive living options, everyday life is enhanced by their amenities. A private airport ensures that visitors arrive and depart comfortably. An onsite, accredited Culinary Institute will train a skilled staff to surpass guests’ expectations. A 22-acre island, Central Park, will feature dining and shopping options along with a plant, flower, and vegetable garden. Those who choose to indulge in all that Kanantik Belize has to offer will find themselves enjoying access to a luxurious travel destination where the possibilities are endless.

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          Photo: Kanantik Belize

          Photo: Kanantik Belize

          Photo: Kanantik Belize


          Experience a Lavish Aspen Winter Retreat

          a lavish winter retreat in aspen

          Photo: Zocha Group – Experience a Lavish Aspen Winter Retreat


          A Winter Retreat in Aspen

          As the cold weather sets in, many travelers begin to plan winter getaways in cities fit for skiing, snowboarding and enjoying the snow-covered scenery. A world-renowned destination for winter luxury is Aspen, Colorado—the perfect place to indulge with extravagant hotels, decadent restaurants, and a bustling nightlife scene to keep you warm. Head to experience a lavish Aspen winter retreat to take in the city’s culture during your winter vacation.

          Where to Stay

          Book your stay in Aspen to experience world-class service in an unforgettable atmosphere. The Little Nell is rated as one of the best hotels in the city with rooms overlooking the Aspen Mountains and a ski concierge team to handle all your needs for the slopes. Your stay will be eco-friendly at the Limelight Hotel, offering up bike rentals to make your way through the village. The modern design is sure to impress with floor-to-ceiling windows and chic, mountain-inspired décor. The historic Hotel Jerome , built in 1889, boasts top notch service to make your stay exceptional. The on-site Auberge Spa, luxury car chauffeur and twice-daily maid service is just the tip of the iceberg in giving guests the luxury Aspen experience.


          Aspen’s world-class cuisine is part of the draw as your taste buds will relish in the city’s array of fine dining experiences. A hot spot for a fusion of Mediterranean, Asian and Spanish dining, Bosq is a destination worth visiting for their worldly flavors. You’ll luck out if you’re staying at The Little Nell as their contemporary restaurant Element 47 is known for its creative dishes and outstanding wine program. Try out Colorado’s first venue from Chef Nobu at Matsuhisa, showcasing his famous Japanese dishes in an updated Victorian-style house. Jimmy’s is also a delicious choice for fine dining with its American fare that will make your mouth water.


          Known for its lively scene, Aspen will have you partying until dawn as you mix and mingle with the city’s other visitors. Hotel Jerome’s J-Bar is a hot spot for a night out with its sophisticated Western style and 100-year history. Experience a trendy night out when you dine at 7908 Aspen, a destination with a live DJ to give a nightclub vibe to your dinner. If you’re into live music, Belly Up is a necessity as they drawn in international artists to bring some energy to the town. If nightclubs are your thing, Escobar’s trendy vibe will keep you dancing all night long with DJs, dancing and bottle service right at your fingertips. Just like its LA predecessor, Bootsy Bellows in Aspen also ushers in a club element to your night in the city’s iconic Crystal Palace building.

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            NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago Party Guide 2020

            Photo: NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago Party Guide 2020


            NBA All-Star Weekend

            One of the biggest events in basketball each year is All-Star Weekend, where the NBA hosts special games, exhibits and performances to celebrate one of America’s favorite sports. The weekend includes a Celebrity All-Star Game, Slam Dunk Contest and NBA All-Star Game where some of the biggest stars in basketball come together for friendly competition. This year’s weekend takes place in Chicago, where fans will be joining from around the country to witness the variety of entertaining events by day, and partying throughout the city by night. Celebrate one of basketball’s biggest weekends at these go-to Chicago properties for NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago.

            basketball in hoop

            NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago

            Where to Stay

            If you’re looking for a place to stay during your All-Star Weekend festivities, The Godfrey Hotel is a boutique hotel with a welcoming, luxe design. Their rooftop bar and spa are just a few amenities to take advantage of during the busy weekend. The Kimpton Hotel Allegro will also exceed expectations, with a chic and sophisticated style to let guests relax in the lap of luxury. Spiaggia is the place to go for Italian, with a tasting menu to try in a beautiful setting on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. The Waldorf Astoria is also a lavish option with trendy furnishings and elegance for a relaxing stay in the Windy City.

