Crafting the Perfect Corporate Travel Experience

From Los Angeles to Tokyo, the travel industry thrives in part because of the demand for mobility from businesses all over the world. Corporate travel is an important aspect of many companies as they aim to expand their scope to work with domestic and foreign partners. Having the perfect environment to conduct business is an essential part of creating a professional portrayal of your company when you’re away from the office.

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Hotel Accommodations

The hotel you choose during a business trip can be the difference between having a productive work experience or a stressful stay. Some hotels are fit for families and have amenities targeted at parents and children. Others work well for vacationers looking to party. These types of environments can often become distracting when your prime focus is to conduct business. Choosing a hotel that isn’t in the center of tourist areas or near popular attractions can sometimes be the best way to ensure the atmosphere is right for your trip. Quiet areas like lounge spaces and business centers are also an essential in contributing to your productivity. Seeking out these types of amenities beforehand can help you make the right choice in narrowing down the best place to stay.


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Meeting Spaces

When leaving your city for business, you won’t have a private office space to be able to meet with clients or partners. Where you choose to conduct meetings can make all the difference in properly representing your company. Business meals can work well in certain situations—a casual lunch or corner dinner table at a restaurant can be great for smaller meetings that do not require privacy. However for larger groups or for discussing confidential matters, a hotel conference room can function as a great space to congregate. Technology like projection screens and wi-fi are readily available, and hotel staff members are there to help with making arrangements. Professionalism is key in creating an environment where your meeting can run without external factors to disrupt the workflow.


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Whether you’re traveling with your own team, or meeting with executives, clients or partners, there are many situations where you may need to provide entertainment for your group. It can be difficult to choose the proper place to bring your guests in a city where you’re unfamiliar with the best options. Sports games can often be an impressive choice and private suites can provide a space for conducting casual business. Private rooms at restaurants can also be viable options to enjoy a meal while mingling with your team. Impressing your guest can involve a great deal of planning, but when the right accommodations are made, the end result can lead to developing a valuable business relationship that ultimately helps your company.


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Explore LA at Some of Our Favorite Venues

With plenty of options for places to wine and dine around the city, choosing the right spot can become an overwhelming task. Sometimes a thoughtful recommendation can be the best way to narrow down your choices no matter what you’re looking for. From casual watering holes to upscale nightclubs, some of our favorite venues stand out among the rest as being worthy spaces to drop in for a cocktail with friends and loved ones.


Warwick LA | Hollywood

For a night out on the town, Warwick LA is one of Hollywood’s favorites, attracting trendy crowds to party through the night. Their ever-changing interior is often re-imagined to keep the vibe fresh, making patrons feel like they’re in a new club with each new design. Tables are plentiful to celebrate with friends, or hang out near the bar to mingle with clubgoers. Escape to the upstairs bar for a cozy spot to hang out that overlooks the bustling crowd below. Talented DJs are present every night to inspire revelry in the stylish and spirited space.


Photo: Warwick LA

Firefly | Studio City

Firefly has become a staple among Studio City locals and Valley dwellers alike, with its appetizing menu of sophisticated American cuisine to please your palate. Chef Perry Pollaci brings a hint of culture to the fare with vibrant flavors inspired by his worldly travels. Guests are treated to a romantic atmosphere with atrium patio dining or a dimly lit, library-style lounge for cocktails. With weekly live jazz sessions, Sunday brunch, and a kitchen open past 11pm on most days, there are plenty of reasons to stop by for a taste of this Studio City favorite.


Photo: Firefly Studio City

The Lincoln | Venice

The West Side is worth the visit when you try out The Lincoln—a trendy, Venice staple on Lincoln Blvd. The 1960s atmosphere is complemented by rustic, modern furnishings that create a friendly vibe to mix and mingle. The outdoor patio is the perfect place for conversation while grabbing a bite of their complimentary hot dogs to snack on. Their music selection includes a fun rotation of DJs playing all types of vinyl that keep the crowd energized. Whether you’re a wine fan or a cocktail connoisseur, The Lincoln has something on the menu for everyone to enjoy.


Photo: The Lincoln

Power House | Hollywood

Power House is a historical Hollywood bar that has taken on many styles since opening in 1947. Its most recent remodel features a cozy, rustic vibe with aged brick walls and wooden accents. You can find all types of patrons visiting from neighborhood residents to curious tourists exploring the famous Hollywood and Highland locale. Drink specials and karaoke nights are just a few of the draws for guests looking to grab a casual drink at this charming watering hole.