            Where to Dine

            Chicago is a city for foodies, making it a great place to wine and dine at a variety of appetizing outposts. For a trendy destination to see and be seen, Asian-fusion restaurant TAO delivers ambiance and sophistication for a memorable dining experience. Alinea is a restaurant that pioneers creativity, with experimental gastronomy that creates a one-of-a-kind taste for guests to discover.

            Where to Drink

            While you’re in the city, toast glasses at some of Chicago’s best cocktail bars. Head to Estereo for an open air experience in Logan Square perfect for an afternoon drink. Cocktail connoisseurs will enjoy imbibing at The Aviary, known for its innovative concoctions to take your tastebuds on a journey. Blind Barber is an option for those looking for a dance-worthy vibe, with a space that’s part lounge and part dancefloor.

            Where to Party

            NBA All-Star Weekend Chicago Party Guide

            Trendy nightlife hotspot TAO Chicago will be hosting a Tip-Off Party on Wednesday hosted by NBA alumni with an open bar, food and music to get the week started right. Play Chicago Kitchen & Cocktails will be celebrating on Thursday with an event hosted by TV personality Terrence J. Friday night will be one to remember at Bounce, who will be teaming up with 1OAK to host a performance by DaBaby. On Saturday, Offset and NBA player Bobby Portis will host for an energetic crowd. Sunday at Bounce will end with Rick Ross taking the stage to close out the lively NBA All-Star Weekend festivities.

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              Top 20 Coziest Date Night Bars in Los Angeles

              Photo: Zocha Group – Top 20 Coziest Date Night Bars in Los Angeles


              Cozy Date Night Bars

              Los Angeles is well known for its diverse nightlife scene that includes energetic nightclubs, sophisticated lounges and secretive speakeasies that draw in visitors from all around the world. If you’re looking for a place to take that special someone for an intimate night out, narrowing down the perfect spot for a cozy night of drinks and conversation can be a tedious task. Duck into any of these cozy date night bars in Los Angeles to enjoy a warm, snuggly escape with your sweetheart.


              You’ll drive right past this hidden date night bar in Los Feliz, tucked away down an unmarked alleyway adjacent to restaurant Atrium. Step into the tropical, modern escape where palm tree wallpaper and reflective surfaces join with an art deco design. Unique cocktails will keep you buzzing as you get lost in conversation with your date.

              Society Room

              You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this clandestine gem within West Hollywood restaurant Conservatory. Signature drinks are made with fresh ingredients to celebrate the art of handcrafted cocktails, while plush seating and vibrant decor make it the ideal date night bar.


              A welcome addition to Santa Monica’s bar scene, Lanea is the perfect place to sip a tequila cocktail in a bright and airy space. This ideal date night bar offers booths for conversation along with board games to break the ice. Get even more cozy by toasting drinks at the wheel of their boat booth, a wooden boat made into a loungeworthy seat.


              While the marquee in front often claims there’s “Nothing to see here,” there’s definitely an environment to enjoy once you pass through the curtains to Delilah. Make a reservation to cozy up over their delicious plates or grab a seat at the bar to whisper sweet nothings over drinks.

              Roger Room

              This classic West Hollywood go-to is a local favorite, known for its cozy booths great for mixing and mingling with friends. The circus-inspired space has a vintage feel to go along with its selection of delicious craft cocktails to enjoy with your date in an intimate space.

              Sunset & Vinyl

              You’d never suspect a worthy bar to live atop a chain pizza place, but Sunset & Vinyl offers up an intimate, vintage escape for you and your beaux to get to know each other. Don’t worry about yelling over loud music here, the record player always has a new album playing to act as the perfect soundtrack to your night.

              Bar Flores

              Climb the stairs to Bar Flores in Echo Park for an inviting habitat to people watch with a view of Sunset Boulevard below. The wooden indoor space and beautiful back patio offer multiple ways for you to enjoy the floral-inspired space with your date.

              Electric Owl

              This neighborhood gem taps into West Hollywood history as its inspiration comes from being built on the site of a former train station. Snuggle up with a table for food inside the dining car-like interior or embrace a sunny day with craft cocktails on the outdoor patio.

              Library Bar

              One of Downtown LA’s favorites, this library-themed spot is great for ducking in on date night with a loved one. The dimly lit ambiance gives the feel of a vintage hideaway with plenty of books to browse if you’re in the mood.

              Bibo Ergo Sum

              With a name like “I drink therefore I am,” Bibo Ergo Sum’s award-winning cocktails are perfect to sip during your date night conversation. The knowledgeable bar staff will make you a quality concoction with the modern yet nostalgic décor bringing an added touch of sophistication to the space.

              The Hudson

              If you haven’t been to The Hudson, you’ve surely driven by with its prime location in the heart of West Hollywood. The nonchalant wooden building is home to a grub-worthy food menu along with a selection of microbrew beers that give you and your sweetheart plenty of options for a buzz.

              40 Love

              If you’re split between staying in to watch the game or taking your date out for the night, get the best of both worlds by visiting West Hollywood’s 40 Love. Their elegant take on a sports lounge means you’ll get to enjoy a chic night out with your date all while cheering on your favorite team.

              Here and Now

              The perfect place to break the ice on a first date in the Downtown Arts District, Here and Now’s welcoming environment is sure to calm any first date nerves along with sipping from their menu of LA-inspired craft cocktails.

              The Wellesbourne

              You’ll be instantly transported to the study of a 19th Century English home when you enter into The Wellesbourne in West LA. Cuddle up by the fireplace with the surrounding walls of books and authentic English décor putting you in the mood for date night.

              Know Where Bar

              An unsuspecting East Hollywood hideaway, you’ll step into Know Where Bar and feel right at home with their inviting tropical, retro design. Duck in from the night’s weather and settle into the bar where you’ll find a menu of cocktails worth tasting.

              The Nice Guy

              Known for its “no photos” policy that attracts a clientele of high profile guests, you’ll be able to connect with your sweetheart uninterrupted when you make a reservation at The Nice Guy. Their American dining menu provides some comfort food to balance out the refined design.

              In Sheeps Clothing

              As the mysterious title suggests, you’d never suspect this lounge existed due to its unassuming entrance tucked inside of a pizza place Downtown. Drop by with a music-loving date as the space is focused on the sounds emitting from the record player behind the bar. Keep your voices down in this cool, vintage spot that’s sure to bring music to your ears.

              Black Rabbit Rose

              Add a spark to your date by watching one of Black Rabbit Rose’s magic shows in the intimate, 1930s-inspired theater space. You’ll be concealed in the darkness of the audience as you watch performers on stage, or can also grab a craft cocktail in the softly-lit adjoining lounge.

              The Varnish

              Head to the back of the historic Cole’s French Dip in Downtown LA to find The Varnish hiding behind the door of an old storage closet. This classic speakeasy-style hideaway is perfect for an cozy, rendezvous over drinks.

              El Carmen

              If you’ve got a taste for tacos and tequila, El Carmen has both along with a cozy date night bar atmosphere for sparks to fly. Choose from their unique variety of margarita flavors as you lean into your date over a shared taste of their signature plates.

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                The Live Nation Entertainment Experience

                Photo: Zocha Group – Live Nation Entertainment Experience


                The Live Nation Entertainment Experience

                Live Nation is an unparalleled hub of entertainment with venues around the world where attendees can enjoy performances of all varieties. General admission isn’t the only option, as Live Nation Premium Tickets give guests the added touch of prime seating with VIP privileges. No matter where business or pleasure may take you, there’s a Live Nation Entertainment experience sure to enhance your upcoming travels.

                LOS ANGELES

                Hollywood Palladium

                The world-famous Hollywood Palladium boasts an impressive lineup of music and entertainment acts featuring talented artists and energetic DJs in the heart of Hollywood.

                The Wiltern

                The Wiltern is a historic venue that has a classic, elegant design that can seat thousands for music and entertainment performances.

                SAN FRANCISCO

                The Masonic

                Just outside of Downtown SF, The Masonic auditorium plays home to numerous concerts, conventions, and exhibitions all year long.

                Cobbs Comedy Club

                Cobb’s Comedy Club’s 400-seat venue features a full dining menu and bar for guests to enjoy while watching the nation’s most popular comedians take the stage.


                Irving Plaza

                With a history of featuring some of the biggest rock music acts in the world, Irving Plaza still holds its place as a stepping stone for hundreds of artists to perform each year.

                Gramercy Theatre

                The Gramercy has something for everyone with both standing room and chair seating for concert goers to enjoy the live musical performances.


                Fillmore Auditorium

                The Fillmore Auditorium is a historical rock & roll venue that draws crowds to see legendary performances in the charming, expansive space.


                Ak-Chin Pavilion

                Whether seeing an artist or attending a festival like Warped Tour or Lollapalooza, the Ak-Chin Pavilion hosts numerous events that can host up to 20,000 guests.

                Comerica Theatre

                This classic Downtown Phoenix Comerica Theatre has a state-of-the-art sound system fit for comedy shows, live music, and theater performances.