Photo: Power House

The Darkroom | West Hollywood

Whether you’re craving a drink or a late night bite, The Darkroom may be just what you need when bar hopping along Melrose Blvd. With an impressive food menu that’s open all day until 1am each night, your drink can be accompanied by a cheese board, chicken sandwich, or even a stone grilled pizza. The vintage photos that adorn the walls help set the mood along with an eclectic, alternative music playlist. This edgy spot is perfect for stopping by to take in lunch, a live band performance, or a game of darts when you’re searching for fun in West Hollywood.


Photo: The Darkroom

Tiki No | North Hollywood

One of the handful of tiki bars in Los Angeles, Tiki No draws in North Hollywood patrons nightly to taste their tropical flavors. All the best classic tiki cocktails are available alongside original cocktails that put a spin on the style. Grab a seat in one of the festive cabana hut booths to enjoy happy hour specials and wait your turn for karaoke. The outdoor seating is perfect for people watching along the bustling Lankershim Blvd.


Photo: Tiki No – Discover LA

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The Advantages of Lifestyle Management Services

As the demands of a vigorous work cycle can lead many to fall behind in various aspects of day-to-day life, many companies like Zocha Group have stepped forward to reduce these stresses by way of offering lifestyle management services. While having one personal assistant can be helpful, hiring a full team of experts allows even more access to benefits that can enhance your life.

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Long gone are the days of calling a restaurant yourself to set up a reservation. While online booking platforms can streamline the process, letting us take the reins can lead to perks you’d never receive on your own. Last minute reservations can be hard to come by at in-demand establishments. With active connections to the industry, we can make quality arrangements that seemed to be impossible.

Nightlife can also be a tricky industry to maneuver when you have high expectations for a fun night on the town. Skip the hassle of tracking down the right contact at a venue and let us handle it for you. Before you know it, breezing into a nightclub with your own prime location table becomes the norm, leaving you to enjoy worry-free outings.


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We aren’t just limited to reservations, but can also arrange hard to come by tickets for a variety of events. From sports games to live shows, we have the know-how to arrange your perfect night out. Sporting events have box seating and premium tickets that may not be available to you when you reach out on your own. Concerts may advertise a sold out show, but still have a reserve of tickets that only those in their network can access. Zocha Group knows exactly what to do to put you in those seats and allow you to have the time of your life.


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From flights to hotels to transportation, a great deal of planning can go into organizing the perfect travel experience. The number of options available for accommodations is infinite, and it can oftentimes be difficult to narrow down which ones are right for you. With Zocha Group to step in and make recommendations, you’ll never have to worry about being disappointed with your stay. It’s our job to know the best of the best in each aspect of travel—we do the research so that you don’t have to. Instead of spending your time scrolling through endless lists of hotels or flights, we’ll do the groundwork to ensure your expectations are surpassed.


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When you’re trying to impress a client or manage accommodations for your staff, it can be hard to create the perfect itinerary that will work for the group. Our lifestyle management services take the burden off of corporate lifestyle arrangements to allow you to focus on work. You may not be aware of available discounts or packages that can help you stay within budget, but someone familiar with the process knows exactly what to look for. Whether it’s a box at the big game, a quiet table for a business dinner, or a hotel conference room for a meeting, we can handle it all with professionalism to make your business trip productive and efficient.


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Hospitality Management: Cultivating Growth through Industry Experience

When you have a business that hasn’t reached its full potential, there are many steps that can be taken to produce growth. One of the best decisions many venues make is to utilize the assistance of a hospitality management company like Zocha Group that can lend their expertise to the business. We have experience in helping steer businesses into taking on profitable, success-driven models. From operational strategies to sales initiatives, Zocha Group can provide a way for a new or underperforming business to increase their revenue in an efficient way.

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No matter what stage of the development process you’re in, there’s always room to benefit from consulting services provided by key players in the industry. From market research to conceptual design, hiring Zocha Group can give you an edge in your market. Instead of basing decisions on conjecture, having an expert by your side to streamline the process can give your brand the edge it needs to stand out amongst competitors. The valuable resources we have available will allow you to extend your network further to also include those that are affiliated with your consultant. Our job is to help you cultivate a brand with effective strategies that will ultimately build an extensive and loyal customer base.