                House of Blues

                This historical venue chain brings a Texan flair with a Sunday Gospel Brunch and one of the exclusive House of Blues Foundation Room VIP members lounge.

                Revention Music Center

                Located in the theater district of Downtown Houston, the Revention Music Center is an indoor theater and the best place to take in a concert or live performance when visiting.

                WASHINGTON DC

                Warner Theatre

                Built for vaudeville in the 1920s, the historical Warner Theater has stood the test of time in drawing in crowds to see the iconic entertainment performances in Downtown DC.


                The Fillmore

                Centered near the Convention Center, The Fillmore is an elegant live music club with smaller club The Foundry and bar Ajax Hall located inside to provide a unique experience for each and every guest.

                Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing

                This outdoor entertainment venue attracts thousands for festivals and live performances in the one-of-a-kind pier location.

                River Stage at Great Plaza – Penn’s Landing

                With a panoramic view of Philly’s skyline, this outdoor arena is the perfect place to take in a live show or music festival.

                Theatre of the Living Arts

                An adored concert venue, TLA’s intimate space plays host to many up-and-coming artists in the local music scene.

                Tower Theater

                From comedians to rock stars, The Tower Theater has featured an impressive selection of performers that give this venue a reputation for having their finger on the pulse of entertainment.

                Made in America Festival

                This hip hop and independent music festival has an impressive lineup of artists that play for thousands of attendees at a rotating venue each year.


                The Queen (Wilmington)

                Originally a hotel in the 1800s, The Queen has become a piece of history that has opened its doors to thousands of concert goers and reputable artists.


                Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre

                This outdoor venue with a view of the Charlotte skyline is a go-to stop to enjoy traditional lawn seating or the VIP private indoor space.

                PNC Music Pavilion

                With a capacity of almost 20,000 guests, PNC Music Pavilion’s large amphitheater is famous for its summer concerts in the University City neighborhood.

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                  Explore South African Luxury From Land to Sea

                  south african luxury from air to sea

                  Photo: Zocha Group – Explore South African Luxury From Land to Sea


                  Experience South African Luxury

                  Explore South African luxury this winter and take a vacation to remember by experiencing one of the many alluring and adventurous cities in South Africa. With their summer occurring during America’s winter months, escape the snow to enjoy stunning landscapes and the shores of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The country’s sandy beaches and untouched forests will leave you in awe of the natural scenery as you explore one of the best destinations in the Southern Hemisphere.

                  Cape Town

                  One of the most popular regions in South Africa is Cape Town, a port city located on the southwest coast. With open views of the mountains and a bustling harbor, there’s plenty to fall in love with during your stay. The award-winning 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa will impress with colorful, glamorous décor to complement their state-of-the-art facilities. The Ellerman House promises scenic views of the ocean along with intimate villas to make you feel right at home. Nearby in Constantia, the Cape’s oldest wine valley, a stay at The Last Word puts you right in the center of the country’s top wine estates and world-renowned restaurants. Cape Town is home to a number of fine dining options including GINJA, a chic, artisanal restaurant along the harbor. La Colombe exceeds expectations bringing a French flair to a contemporary vineyard style eatery.


                  This flourishing South African metropolis is home to a number of sophisticated spots for travelers to get a taste of the high life while just stopping by or taking in an extended stay. The Saxon Hotel is a boutique property featuring picturesque gardens and their signature ‘Sound Therapy’ treatment for relaxation. Get a taste of Johannesburg’s best cuisine at DW Eleven – 13, a fine dining spot highlighting global dishes with an experimental twist. For an eclectic flair, a visit to award-winning Carnivore will heighten the senses with meats cooked over an open fire in the midst of African accented décor. Pigalle at the Melrose Arch Piazza brings a refreshing atmosphere to the city as private balconies and a glass wine cellar promote an elegant and modern dining experience.


                  For an adventurous experience in the natural wilderness of sub-tropical forests and historic Zulu battlefields, the province of KwaZulu-Natal gives you a South African experience you’ll never forget. The Oyster Box is a luxury hotel that stands as a colonial landmark on the edge of the coast. With nostalgic charm combined with modern amenities, their beachfront suites and villas are complemented by a 24-seat movie theater and various health and wellness treatments. To take a walk on the wild side, travelers can visit the &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve, a wildlife sanctuary known for its diversity of ecosystems and lush environment. Their Forest Lodge allows eco-conscious adventurers to live in private “Zulu Zen” suites, each complete with a personal bar and plunge pool. To dine at the city’s best, visitors can try a South African spin on Cuban cuisine at Little Havana, a stylish restaurant voted the Best Steakhouse in South Africa.