The most important part of any venue is how it functions—what are the consumer-facing aspects of the business that keep everyone coming back for more? For brands that are looking to increase sales by improving operational processes, we know exactly how to approach issues with the insight necessary for success. We can help recruit the proper staff to meet the standards of quality you want for your brand. We can also plan events and implement programs to generate buzz amongst customers. Whether it’s food and beverage development, staff training, or event logistics, there are numerous facets to venue operations that need detailed attention to function efficiently.



In order for a brand to reach its full potential, the proper amount of time should be spent on sales strategies that will continue to generate revenue for the business. These strategies oftentimes involve connecting with other industry professionals by way of partnerships, referrals and mutually beneficial business relationships. It may be difficult to track down these individuals on your own, but with a hospitality management company like Zocha Group on your team, our network can play a key role in expanding your reach to involve important contacts in the industry. Initiatives to boost revenue are already familiar to us, allowing you to cut through the troubleshooting and move directly towards increasing profits.


Customer Relations

With the rise of technology being integrated into the world of hospitality, customer relations processes have increased in complexity. Front-facing, digital platforms for reservations, recommendations and promotions have all become invaluable tools to help take advantage of the opportunity to develop relationships with customers. From the moment the guest books their reservation, to their opinion of the experience after they’ve left, these details can be aggregated to show trends in the productivity of the business. Taking the steps to compile details about their visit becomes an imperative practice as it allows your venue to anticipate an individual guest’s wants and needs. We have the correct tools to develop customer relations strategies that effectively create a personal relationship between the guest and the brand.


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The Future of Tech in Hospitality

As modern technology continues to develop at a rapid speed, the hospitality industry has responded by embracing new and innovative ways of integrating tech into businesses. The industry has been able to use technology to increase efficiency from targeted marketing, to POS systems, to loyalty programs. With enhancing the guest experience being the ultimate goal, new trends in hospitality technology are set to disrupt the market and create a world of convenience both for businesses and their guests.

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With the hustle and bustle of managing lively guests experiences, the nightlife industry has been impacted by tech advancements such as exposure through social media algorithms and venue information provided by search engines. As for apps, there have been many companies making their foray into nightlife in attempts to boost the guest experience during their night out. The up-and-coming Qorum combines mobile, cardless bar tabs with the mindful goal of providing a free ride home for anyone spending 60 minutes at participating bars. With venues offering discounts for in-app purchases, users can drink worry-free as a partnership with Uber allows their ride home to be covered by Qorum. Venues benefit from Qorum’s automated digital marketing while users get recommendations for where they should spend their night. Qorum’s technology platform aims to combat the social problems associated with drunk driving and the nightlife problems of EMV compliance and unclosed bar tabs. Part city guide and part designated driver, Qorum is set to disrupt the market as cash and card payments quickly become a thing of the past.


Photo: Qorum


The hotel industry has raised guest expectations through the years from mobile device room entry to seamless automated check-in systems. The impact of these types of enhancements has created a push to further explore how a traveler’s stay can be personalized to fit their lifestyle. The company Keypr has created a centralized platform for guests to have their every need addressed right at their fingertips. They can log on via mobile or in-room tablet to check into the hotel, arrange for room cleaning, book restaurant reservations or use a customized variety of other services. To enhance the experience among staff, Alice is a system that allows different hotel departments to communicate in one manageable platform. Hotel operations are then made easier as management, staff, concierge, and guests are all connected through a single outlet.


Photo: Keypr


Dining locations often see hundreds of guests walk in and out of their doors on a daily basis, and embrace ways to utilize technology in their management operations. In the past decade, systems like OpenTable and Resy have set the standard with being able to organize CRM data along with creating the convenience of mobile engagement for guests. SevenRooms has taken reservation software to the next level in being able to combine guest data among multiple venue locations, generate automatic close out reports, and send alerts directly to management about important guest activities and purchases as they are placed in the integrated POS system.


Photo: SevenRooms


Technology’s role in hospitality will likely continue to grow in the future as many venues will find it to be a necessity rather than an option. With guests becoming more used to competitors offering the convenience of automated systems and mobile integration, businesses will need to focus on staying ahead of the curve to continue to meet ever-rising guest expectations.

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