                  Garden Route

                  One of the country’s best kept secrets is the Garden Route, stretching from Cape Town to Mossel Bay. Running along the south-eastern coast, visitors can discover a variety of outdoor activities such as dolphin and whale watching, golfing, bungee jumping, and canopy tours. The Views Boutique Hotel & Spa features 18 suites that sit right along the ocean in the heart of Garden Route. Remotely located, visitors can enjoy a private, intimate experience that’s also easily accessible to the nearby George Airport. In the resort town of Plettenberg Bay, The Plettenberg offers unmatched views with individually decorated rooms for guests to take in their own unique perspective. A must-try restaurant along the route is Serendipity, a waterfront establishment that utilizes sustainable sources to bring fresh, organic ingredients to the dinner table.

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                    Where to Eat, Drink and Stay for Fashion Week 2020

                    Photo: Zocha Group – Fashion Week 2020


                    Experience Fashion Week

                    From New York City to Milan, each fashion week event is known to draw the most stylish guests on the planet to attend designer runway shows featuring up-and-coming trends. Each city sees an influx of celebrities, tastemakers and key players in the industry seeking a fun week of fashion along with experiencing the best of the city. From elegant restaurants to lavish hotels, these fashion week 2020 events will bring you a chic experience to remember.

                    New York Fashion Week 2020: February 6th-9th

                    Head to the epicenter of fashion in the US for an exciting experience in the city where Fashion Week began over 75 years ago. Once you’ve got your fill of taking in artistic pieces from around the world, head to industry favorite Dante for casual cocktails and small plates in Greenwich Village. The Osprey at 1 Hotel is also a great option with a healthy take on comfort food. The hotel’s rooftop bar, Harriet’s Rooftop, acts as the perfect post-dining destination with a breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline. For a more energetic night, 1OAK is the place for popping bottles all night, or get ready to dance at Dirty French, a post-show hangout with a reputation for seeing well known partygoers throughout the night.

                    London Fashion Week 2020: February 14th-18th

                    London has been a fashionable destination for decades and Fashion Week guests are always in for a treat. While in the area, start your day with breakfast at The Wolseley to join the clientele of high profile guests or go to dinner at the classic Chiltern Firehouse for an A-list dining experience. A bevy of esteemed Fashion Week attendees will be sure to stop by Annabel’s nightclub for an exclusive members only experience. For a more laid back night out, stop into Quaglino’s for jazz and champagne at the nostalgic hotspot. You can also make your trip worthwhile by staying at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, centrally located in a buzzworthy locale.

                    Milan Fashion Week 2020: February 18th-24th

                    Fashion Week in Milan is known to be an elegant experience with Europe’s finest style icons visiting the city to enjoy the extravagant affair. If you decide to stay at Bulgari Milano, your stay will surpass expectations as it is known to be the social hub of Fashion Week attendees. Within the hotel, Il Ristorante Niko Romito is a highly-rated option for fine dining, or head to the casual Bar Luce—an eclectic cafe designed by filmmaker Wes Anderson. For nightlife, you’ll have to stop by Bar Principe at the Principe di Savoia hotel, known to be a bustling industry hangout during Fashion Week each year.

                    Paris Fashion Week 2020: February 24th- March 3rd

                    Paris has established itself as the fashion capital of the world with the industry exploding in the 19th and 20th Century, bringing forth brands like Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, and plenty more. When designers, editors, and models are in town for Paris Fashion Week, the go-to place to stay is Hôtel National, complete with a rooftop bar for mingling with industry insiders. For a chic spot for sushi and cocktails, le Bar des Prés draws in a glamorous clientele during Fashion Week, along with hotspot Chez LouLou, a locale perfect for lunch with a view in the gardens of the Louvre. You’ll want to end your night partying at Le Comptoir Général, an inconspicuous bar that attracts A-listers with its under-the-radar style.

                    New York Fashion Week: To Be Announced

                    Returning to the Big Apple for the kickoff of Spring / Summer Fashion Week, there’s even more to explore around the bustling city. Take in the last bit of summer in style at Jimmy at The James Hotel, an inviting rooftop bar with a 360-degree view from its Soho neighborhood. Dine near the action at Le CouCou, a lavish destination for a menu of French classics and sweet desserts. Book your stay at the luxurious Soho Grand to mix and mingle with Fashion Week regulars. The hotel is known for hosting models and designers who party into the morning thanks to DJs spinning in the Club Room, a popular after party destination.

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